DVML: New monthly updates in local press

HOT page 5 beefcake.

IMG_20140902_180724ODT advert 2.9.14 (detail)

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: whatifdunedin (cameraphone)


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9 responses to “DVML: New monthly updates in local press

  1. Cars

    I’d like to ask why the Porters’ Lounge is still empty and unleased for the past two years despite an open ended offer to lease!

  2. cinimodjunior

    I’m just a suffering ratepayer so I don’t know where the Porters’ Lounge is. I was once a lowly tablet porter for the NZ Railways (1966/1970). I’m a bit worried that somebody had named a Lounge in my honour, but nobody’s bothered to tell me. Where is this Porters’ Lounge?

    {The Porters’ Lounge is located in the former Valentines restaurant and commercial kitchen on the ground floor of Dunedin Railway Station. -Eds}

    • cinimodjunior

      Jesus – they have named it after me. I wasn’t really serious when I suggested earlier that the Porters’ Lounge might have been named after me; a railway tablet porter. Well fancy that; could somebody please tell City Property that my career as a railwayman advanced to being a shunter. Maybe they’ll name a Shunters’ Lounge after me as well. Do hope they spell it correctly though.

  3. Phil

    Owned and operated by City Property. Wonder what rental, if any, is being paid.

  4. Elizabeth


    We’ve lucked out again. The artist was last heard on TV performing at the recent Commonwealth Games celebrations. His voice was cracked and broken (not in a good way, or even characteristically) and he was severely out of tune. Past the use by date applies here. Very probably heavily subsidised by Terry Davies’ ratepayers to play at stadium.

  5. Elizabeth

    Another baloney-multiplier-infested, super-inflated economic impact report. “Terence, no-one seriously believes these reports. Hocus Pocus. Wake up.” News about Rod Stewart was bad enough.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 4 Sep 2014
    All Blacks Test worth $8.15m to Dunedin – report
    The June clash between the All Blacks and England at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium was worth $8.15 million to the city, according to a report released this afternoon. DVML chief executive Terry Davies said in a statement the result of the economic impact study was fantastic for Dunedin.
    Read more

    Oh god. More about it in ODT tomorrow.

    Feels like the march up to the Stadium Review, to me. A crude softener, especially given the dearth of All Black tests at Dunedin. Poor Terence.

    • Elizabeth

      The poor old ODT Boys who invest in the FB Stadium decide to do an editorial promoting their investment with the creaky Stewart as bait. And that, folks, is the shameful state of eventing at Dunedin’s stadium – not an independent thought in sight, this together with crippling wisdom of the bozo running DVML.

      Note this gratuitous comment from the editor: “Every effort must be made to ensure the stadium makes a profit where possible. The majority of the debt burden is already footed by ratepayers; it is important they do not feel as though they are subsidising every stadium activity as well.” WTF

      Editorial: Getting out the gladrags

      PS. I hope Davies doesn’t think Croaked Stewart is “A-grade”.

  6. Elizabeth

    DVML communications manager uses the archaic ‘whilst’… and City Planning never checked Council’s political “neutrality” while grabbing the resource consent fee. Brilliant!

    ODT 13.9.14 (page 34):

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