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Stadiums of The World infographic

Thu, 4 Sep 2014 at 8:34 p.m.

Message: My name is David and I am the marketing manager of a company called Banagher Precast Concrete UK. I was browsing your website and thought that you may be perhaps interested in publishing the attached infographic about “Stadiums of the World” on your site as I think your readers would find it quite interesting.

“The infographic includes some of the most beautiful stadiums from around the world that can be found interesting in terms of both design and structure.”

█ Banagher Precast Concrete UK | http://www.bancrete.com/

From the website:

Here at Banagher Precast Concrete, we specialise in precast stadia systems. We have created this infographic to highlight some of the world’s stadiums that we found to be the most interesting both in terms of design and structure.

We have included some of the world’s most famous and beautiful stadia such as the Olympiastadion of Munich (formerly the home of Bayern Munich FC), the Oita stadium Japan, Twickenham in the UK and of course we couldn’t forget our own Irish stadia, the Aviva stadium Dublin and Thomand Park Limerick, both of which feature Banagher Precast Concrete systems.

All of these stadiums have a clear distinct structural design. They are designed to be architecturally different and to stand out from the rest and that is what appeals to us the most.

For example, Zhong stadium Shanghai was built to resemble a flower. The roof itself is automatic and from above, it looks like a flower opening its petals. We think this stadium is both incredibly beautiful and functional at the same time. Another example is the Beijing National Aquatics Centre which has an incredible multi-coloured bubble design that covers its entire exterior!

We have included some of the most beautiful stadiums from across the world for you to see, with capacity ranging from as little as 13,000 to a breath taking 91,000 spectators! Clearly it is not the size of the stadium that matters here, rather the magnificence and beauty of the structure itself.

Please share and re-post the infographic as often as you like.

Staidums of the World - An Infographic from Bancrete

This infographic is for non-commercial purposes and is purely editorial.

Download the infographic.

Source: http://www.bancrete.com/2013/11/19/stadiums-of-the-world/

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10 worst stadiums +1 FBS, Dunedin

Thu, 4 Sep 2014 at 11:24 p.m.

Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minnesota Vikings (AP Photo by Ann Heisenfelt)Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minnesota Vikings. [AP/Ann Heisenfelt]

### sportsbreak.com 1 month ago
10 Worst Sports Stadiums Ever Built
By Jack Choros
It’s funny that possibly the worst stadium ever built, especially among those built in the last 20 years, would be the Rogers Center in Toronto. It was supposed to be a state-of-the-art facility with a full-fledged hotel and a fitness centre attached to it that no other sports franchise could rival. It took about five years for the Rogers Center to become obsolete. The same old story tends to repeat itself for other stadiums. For proof, just look at this top 10 list:

10. Candlestick Park, San Francisco 49ers
9. Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis Rams
8. Joe Louis Arena
7. FedEx Field, Washington Redskins
6. Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
5. Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento Kings
4. Tropicana Field, Tampa Bay Rays
3. Oakland Coliseum
2. Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minnesota Vikings
1. Rogers Center, Toronto

View photo and commentary for each stadium at http://www.sportsbreak.com/sports/10-worst-sports-stadiums-ever-built/?PageSpeed=noscript


Forsyth Barr Stadium - exterior [stuff.co.nz]Fubar stadium, Dunedin [stuff.co.nz]

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Jim Harland and the stadium MESS

Meanwhile, as Mayor Dave Cull’s council keeps up with massive spending on low priorities and unnecessaries, this comes to light:—

Jim Harland [odt.co.nz re-imaged by whatifdunedin] 2### ODT Online Mon, 8 Sep 2014
Stadium budget help was declined
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council declined an offer of specialist help to keep its Forsyth Barr Stadium budget on track, years before the cost jumped by millions of dollars, it has been confirmed. The decision, revealed in an Audit New Zealand report from 2010, has been criticised by Mayor Dave Cull, who said it was “a function of the attitude of the management and the executive at the time”. Former council chief executive Jim Harland defends the decision, saying the council’s oversight was felt at the time to be “appropriate”. The offer was detailed in the Audit NZ annual report to the council, dated December 2010, which covered the 12-month period to June 30 that year.
Read more

The decision to build a debt-funded stadium – of which Jim Harland, Malcolm Farry, Athol Stephens, DCC stadium councillors, ORC stadium councillors, and professional rugby cronies are GUILTY – was ALWAYS the decision to bankrupt the Dunedin City Council but more especially, and insidiously, the ratepayers and residents of ‘greater’ Dunedin and Otago.¹

The Audit NZ offer was INANE and in any case a complete waste of time.
Audit NZ is what it is, a basket case. Of sheer incompetence and hypocrisy, nationwide.

Time for a full independent forensic audit of the Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust, fondly known as CST, headed by Malcolm Farry. This will also entail an intimate look at the way Dunedin City Council treated CST invoices, the Council’s spending delegations, and its chief signatories.

Let’s hope somebody goes to clink before the accounting games are over.
¹Only now are Otago power users waking up to the fact of high line charges being levied by Aurora Energy Ltd to fund subvention payments to ‘the stadium’ (see recent letters to the editor in the Otago Daily Times).
Did the killer consolidated DCC think the people of Otago wouldn’t notice?

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For more, enter the terms *harland*, *farry*, *malcolm*, *athol*, *stadium*, *dcc*, *cst*, *dchl*, *dvml*, *orfu* or *rugby* in the search box at right.

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*Image: odt.co.nz (re-imaged by whatifdunedin) – Jim Harland


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