Mosgiel Pool: Taieri Times, ODT…. mmm #mates

Taieri Times 23.7.14 Letter to the editor Miller p2Taieri Times 23.7.14 (page 2)

Brian Miller []Received from Brian Miller
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 at 8:16 p.m.

Message: How’s this. I write about the pool trust declining to comment about my letter today (see Taieri Times) and they won’t publish it. Look at the weak excuse. Just who is the ODT protecting.

From: Bruce Quirey []
Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 2:13 PM
To: Brian Miller
Subject: Re: pool trust

I am not going to publish this latest letter in the Taieri Times, because I published a letter from you in today’s issue.
Yours faithfully,
Bruce Quirey
Taieri Times

Bruce Quirey
Otago Daily Times


On 23/07/2014 12:08 PM, Brian Miller wrote:

The Editor Taieri Times.

It is concerning that the Mosgiel Pool Trust is prepared to make public statements concerning the pool, but when questioned publicly to substantiate their claims, decline to comment. The Pool Trust is funded by the ratepayers, there is an expectation that those who pay the piper call the tune.
It would appear that the pool trust is not competent enough to deal with this project, or prepared to gain public support by keeping the public informed.
I now call upon the pool trust to resign, and for [the] Community Board who are our elected representatives to take back the control of the proposed Mosgiel pool facility on behalf of the community, that they are handsomely remunerated to represent on such issues. If the board is not prepared to be counted on this issue. Then they should consider standing down, and being replaced by those with a desire to represent their community, warts and all.
Brian Miller.

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9 responses to “Mosgiel Pool: Taieri Times, ODT…. mmm #mates

  1. Elizabeth

    Updated post – image added (Taieri Times).

  2. Brian Miller

    The new Mosgiel pool trust makes public statements through the media, and when challenged by me by way of a letter to the editor to substantiate their claims they decline to reply.
    This is a trust that has been funded by you the ratepayers to the tune of $30,000 for an investigation into a new pool facility for Mosgiel, with some estimating costs of up to $20 million and more.
    What and who are they hiding by not releasing the names of the trustees ?
    Rumors are rife in Mosgiel that a well known developer is on the trust, that may or may not constitute a conflict of interest. It would appear that this trust maybe going down the same pathway as another famous trust in the city. The Carisbrook Stadium Trust. We all know where that led us to. Some community board members spoken to confess to being told nothing, and have been kept in the dark as to who the members of the pool trust are. Other board members appear to know a lot more than their fellow board members, and like the trust are keeping it to themselves. What pisses me off about this is when I challenge them again through the media, Taieri Times wont publish my letter. Unfortunately, we have such a weak gutted local media that appears to look the other way when the Mosgiel public are questioning what is going on within this trust with our money.
    It appears that city councillors don’t give a stuff either, now that they have coughed up $30,000 of your money to keep the trust off their backs.

  3. Peter

    Brian, I suggest you put in a LGOIMA request to the DCC as they are the ones who have provided the funding for the feasibility study and it would be reasonable to assume that the Council know who they are providing funding to.

  4. Brian Miller

    Hi Peter. thanks for the suggestion, but when considering what they have put Bev through with her requests, is it worth it ?. I believe that there are close associates of the CST involved with the pool trust

    • Elizabeth

      It is very worth it – strongly suggest you write the LGOIMA request. Bev is having outstanding success. Watch this space.

  5. Peter.

    Brian Take heart. The Ombudsman may seem pedantic at times, but if you argue your case for real transparency they will eventually help you. They operate on logic, not emotion.
    Our little friend, Farry, is struggling with LGOIMA requests. Why? We know why, don’t we.

  6. Bev Butler

    Think Jim Carrie.

  7. Whippet

    Know why they will not tell you who the trustees are? Rugby boys won’t let them.

  8. Elizabeth

    Now we are starting to get the real picture as we rightly surmised!
    (take away the BS and the holy pretence that the new pool is for ALL athletes, this is primarily for those thugby RUGBY cretins and LOCAL DEVELOPERS TO GRAB RATEPAYER MONEY FOR THEMSELVES – they needed a new project after the ffffing Stadium)

    “This would become a national-class competitive swimming facility.”
    “The current pool – it just hasn’t got the facilities.”

    ### ODT Online Wed, 30 Jul 2014
    Trust hails benefits of aquatic proposal
    By John Gibb
    A proposed new aquatic centre would bring many benefits to Mosgiel and Dunedin, but would not compete with Moana Pool, proponents say. The proposed $15 million-plus aquatic centre involved much more than a replacement pool for the current inadequate Mosgiel facility, Taieri Community Facilities Trust spokesman David Murphy said. […] A key part of the proposal is a 25m x 25m main pool, designed to meet the official short course requirements of Fina, the international swimming body.
    Read more

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