Eminem sues National Party

Eminem 23669710-1024-768 [detail] 3### NZ Herald Online 4:17 PM Tuesday Sep 16, 2014
National Party sued over Eminem copyright infringement
By Kurt Bayer, APNZ reporter – Christchurch
US rapper Eminem is suing the National Party for allegedly breaching copyright by using his song Lose Yourself in its campaign advertisements. The Detroit-based publishers of Eminem’s copyrights have filed proceedings in the High Court at Wellington today. Eight Mile Style, LLC and Martin Affiliated, LLC are seeking damages for copyright infringement against the New Zealand National Party. The proceedings stem from allegations that unauthorised use has been made of Eminem’s Grammy and Academy Award winning song Lose Yourself in election campaign advertising run by the National Party in the lead up to the general election.
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Lawyers for Eminem also sued Apple over a licensing issue relating to Lose Yourself in 2009.

InterscopeEminem Uploaded Oct 21, 2011

Eminem – Lose Yourself (Official Music Video)

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5 responses to “Eminem sues National Party

  1. Mike

    If only there was some apt baseball metaphor to use here – after all this isn’t the first time, TV1 reported last night that Key’s party previously used Coldplay’s Clocks without permission, and the same with Chariots of Fire.

    So this is the third time ….. I know! how about ….. “three strikes and you’re out” ….. now where have I heard that before …..

  2. Elizabeth

    ### radionz.co.nz Wed, 17 Sep 2014
    RNZ National – Morning Report with Susie Ferguson & Guyon Espiner

    National’s Campaign Manager ( 6′ 5″ )
    08:16 Joining us is National’s Campaign Manager, and front bench MP Steven Joyce.
    Audio | Downloads: Ogg MP3

  3. When you use the absurd term “pretty legal” you pretty much know you’re guilty.

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