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Cr Wilson’s integrity ‘in tatters’

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ODT 4.8.14 Letters to the editor Prendergast Miller p6

From an earlier comment at another thread:

“Dunedin city councillor Kate Wilson explains why change can be good and why she strongly supports cycleway developments.”
—[crowd guffaw] “In the past, I have been cynical about the “build it and they will come” claim for other projects, but the research and local statistics on cycleways show this to be true at a local level.” (ODT)

### ODT Online Tue, 22 Jul 2014
Times change, and we must change with them
By Kate Wilson
I stood as a Dunedin city councillor to make change happen. I think when I was first elected people were concerned about a number of things. One was a lack of transparent processes. One was debt levels and addressing those – I failed to stop Forsyth Barr Stadium, but I think we have addressed, and continue to address, those debt levels in a prudent manner. The last issue was a lack of vision for the city and the need to stall the slow decline. While people want different outcomes, are they prepared for change?
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