Stadium Review: dark yet rosy thoughts

ODT 28.8.14 Letter to the editor Cuthbert p12 (1)ODT 28.8.14 (page 12)

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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16 responses to “Stadium Review: dark yet rosy thoughts

  1. JimmyJones

    Good work from Mr Cuthbert. Not many citizens will be aware of the true extent of these two cock-ups.
    Many will accept the DCC’s fake explanations about why their new sea-wall doesn’t work and won’t know about the incompetent design of the wall. I remember Peter Standring telling us that “the wall has integrity” – which it does, except for the huge gap underneath the wall. The innovative design means that the bottom of the wall doesn’t rest on anything solid – it hangs in mid-air and exposes the back-fill to the sea every time that the sand level fluctuates by about 1 metre below normal. The wall was patched to fix the first sink-hole, but the whole length of the wall suffers from the same defective design problem and will cause large ongoing costs to the city. Everyone smarter than Dave Cull and Murray Kirkness will know that the last sea-wall lasted about 100 years and coped well with all sorts of spring tides, global warming, sea-level rise and sand movements.

  2. Peter

    J Cuthbert for Mayor. A real visionary…. in a non Farry sort of way.

  3. WHOA!! Fan-bloody-tastic! “The recent rugby test at the Stadium brings $8million”. This in the report brought down by Terry Davies.It says, “the figure was extrapolated from a survey from 1741 fans who attended the match, carried out (at some expense no doubt) for DVML by consultants Butcher Partners, of Christchurch. The “spending data was based on a “robust” multiplier, used by the Dunedin City Council and tourism sector. and Mr Davies was confident the data was solid. Solid??? This crap is simply a regurgitation of the reports first introduced by former senior manager Peter Brown. Remember, when he predicted the returns from conferences to be held in the upgraded Town Hall? Huge multiples to generate any outcome you want. “Robust” my backside. Look, it goes on to claim that from the 1741 fans on average spent 2.3 days and spent $478 each, with retail, hospitality and accommodation providers the big winners. Mr Davies said “We are going to get knockers but it’s real. There’s real money being spent.” He would say that wouldn’t he. We’ve seen all this “claptrap” before, and no doubt we will see plenty more in future.

    • Mike

      If you really believe that there are 17,000 hotel beds in Dunedin available for visiting rugby fans then you may be interested in this bridge I have for sale …..

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Mike, I’ve got a stream/ditch that runs through my property when there’s heavy rain…. can I get back to you when the trickle-down of riches has trickled down to me?

        Funny thing about the whole multiplier thing is that to the extent that it happens at all, it takes a lot of money back out of Dunedin. E.g. AA stays at a BB’s motel, eats at CC’s cafe, drinks at DD’s bar. AA, BB, CC and DD send 15% GST to Wellington. They pay their staff, much of the remainer they spend at EE et al’s businesses, some of which are in Dunedin. Again, parcels of 15% head off to Wellington. Those who pay on plastic and don’t pay it off that months send a further percentage off to overseas owned banks.

        But the situation isn’t really that bad. Of the expected crowd many are local, or local enough to go home afterwards, not everyone wants to stay on and get stuck into alcohol, Many have friends, family, Trev’s cousin’s mate who’ll let them sleep on the sofa and lounge floor especially if they turn up with a carton of beer.

        About that bridge, Mike. I’ll get my people to contact your people, OK?

  4. Elizabeth

    He’s not very bright, our Terence. We don’t get many AB tests. And DVML is built on absolute crap, start to finish. There, no consultants needed to get the right answer.

  5. Anonymous

    The data is solid. In the same way that waste is solid.

  6. amanda

    Well I guess the hospitality sector of the community are very happy indeed and may consider paying an extra rate to pay for the stadium debt, since they are apparently the lucky ones getting some of that nice ‘trickle down’ economics from the stadium. Wonder what this industry has to say about Terry’s thoughts.

  7. Just as a matter of interest I notice that the ODT website has no mention of the $8million bonanza. Funny that.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Fri, 5 Sep 2014
      Test at stadium brings $8 million: report
      By Chris Morris
      An $8 million cash injection for the Dunedin economy from June’s All Blacks test shows Forsyth Barr Stadium is doing its job, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd chief executive Terry Davies says. Mr Davies was commenting on an economic impact report, released yesterday, which showed the All Blacks v England test match, which drew a crowd of nearly 30,000 to the stadium, pumped an estimated $8.15 million into the city’s economy.
      Read more


      ### ODT Online Thu, 4 Sep 2014
      All Blacks Test worth $8.15m to Dunedin – report
      The June clash between the All Blacks and England at Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium was worth $8.15 million to the city, according to a report released this afternoon. DVML chief executive Terry Davies said in a statement the result of the economic impact study was fantastic for Dunedin.
      Read more

      ● Related comment at another thread (yesterday):

  8. Rob Hamlin

    I stopped using multipliers some time ago on the basis of ethics. There is no robust, universally accepted way of calculating them and many of the inputs to them are usually estimates (guesses?) as well. The source of them is usually a company who uses a ‘proprietary’ technique – looks wise and says ‘4.3’ before charging you a tidy sum. I don’t know if the mutiplier figure gets bigger if you pay more. On the last occasion of being told that the method by which it was arrived at was a ‘secret’ I submitted the raw spend figures to the client.

  9. Elizabeth

    So long as the loaded firearm lost at Fubar Stadium has been found (you know how a dangerous weapon can disrupt a crowd), this looks like Malcolm Farry’s epiphany minus the Pope and the Dalai Lama. Mick sings it well: “It’s just a shot away, it’s just a shot away.”

    ### ODT Online Fri, 12 Sep 2014
    Church meeting ‘boost’ for city
    By Chris Morris
    Divine intervention will be needed to find a bed in Dunedin when 6300 Jehovah’s Witnesses converge on Forsyth Barr Stadium as part of an international event next month. The stadium’s turf, more used to being trodden by All Blacks and rock stars, will next month host one of four Jehovah’s Witnesses’ regional conventions being held across New Zealand.
    Read more

  10. Peter, Malcolm will be hoping for the “second coming”, but as the ‘Jehovahs’ say , he has been here since 1914. Been a bit of mayhem off and on since then, so perhaps it would be better if he had stayed away.

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