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Quantum Class []Quantum []

### ODT Online Sun, 7 Sep 2014
Preparing for super-size cruise ships
Port Otago is planning simulations to see if it can handle the next generation of super-size passenger ships. Know as the Quantum class, the upcoming giant cruise ships are being built by Royal Caribbean International. Port Otago general manager Peter Brown said the cruise company had indicated it was interested in bringing the Quantum class to New Zealand ports for the 2017 season. In the next few months, Port Otago pilots would be using a computer simulation to determine whether the port could handle the Quantum class, he said.
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█ Wikipedia: Quantum-class cruise ship

The world’s first smart ship!

Royal Caribbean International Aug 10, 2014

Countdown to Quantum of the Seas
The future of cruising is almost here. In less than 100 days, Quantum of the Seas will launch. Prepare for a vacation revolution. Sail during the inaugural seasons and witness higher flying thrills, more immersive entertainment, dining to rival metropolitan culinary scenes and innovation never seen before at sea. Will you be among the first to experience it? The countdown has begun.

█ Visit to learn more [includes video animation and more].

CruiseNewsTV May 9, 2013

[er Hollywood…]
Experience Quantum of the Seas, best Cruise Ship Ever built
Think you have seen the best Cruise Ship ever built, LOOK AGAIN
Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, are expected to be delivered in October 2014 and spring 2015, respectively Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas will feature game-changing firsts at sea such as skydiving; breath-taking views 300 feet above sea level in a jewel-like capsule; cutting-edge transformative venues with bumper cars, roller-skating and more; and the most spacious and luxurious staterooms – all designed to deliver vacation experiences never before seen within the cruise industry and only found on Royal Caribbean International.
Cruise News TV (Sydney Australia)

### Last updated 11:59 09/09/2014
Cruise ships keep dollars onboard
By John Anthony
Cruise passengers will spend less in New Zealand ports as cruise ships aim to increase revenue from onboard sales, a Canadian university professor says. Memorial University of Newfoundland Professor Ross Klein, who recently spoke at a New Zealand Tourism Research Institute seminar, said ports had unrealistic expectations for the revenue derived from cruise-ship visits. Klein has published four books and six reports for government organisations on the cruise industry. Cruise passengers would have less disposable income to spend in ports as cruise ships encouraged onboard spending, he said. Royal Caribbean Cruises announced last month a plan called the “Double-Double Program”, which aims to double 2014 earnings per share by 2017 and bring the company’s return on capital to “double-digit” percentages.
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Dunedin City Council – Media Release
New Cruise Ship Shuttle Stop Proposed

This item was published on 10 Sep 2014

Orange traffic cones may be a thing of the past when cruise ship shuttle buses park in the Octagon this season. The Dunedin City Council is proposing a trial for this cruise season, which starts on 8 October, which will see shuttle buses dropping off and picking up passengers on the lower, eastern side of the Octagon carriageway, rather than on the upper side.

Dunedin City Council General Manager Infrastructure and Networks Tony Avery says this option has several advantages. The lower side of the Octagon carriageway has a full canopy for shelter and a larger flat area for passengers to wait. Under the previous arrangement, orange cones were placed on the roadway to separate shuttle parking from traffic. Some people criticised this traffic management approach, saying it was visually unappealing. Under the proposed arrangement, the centre line would be moved and a 50m long bus stop for cruise shuttle buses only would be introduced on the lower Octagon side. There would be some traffic signal phase changes and right-hand turn options at either end of the carriageway would be removed.

Mr Avery says key stakeholders such as the Police, the New Zealand Transport Agency, the Otago Regional Council, taxi companies, tourism operators and nearby businesses are being asked for feedback on the proposed change. Staff will review the feedback and make a decision in time for the arrival of the first cruise ship on 8 October. If the proposed change is introduced, the trial would last for the cruise ship season and be reviewed in May next year. During the trial, the DCC would monitor and assess traffic volumes and public feedback.

Cruise ship visitor numbers have almost doubled in five years to about 200,000 visitors a season. Cruise ship passengers now make up 8% of the city’s visitors. “This means cruise shuttle parking, as part of looking after our visitors, has become an important issue,” Mr Avery says.

DCC Map Octagon cruise ship changes

█ Download: New cruise ship shuttle stop map (PDF, 293.8 KB)

Contact General Manager Infrastructure and Networks on 03 477 4000.
DCC Link

ODT 11.9.14 Changes planned for cruise ship shuttles

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23 responses to “Connected immersive cruising….

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    Hi-de-hi! Today’s equivalent of Butlins Holiday Camps but with added Poshness and cost – and more sophisticated ways of emptying holidaymakers’ pockets on board. They don’t want to see passengers spending money ashore, that could be extracted from their wallets for the Company’s profits. Expect to see even more shore trips and attractions pre-booked by the company at a hefty bulk discount, to be sold to passengers for whatever the market will stand.

  2. Elizabeth

    That’s alright, we can sell icecreams from a bike cart to keep city retail alive.

  3. Elizabeth

    ### September 11, 2014 – 6:04pm
    Upcoming cruise season may mean changes to the Octagon
    There might be changes made to the Octagon for the coming cruise ship season, which starts next month.

  4. Peter

    Whatever happened to the fabled multiplier effect?

  5. Cars

    With such huge cruise ships maybe DMVL will be able to lease the “Porters’ Lounge” (formerly the famous Dunedin Railway Station).

    The concern will be that only a boat unable/ unwilling to enter the harbour will be of sufficient size to lease the lounge.

    This will of course be a reasonable response from the DCC/ DMVL.

    The boats were too big/ too small, the passengers too many/ too few, the salesman too inept/ too qualified.

    A royal commission was requested but Jim Harland, Robert Clark, Tony Avery et al remarked that we have sufficient expertise in-house or as expensive consultants to be able to lease this space.

    Notwithstanding all this prospeak, the premises remain UNLEASED.

  6. Cars

    That will be a good decision Elizabeth, $60,000 new salary to get how much annual rent? Just renting it to someone who will pay is a better idea, but that proposition was too difficult to accept for the DCC property under R. Clark.

  7. Elizabeth

    I say, Cars, this clearly requires another enormously high paid sustainable position in DVML to redirect cruise ship shuttles from the proposed new stop at the Octagon to the majestic Railway Station, in the refugee/boatpeople season – especially as this will require a long trail of orange cones right down lower Stuart St, and the requisite council reports to make expensive meetings and public consultation happen. Probably way over $120,000 pa – given it will require a driver’s licence for the cone truck and much lifting and setup / take down time.
    T. Davies then gets a bonus for successful team building. And for contracting a head chef at knife edge sums to make Porter’s Lounge a step on from Burger King. This is how we get to 10,000 new jobs in 10 years, the ‘Southern Way’.

  8. Elizabeth

    Tears for Soph !!!!

    ### ODT Online Tue, 30 Sep 2014
    City misses out as cruise ship cancels
    A troubled cruise ship, scheduled to be the first to visit Dunedin this season, has cancelled its New Zealand voyage, to the disappointment of the city’s tourism and business interests. Sea Princess was due on October 8. The ship was in dry dock and would not be making its first voyage to New Zealand, Dunedin City Council visitor industry business development adviser Sophie Barker said.
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    ### September 30, 2014 – 7:14pm
    First cruise ship of the season cancels
    There has been a hiccup in the coming cruise ship season, before it has even begun. The first cruise ship to visit Dunedin this season was expected to dock at Port Chalmers next week. But that’s no longer the case, and tourism professionals hope the cancellation isn’t the first of many.

  9. Elizabeth

    ### October 2, 2014 – 5:48pm
    Octagon traffic flow altered for cruise ship season
    Changes are being made to the traffic flow in the Octagon, in preparation of the cruise ship season starting this month.

  10. Elizabeth

    Link and comment received.
    “Taieri Railway quoted as the example of how cruise liners rort the locals.”

    ### Last updated 08:40 05/10/2014
    Cruise ships eagerly awaited but doubts on tourism benefits
    By Dave Burgess
    The first ship of the summer cruise season arrives in Wellington on Tuesday but the value of the industry to New Zealand is being questioned. The 2000-capacity Radiance of the Seas is the first of 82 cruise ships visiting Wellington over the coming seven months. […] AUT associate professor of tourism Michael Lueck said the benefit to New Zealand was not only small, but fraught. “They portray themselves as a big money earner for the countries they visit, but a lot goes back to cruise industry investors based in America,” Lueck said. “The vast majority of the money is not spent in New Zealand.”

    He cited Dunedin’s Taieri Gorge railway as an example. “Last year on the railway’s website, they were charging about NZ$89 per person for a trip. Cruise lines which stopped in Port Chalmers offered the trips as excursions for passengers for anything from US$100 to US$200 (NZ$128-NZ$256). And the cruise lines won’t pay the NZ$89 per person to the railway, because they come in regularly and bring large numbers. They probably pay between $29-$49 or so.”

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  11. Anonymous


  12. What bugs me is not the fact that Taieri Gorge Railway charges the cruise ships $50 per person, so much as the fact that we ‘yokels’ pay $89. But then I suppose that is no different to DVML paying vast sums to the likes of Elton John and Rod Stewart to perform. It is all part of the “cringe mentality” which permeates our Town Hall.

  13. Hype O'Thermia

    In a way it’s not all that different from those shows that give the public a cheaper per-seat price if you “make up a party of 10”. Pre-booking gives the amusement provider an advantage too, they know how many staff to roster on, how much food and drink to provide. I’d have no quarrel with the cruise passengers getting a special rate if the money stayed here but it doesn’t – and what’s more, the cruise passengers don’t get a cheap deal either. It makes Dunedin’s attractions appear more expensive than they really are, and this is a story that will spread wherever the cruise passengers go home to when the cruise is over. We lose and lose and lose.

    • Harry

      You have left out one important piece to your argument Hype. Your party of 10 have to make the payment up front, upon booking. Cruise ships don’t. What happens to all the food and train trips, local tour operators, etc that has been prepared for the cruise ship visit, but they don’t turn up. Due to weather conditions etc. Who stands that loss. It shouldn’t be hard for you to work that one out, Hype.

  14. Hype, you are absolutely right. In the eyes of the Cruise ship operators Dunedin’s marketers are just ‘suckers’. In the eyes of the customers Dunedin is an expensive destination. How good is that from our Marketing department? About 2 out of ten I would say.

  15. Elizabeth

    The document warned more “appropriate” facilities needed to be considered for passengers disembarking at Port Chalmers.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 20 Oct 2014
    Better welcome urged for cruise passengers
    By Chris Morris
    Dunedin needs to do more to welcome cruise ship passengers to secure an industry now worth $38 million a year to Otago, a new action plan suggests. The draft 2014-17 action plan – being developed in consultation with the Dunedin City Council, Port Otago and other stakeholders – will be discussed at today’s council economic development committee meeting.
    Read more

    Report – EDC – 20/10/2014 (PDF, 698.2 KB)
    Dunedin Cruise Sector 2014/15 Update

  16. Elizabeth

    DCC visitor industry adviser Sophie Barker said yesterday’s double visit injected hundreds of thousands of dollars into the city’s economy.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 17 Nov 2014
    Cruise ship ‘double-up’ big boost for business
    By John Gibb
    Thousands of cruise ship passengers flocked into central Dunedin yesterday during the busiest day of the city’s latest cruise season. Port Otago commercial manager Peter Brown said this had been the ”first double-up” of the season, with two cruise ships, the Radiance of the Seas and Sun Princess, in port at the same time.
    Read more

  17. How is it that when we are constantly bombarded with claims of injections of thousands, nay, millions of dollars into the city’s coffers that I, nor anybody I know seems to feel any richer?

  18. Elizabeth

    ### February 19, 2015 – 6:24pm
    New plan implemented to boost local cruise market
    A new cruise ship action plan for Dunedin is being implemented to boost what’s already a 30 million dollar local industry. It’s been developed by staff from the city council, university, chamber of commerce and the port, as well as visitor industry representatives. They plan to spend a small amount of money in order to attract much larger dividends for the local economy.

  19. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 19 Jun 2015
    Port Chalmers to host inaugural visit of Quantum class cruiser
    By Simon Hartley
    Port Chalmers will be New Zealand’s first port of call for the maiden season of the $1.4 billion cruise ship Ovation of the Seas. […] Capable of carrying almost 6500 guests and crew, Ovation will arrive for its inaugural day stay at Port Chalmers from Sydney, via Milford Sound, on December 22 next year.
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