Minister of Finance Bill English on Dunedin governance #Regions #Cull

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Wed, 23 Jul 2014 at 6:29 p.m. and 7:02 p.m.

Message: Watched a few moments of Question Time from Parliament today and in response to a question on regional development Minister of Finance Bill English said (citing the most recent ANZ survey) “the top two areas for business confidence are Otago despite the complaints of their civic leadership, and the Waikato”. Have a look from about 3’20” of this clip. Great stuff.

Bound to receive not a word of reportage from the ODT.

A really big dig at Cull.

In The House – Question Time
Topic: Growing Gaps among Regions
23/07/14 23.07.14 – Question 4: Hon David Parker to the Minister of Finance
Does he agree that there are growing gaps among the regions of New Zealand, making the economy and society increasingly unbalanced; if not, why not?

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8 responses to “Minister of Finance Bill English on Dunedin governance #Regions #Cull

  1. Is Otago business brimming with confidence, then? Gosh, we’ll have to vote Nat in appreciation.

  2. Cars

    There is a lot of confidence at business DCC that perpetrators of theft and failed supposed business schemes run by the DCC – there are legions of these – will either not be discovered or if found not prosecuted or shamed.

    • Elizabeth

      We already have evidence of this in microcosm at DVML – lack of prosecution together with staff promotion beside the fact of overspending, serious misadventure and criminal conduct; and by restructuring ‘out’, which in the case of male managers simply passes the problem onto the next employer. Blame Terry Davies for that cover up and punch him on the nose.

      Hello, don’t forget all the tracked and hidden dosh jangling through DCC accounts to satisfy the disgusting DVML/ORFU/NZRU deal made in 2012 that runs out this year – which DCC will not publish the details of… But using ratepayer money DVML is paying ORFU to host every game of rugby held at Fubar rugby stadium!

      Then there is Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust. Oh my god. The trust is yet to be assaulted by intense public glare as information about its spending flows into public domain via DCC in reply to LGOIMA requests.

      DCC’s public release of the CSCT invoices and analysis around them is now unforgiveably late; and likely ‘in delay’ until after the sanitising stadium review – heck, with over 600 council staff there’s absolutely no-one available to publish the documents right away, we hear.

      CSCT has been frivolously spending ratepayer money at the trustees’ individual and corporate pleasure and behest ever since the trust was established – it wasn’t just prepping the building of a stadium – what’s more, the trust is still active although DCC is carefully not saying how or in what capacity CSCT remains on the books!?

      No-one should let the CSCT escape investigation by SFO. A full independent forensic audit is required.

      Await the day that happens – it’s in the stars. But no wonder Malc’s lying low or skiing at Queenstown Lakes, assiduously wearing balaclavas, pulled right down.

      The mayor (in governance matters) is a cad for not fronting on bringing transparency to the council books; for wheeling and dealing as he personally burns through ratepayer and resident fortunes at twice the speed of sound on his really silly pet projects. The serial council misdeeds and gross misuse of public funds continue unabated. How many fraud investigations and legal opinions are DCC ratepayers funding now?

      The elected council is without a leader. The council is financially dysfunctional and mostly devoid of plain sense practical judgment.

  3. Easy Elizabeth, the 600 have got sea level rising to contend with don’t forget. Then there is pedestrianising the populace to deal to as well. Between forced walking and cycling the older folk (face it we are all getting older as the latest census tells us) will simply be driven from the town centre. But I guess that is what they want anyway. Retail will love it.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Not just the older folk. Think of parents with small children, some in strollers. Sure, they won’t get run over in the middle of town. On the other hand on the trek from wherever they parked……. How enjoyable is it shopping with a tired grumpy small person? Not very. How much do you long to get this over so you get away and take the kid away? Anyone who thinks a tantrum one block from the car is one of the down-points of parenting should imagine dealing with a tantrum 8 blocks from it, in bad weather!

  5. Elizabeth

    ODT 24.7.14 (page 10) [phoneshot]
    ODT 24.7.14 Letter to the editor Calvert (page 10) 1

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