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NZ Loan and Mercantile Building #randomsmartphonepix

Updated post 19.8.14 at 9:21 p.m.

Land Use Consent: LUC-2014-259
31 & 33 Thomas Burns Street, Dunedin
New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Co Ltd Building

Consent Hearing reconvenes — Wednesday 20 Aug at 2:00 PM
ALL WELCOME | Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers, The Octagon

LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_144938 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_145249 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_145249 (2)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_145527 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_145604 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_145700 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_145745 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_150027 (BW)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_150111 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_150138 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_150201 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_150937 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_151912 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_151945 (1)LM IMG_20140818_152041 (1)LM 18.8.14 IMG_20140818_152231 (1)

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LM Detail IMG_20140818_152320 (1c)

Post and images by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: Public site tour held on Monday afternoon, 18 August 2014 – hosted by building owner Russell Lund in association with Stewart Hansen of the Wharf Hotel (50 participants)


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