DVML catering and commercial kitchens….

FB Stadium: The exclusions included a kitchen fit-out, broadcasting facilities, electronic turnstiles, score boards and replay screens.

FB Stadium: On site commercial kitchens with secondary kitchen facilities on Level Two and Level Four
– Bar areas on Level Two and Level Four
– Suites and lounges on Level Four with air conditioning

Questions, questions.

Why is Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) getting rid of their employees in order to employ Compass Group (the caterers) employees?

Perhaps because Compass were going to pull out as it wasn’t viable to do business at the Stadium? If Compass pulled out they would make Dunedin City Council pay them back the $3 million they invested in catering equipment at the stadium?

Oi! What events?!

FBS kitchens [projectstainless.co.nz]Images: projectstainless.co.nz

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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7 responses to “DVML catering and commercial kitchens….

  1. Peter

    Oh God. Can’t anything go right with DVML’s overseeing of the stadium. What a mess, cleaning up the shit on one hand (or so they think) and creating yet more in the process to clean up.
    Making the stadium work? We don’t hear that anymore. No wonder. Still the council lurches from one crisis to another with this stadium. If they made the people responsible for this debacle, accountable, they, and the ratepayers, would feel somewhat better. But, no, they put it all upon themselves.
    It’s like being abuse victims, blaming themselves, instead of sheeting the blame, and the reparations, all back on to the perpetrators.
    Farry and Co, who created this mess, need to be stared down… and dealt to.

  2. Peter

    Carisbrook Stadium Trust

    Malcolm Saba Farry – Chairman of the Trust, former Director of The Highlanders

    Arthur William Baylis – Chartered Accountant

    Ronald Douglas Anderson – Director/Shareholder of Arrow International

    Stewart Arthur Barnett – Businessman

    Kereyn Maree Smith – currently CEO of the NZ Olympic Committee, previously CEO of the Academy of Sport and the Centre of Excellence for Amateur Sport

    John Francis Ward – Accountant of Invercargill and Chancellor of the University of Otago (resigned 8/9/09)

    Sir Eion Edgar – Chairman of Forsyth Barr (appointed 8/9/09)

  3. Love the ‘pics’. Nice staff cafeteria, efficient too. Saves the trek to the University’s cafe next door.

    • Peter.

      Calvin. l remember in one of Malcolm’s wanking moments with the stadium, he spoke of the ‘plethora’ of cafes that could be there.
      Of course it sounded like hyperbolic bullshit, but no one challenged him.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Peter, he was right. They *could* be there. So could a few hundred battery hens, a picture framing business and an old grey tractor chop-shop. In times of drought or flood, donated stock feed could be stockpiled in it for distribution to individual farms.
    Unfortunately people have simply failed to make the most of this wonderful asset.

  5. Elizabeth

    ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00 02/08/2014
    Stadium caterer stung for more liquor-licence breaches
    By Talia Shadwell – Dominion Post
    Westpac Stadium’s caterer has been stung with more booze-related charges, this time from last Saturday’s football double-header. Spotless has already accepted responsibility for more than 100 breaches of its liquor licence for serving drunk and under-age spectators at this year’s rugby sevens. Next February’s party will subsequently face tighter controls, as Spotless will have to apply for a special licence to serve alcohol. Now police have confirmed they ran a controlled purchase operation – in which people under 18 try to buy alcohol – during the football.
    Read more

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