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Special Rigs for Special Kids

Special Rigs for Special Kids [via YouTube] 1a

Special Rigs for Special Kids provides an unforgettable experience to those kids who have special needs.

This Sunday [31.8.14], 250 working rigs (large trucks) will take 350 kids and their families for a unique journey through parts of Dunedin and Mosgiel, starting at and returning to the Edgar Centre Portsmouth Drive. A barbeque, food and drinks have been arranged for the end of trip – that means catering for about 1400 people at the Edgar Centre on the day!

### dunedintv.co.nz August 29, 2014 – 6:51pm
Nightly interview: Greg Inch
The annual Special Rigs for Special Kids event is taking place in Dunedin on Sunday. It gives children with special needs the opportunity to travel around the neighbourhood in trucks brought to the city from throughout the country. Founder Greg Inch joins us to explain what makes the event unique.

█ For more about Dunedin’s Special Rigs for Special Kids, go to the website:

EVENT DETAILS – Go to ‘Next Outing’ and scroll down for directions, map and route informationhttp://www.specialrigs.org.nz/next_outing.php

Special Rigs for Special Kids trucks_in_convoy_down_dukes_rd [odt.co.nz]

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*Images: Special Rigs for Special Kids (Dunedin) | youtube.com – Hall’s Refrigerated Transport | odt.co.nz – Trucks in convoy down Dukes Road


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