God bless the ditch

The pointed disclaimer mentioned at ODT Online today:

The Australian blogger this week posted details of the man – including his name, former occupations and details of his offending – on his blog with the proviso: “WARNING: It is illegal for this editorial to be accessed by New Zealand readers because of suppression orders in that country”. (ODT)

Go to http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/309904/digital-era-subverts-suppression

What’s with a disclaimer these days. ODT knows. God knows.
Say hello to the blogger who never wastes words.

Rodney Hide at the Herald on Sunday.

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  1. Elizabeth


    National would have known. How could the Leader of the Opposition have been oblivious.

  2. Elizabeth

    ### radionz.co.nz Updated at 4:36 pm on 30 July 2014
    Suppression case important legal test
    The lawyer for two women, who have asked the court to remove name suppression from a man convicted of sexual abuse, said the case is an important one for the legal system. The Christchurch District Court heard an application on Wednesday from the two women. They want their name suppression order lifted, and that of the man found guilty in 1995 of historic sexual abuse against them.
    Read more

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Revealing or concealing identity is something that can be used in various ways. Graham Capill “outed” himself as a paedophile ahead of the court case. Usually the names of all are suppressed, but the relationships are revealed during prosecution, eg pupil-teacher, neighbours, church leader-parishioner, and parent-child. Upon conviction, name suppression of the offender continues with the aim of protecting the victim(s). As a result of revealing his own identity Capell there was no mention of his relationship to the vicitms, as well as their names being suppressed.

      I will be delighted to see victims empowered to choose whether they have reason to feel life-long shame for what was done to them. Putting shame where it belongs won’t take away the damage, but for those who choose to reveal their own names they may courageously alert society to where evil lurks. It is the offender who needs to own the shame. If potential offenders realise that not only are victims taken seriously by police, but also afterwards there is no cloak of invisibility for those who harmed them, it may encourage them to exercise strong self-control. And that’s got to be good.

  3. Elizabeth

    Further disgust re treatment of abuse victims, no show at court… Name suppression granted by Court etc etc


  4. Elizabeth

    Tonight’s viewing….

    Consent – The Louise Nicholas Story on TV ONE and TVNZ Ondemand
    Sunday August 17th at 8.30pm

    The extraordinary true story of Louise Nicholas’ fight for justice.
    Based on the best-selling book ‘My Story’ this feature length drama goes beyond the headlines to tell an intimate story about secrets and one woman’s struggle to have them heard.

    In 1993 Louise Nicholas made her first shocking accusations about being raped by policemen. Some believed her, many didn’t. CONSENT tells the story of the senior policeman who went to great lengths to help her fight her case, the journalist who exposed the truth, and the family at the centre of the storm.

    From the director of OUT OF THE BLUE and the producer of THE GOLDEN HOUR comes a compelling story of secrets, betrayal, survival and love. A story of a woman who single-handedly rocked New Zealand’s police and justice system to their cores.

    If you have been affected by any of the issues in this show, there is help available. Please contact the National support 24 Hour Helpline 0800 883300 or visit the Rape Prevention Education website at http://www.rpe.org.nz

  5. Elizabeth

    Marriage, finances, health, employment take a hit after indecent act case.

    The man was initially convicted and ordered to pay reparations, but was discharged without conviction on appeal.

    ### NZ Herald Online 8:00 AM Sunday Oct 26, 2014
    ‘It was 20 seconds of madness’
    By Carolyne Meng-Yee
    A prominent New Zealander given name suppression over his alleged sexual offending has broken his silence, saying “20 seconds of madness” has destroyed his relationship with his children and almost cost him his marriage. In a defiant interview with the Herald on Sunday, the man says he has no remorse, insisting the physical encounter was “mutual”. In August 2012 the man pleaded guilty to a charge of performing an indecent act on Central Otago woman Louise Hemsley.
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  6. Elizabeth

    See Sunday on TV1 now screening in regards to the name suppression ~!!!

  7. Peter

    It’s not the same as full disclosure, but so many people already know who it is. He will be the object of sideways looks and a certain cool distancing from many people he comes in contact with.
    C’est la vie.

  8. Russell Garbutt

    Of course most people know the identity of this lowlife. Thanks to some Australian websites that don’t have the same problems of total name suppression. Doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to find out. But the question remains why he was granted permanent name suppression by a sympathetic “justice” system. A question that doesn’t seem to have a logical answer. A question that is difficult to answer.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      There is a catch-22 involved in shutting people up by lawful means. Actually it’s not all plain sailing shutting them up by unlawful, either – threatening may work in both cases but in the latter, if they do not respond as desired to verbal threats and violence has to be employed there is the risk of the perp enjoying next Christmas dinners in the Milton Hilton or similar establishment.
      The legal-eagle path is also strewn with broken glass. When an aggrieved person decides to go that way it is expensive unless they are funded by public subscription (voluntary), taxes/rates (involuntary and unpopular) and the person/organisation that aggrieved them is wealthy enough to pay fines, damages etc sufficient to defray their costs let alone their bruised ego.
      But wait – there’s more! The words or actions may have been bruising first time around, may have been noticed by many people, may cause the bruised ego to feel it has been held up to mockery shame and contumely for which vengeance dressed as righteousness is sought. But that is nothing compared to attention focused on the topic during pursuit through the courts, and nothing compared to the extra matters that get brought up and roundly examined in the course of such pursuit.
      Censorship, the internet, freedom of information and freedom to discuss information are hot topics. Not perhaps in the immediate neighbourhood where it’s friendly good manners to ignore topics that are too contentious too close to home, it’s about whose doorstep you let your dog poop on and walk on without a backward glance.
      However, the same cannot be said about discussions elsewhere around the world – and the internet IS the world, the world wide web. What happens in one place is relevant in places one would be unable to pick on a map.

  9. Anonymous

    Nice try!

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    Quite right, Russell, “But the question remains why he was granted permanent name suppression by a sympathetic “justice” system.” One might say that in law it’s a grey area when there are two possible charges for disgusting sexual predation, one attracting a more severe penalty and the other a mimed slapping with a moist bus ticket. As a non-lawyer I find it confusing, certainly not all black and white.

  11. Russell Garbutt

    Very good! Food for thought. A curly issue.

  12. Elizabeth

    ‘Nobody gets to know what he’s done’
    The victim of an alleged sexual assault at the hands of a prominent New Zealander whose identity has been suppressed has vowed to keep fighting until “everybody knows who he is and what he’s capable of”.

    • Elizabeth

      The news item says “an alleged sexual assault”. Really?

      • Hype O'Thermia

        As the victim said, he pleads guilty – then he’s found not guilty??? Whereupon the real assault to which he really pleaded guilty ceased to be real and became alleged. Talk about a curly issue, sometimes the law’s got more twists in it than Deirdre Barlow’s famous pensioner perms of a few years back.

  13. Peter

    The man talks about his ‘20 seconds of madness’. What does this minimising attempt of making such a timeframe include? From the conception of the groping, to the actual groping and the subsequent afterglow… or what? (He makes it all sound like an ‘accident’.)
    If just the actual groping, I guess he could strike again at any time. Like a manic attack.
    But, now, he has nothing to fear with police and judicial protection guaranteed.
    The other common excuse for criminal behaviour is, of course, ‘I blacked out’.

  14. Hype O'Thermia

    Peter, perhaps it genuinely was ‘20 seconds of madness’. Plus the other period of calculated self-gratification by totally disrespecting the right of his victim to be treated decently not as a sexual object that he’s entitled to use whatever way he wants.
    ‘Cos he’s such a special high status fellow, the brotherhood of high-status chaps won’t let him pay the penalty that would be imposed on a lowly common sexual predator without the benefit of “national hero” status.

    Great try, groper-man. Not great enough to keep your employment prospects as bright as they were. Any famous face can “earn” quite good money for jobs where fame not ability in that industry is what’s wanted. Someone increasingly widely known as a grubby groper isn’t worth much to a company. Perhaps there’s something on the Auckland Islands, teaching seals to grunt “Paint it black” and “After the ball is over” for minimum wage plus $25 a week location allowance.

  15. The issue that just won’t go away (national news).

    The man’s profile on the dating site features his photo and includes details such as his age, occupation and that he is a non-smoker who “drinks regularly”.

    ### ODT Online Sun, 9 Nov 2014
    Sex-accused on dating site
    The prominent New Zealander granted name suppression over his sexual offending has a profile on an online dating website. The fact the man’s identity remains secret has caused widespread outrage, and his victim, Central Otago woman Louise Hemsley, was so angry she recently had her suppression lifted to talk about the case.
    Read more

    █ He added his wife had no idea about the online profile.

  16. Some marriages become dull routine. Others, there’s one surprise after another.

  17. Peter

    How sweet. He likes to cook dinner for his lady(ies)! Ungrateful women.

  18. After a certain age people can be judged with reasonable accuracy by their looks, I believe. Basic original plainness, or even worse, is moulded by character. Lines of laughter, warmth and kindness, or of sneering, bitterness, bad attitude, generous-spirited openness to others, or arrogance, they all leave traces.

  19. Elizabeth

    ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 21:39 17/11/2014
    Ex-MP reveals suppressed name
    A retired National Party politician has named a prominent New Zealander who escaped conviction over a sexual charge in Central Otago. Earlier this year the man was discharged without conviction, on payment of $6500 reparation to the female complainant when he appeared in the Dunedin District Court on an indecent act charge. […] Tonight an ex-MP disclosed the suppressed man’s name on social media.
    Read more

  20. Mike

    Note that commenting is disabled on that ODT article, heaven help it if someone makes disparaging comments about such an august personage with such a respectable pedigree.

  21. Elizabeth

    ### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 10:26, December 2 2014
    Former MP Tau Henare in court over name suppression charge
    By Ciara Pratt
    Former National MP Tau Henare has appeared in court charged with breaching a name suppression order. Henare appeared in the Waitakere District Court this morning charged with breach of suppression for allegedly naming a prominent New Zealander who was convicted of indecent assault. The man was awarded permanent name suppression.
    Outside court, Henare said New Zealand didn’t treat victims very well. “I think the law’s an ass,” he said. He did not enter a plea and was remanded on bail to reappear on December 16.

  22. Elizabeth

    ### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 19:59, December 12 2014
    Source: The Press
    Woman charged over suppression breach
    A New Zealand woman living in Australia has been charged after she allegedly posted online about a prominent New Zealander who has name suppression. Canterbury police laid charges against the 34-year-old woman today in relation to breaches of a Dunedin Court suppression order. The woman allegedly posted suppressed information on a website, including the name of a prominent New Zealander.
    Read more

  23. Mike

    Well it could be worse, it could be MPs who are getting this special treatment.

  24. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 13 Dec 2014
    Woman charged with breaching suppression
    A New Zealand woman living in Australia has been charged with breaching suppression by posting online the name of a prominent Central Otago man. Last night, police issued a statement saying a 34-year-old woman had been charged for allegedly breaching the man’s permanent name suppression by posting information on a website.
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  25. Elizabeth

    Otago Daily Times understands the charges relate to posts made on Facebook and information supplied to an international website.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 13 Jan 2015
    Suppression breaches ‘often inevitable’
    By Timothy Brown
    The difficulty of maintaining name suppression in high-profile instances in the digital era was demonstrated in the case of a former Otago police officer, Associate Professor Selene Mize said yesterday. A 45-year-old Clyde man was charged in December with breaching the name suppression order of the officer, who used his police-issue iPhone to film a teenager showering.
    Read more


    Realistically, the name of someone in court could be posted on social media, along with any charges, before any decision is made on name suppression.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 13 Jan 2015
    Editorial: The dangers of suppression
    One of the most difficult tasks in the modern world of social media is keeping the name secret for someone qualifying for name suppression during a court case. Recently, there have been instances of people revealing the name of a prominent Central Otago man on social media – including by a former MP – after the man was granted final name suppression.
    Read more

  26. Elizabeth

    On Lyon, “The guy’s a walking billboard for why you shouldn’t do drugs.” –Det Sgt Andrew Saunders

    ### NZ Herald Online 5:00 PM Friday Feb 13, 2015
    Revealed: Millionaire drug addict Mark Lyon convicted of sex charges
    By David Fisher
    Millionaire drug addict Mark Lyon can be revealed as the 59-year-old businessman convicted of a range of drug and sex offences last year, including offences against girls as young as 14. Name suppression lapsed at 5pm today, exposing Lyon as using methamphetamine to exploit sex acts from girls – and carrying out a prolonged punishment assault against a woman shackled in a “dungeon”. Lyon was sentenced to 15 years in jail in December in the High Court at Auckland with a minimum of eight years to be served before a parole hearing. He stood trial with a woman aged 20 who was also found guilty on charges of getting Lyon young girls for his sexual gratification.
    Read more

  27. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 3:27 PM Thursday Feb 19, 2015
    Prominent New Zealander charged with indecent assault loses name suppression
    By David Fisher
    A prominent New Zealander charged with indecent assault lost his bid for name suppression today. But the man’s identity will remain protected for another month to allow him the chance to lodge an appeal. The man denies the charges against him.
    Heavy suppression orders cover the case, meaning the man cannot be identified, nor can his alleged victims or their ages. The charges faced by the man, who elected trial by jury, can now be revealed. He is facing 12 charges of indecent assault against two people including two representative charges.
    Read more

  28. Hype O'Thermia

    The “name suppression” topic gets a good going-over on http://laudafinem.com/category/editorial/ Just how deluded can a police commissioner be? New Zealand’s Mike Bush answers the question.
    JANUARY 3, 2015

    “…….Perhaps the most unfortunate area of Bush’s bragging is this claim;
    And we have revolutionised the way our people work by issuing our frontline with smartphones and tablets loaded with customised apps to allow them to spend more time in their communities and less time at the office doing paperwork. On the streets is where they can make the most difference. – Mike Bush
    Of course it was one of these very same “smartphones” that Bush brags about that was used by a “trusted” police subordinate…….”

  29. Hype O'Thermia

    Stop the Suppression Petition

    Reclaim open justice. End name suppression except as a protective right for complainants (survivors). Final name suppression should be available ONLY for the benefit of victim while they wish it to be in place………… http://www.protectthatchildproject.co.nz/stop-the-suppression-petition/

  30. Elizabeth

    Claire Trevett (@CTrevettNZH) tweeted at 11:14 AM on Wed, Mar 25, 2015:
    Peters says will legislate to remove name suppression for sex offenders/ paedophiles and introduce register

  31. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online Updated 1 hour ago
    5:41 PM Wednesday Apr 8, 2015
    Blogger who named teens gets name suppression
    By Rob Kidd – NZME News Service
    A blogger accused of breaching a high-profile name suppression has been granted name suppression himself. The 51-year-old appeared in Auckland District Court today facing two charges of contravening suppression orders made by Justice Helen Winkelmann – the former chief High Court judge, newly appointed to the Court of Appeal.
    Read more

  32. Elizabeth

    the vanquish mattress

    ‘Carry that weight’ case: Student accused of rape sues university
    Emma Sulkowicz carried around a mattress in protest at her university’s handling of her rape complaint.

    mattress_620x310 (Getty images via NZ Herald) Getty Images via NZ Herald

  33. Elizabeth

    News broken via Fairfax / Sunday Star-Times that a cabinet minister’s brother will appear in court on Tuesday on child indecency charges.

    This from Cameron Slater, late this afternoon:


    via NZME: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/politics/340952/minister-willing-step-down-over-brothers-charges

  34. russandbev

    I did note from the Sunday Star Times that the lawyer named as being involved in the case is in Dunedin.

    • russandbev

      It truly is amazing what you find on some blogs when you search, for example, Auckland blogger in court. Some blogs, clearly hosted overseas, have no difficulty in naming those that are either “prominent” or well-connected, or both. If half of what they are reporting is factual then NZ is indeed in a bad moral position. It also does make a complete nonsense of current suppression mechanisms.

  35. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 5 May 2015
    Suppression for man facing sex charges
    A man has appeared in a district court facing sex charges. The matter has been adjourned until May 26. The man’s name, address and occupation were suppressed, along with any other details of the case.
    ODT Link

  36. Elizabeth

    The police officer suffered a black eye, serious swelling to her face and needed hospital treatment.

    ### ODT Online Sun, 24 May 2015
    Name of rich-lister’s son kept secret
    Source: Herald on Sunday | NZ Herald
    The son of a New Zealand rich-lister has won a fight to keep his name secret after he allegedly punched a Dunedin female police officer in the face. […] He appeared in Dunedin District Court four times, without seeking name suppression, before the case was transferred to Auckland District Court.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 16 Dec 2015
      Delegat heir accused of punching officer
      An heir to the Delegat millionaire wine-making family accused of punching a female police officer in Dunedin is to stand trial. Nikolas James Posa Delegat (19) pleaded guilty earlier this year to resisting arrest but denied assaulting the police officer during an altercation outside of popular student haunt Starters Bar on March 26.
      Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 17 Dec 2015
      Bid to prevent naming quashed
      By Timothy Brown
      The 19-year-old son of a multimillionaire wine magnate is facing trial next year on charges including assaulting a policewoman. Nikolas James Posa Delegat […] fought for name suppression. However, the Court of Appeal quashed that bid last month.
      Read more

  37. Elizabeth

    ### whaleoil.co.nz May 24, 2015 at 4:30pm
    Public shame a critical component of justice
    By Cameron Slater
    [Herald on Sunday] “….Details around that hearing have also been suppressed, but it can be reported that Judge Kiernan found publishing his name could prejudice his right to a fair trial.”
    That argument can be said to be true for anyone then. What it also means is that the judge presupposes that a jury would ignore the facts just to notch up a win against the privileged. […] I would say that punching a woman in the face is more prejudicial to Mr Suppressed than the fact his daddy has some money. Society doesn’t particularly like men that beat the crap out of women. Add to this the fact she was a police officer there to do the job of keeping the rest of us safe, and I don’t think name suppression is going to ensure a trial that is any less “fair” than it would be without it.
    Read more

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Shouldn’t the gender of the victim be suppressed so this piece of shit can get a fair trial, juries might be prejudiced against asswipes who beat up women – and her occupation, too, because juries may have sympathy for police doing their job… or some of the jury may be anti police from having been caught up in rugby tour protests…. Or maybe instead of “a jury would ignore the facts just to notch up a win against the privileged” there might be some who want to curry favour with Rich Daddy in the hope of future favours – jobs, references.
      It’s not easy working out who’s getting a fair go from name suppression. Not Justice, that’s for sure. Not the reputation of NZ for low levels of corruption, not when individuals’ standing by sporting achievement (or non-guaranteed prospects of a promising sports career) and family connections put them in a different category from the less fortunate.

  38. Alex Brown

    NZ Judges are arrogantly oblivious to the public’s outrage at name suppression being given to only those who can afford it. In part it’s due to the old boys network between senior lawyers, QC’s, Judges, politicians and their connections to the wealthy – same thing they accuse the police and other agencies of when they want to win a case or claim compensation.

    Name suppression is one thing but this precious little darling and Daddy’s lawyers have been granted another privilege the implications of which the general public may not be aware of. Daddy’s legal team has convinced the Dunedin Judge to transfer the trial to Auckland. The law states criminal cases are meant to be heard in the court closest to where the offence was committed or the person arrested so how is it that this is all going to Auckland.

    The NZ tax payer will foot the bill for the additional time, costs and travel of not only the injured Police Officer but other witnesses including other Police Officers, civilians and medical staff who will all be required to give their evidence in Auckland.

    Bravo Judge Anne Kiernan, thanks to you this case just got a whole lot more convenient and cheaper for the accused, Daddy and Daddy’s legal team, but I suspect you already know that !!

  39. Hype O'Thermia

    It’s difficult not to ask the questions that must not be asked, regarding members of the judiciary and who’s pissing in whose pocket. And if not pissing, is anyone crossing anyone’s palm with silver – but of course one could never even begin to think anything like that. Our judges are beyond corruption.
    On a totally unrelated matter and in a spirit of nostalgia, what’s Michael Guest up to these days? Keeping out of mischief?

  40. Anonymous

    This is the scumbag rich. With all the attention on anti-violence and anti-bullying, a rich boy’s brat who beats up on a woman and a police officer is treated as with love and care by the judicial system. Name suppression should not apply as he chose that course of action and his actions have consequences. Hiding behind daddy is not going to be enough. What dad should be doing in this case is helping him face those consequences and getting him to take personal action for it.

    At the very least the boy should be visiting the officer, offering a genuine apology, making a substantial donation to the anti-violence/bully campaign, realising that a pampered life is the not the same as a useful one, grow up and start contributing something to society.

    That judge should not be in office. This is a woman protecting a man who attacked a woman.

  41. Hype O'Thermia

    “That judge should not be in office. This is a woman protecting a man who attacked a woman.”
    Yes it’s all very well for you to say that! Have you no compassion for those who are liable to see each other regularly in Koru lounges, charity fundraiser events and so on?
    Their lives of tribulation are different from the easy life of low wealth nobodies – we’ve got all the advantages, that’s why our kids’ names can be all over the media if they offend. Just as well it wouldn’t harm ordinary kids, because we’d have a hard job affording the class of lawyer that can get a simple case of vicious assault shifted from Dunedin where it happened, to Auckland.

  42. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 6 Jul 2015
    Suppression twist for Blessie’s killer
    By Anna Leask – NZ Herald
    The man who raped and murdered Blessie Gotingco has lost a bid for permanent name suppression. However, the New Zealand Herald remains prohibited from publishing his name for legal reasons. The 28-year-old man was found guilty on May 21 of raping and killing Mrs Gotingco, a mother of three, on Auckland’s North Shore in May last year. NZME
    Read more

  43. Elizabeth

    Throughout his trial, Robertson was able to be photographed but not named outside of the courtroom.

    ### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 14:23, July 28 2015
    Blessie Gotingco’s killer Tony Robertson unmasked
    By Kelly Dennett and Sam Boyer
    The identity of the 28 year-old man found guilty of killing Auckland woman Blessie Gotingco can now be revealed. He is Tony Douglas Robertson, a man with a past conviction for indecently assaulting a child and considered so likely to reoffend he was under a supervision order, had a curfew imposed on him and was forced to wear a GPS tracker at all times. In May, Robertson was found guilty of the rape and murder of Auckland mother Blesilda Gotingco. Justice Brewer immediately lifted name suppression but Robertson appealed, which prevented the media from reporting his name. Robertson’s identity was kept secret from the public throughout the trial and the jury repeatedly warned not to Google his name because of his criminal history.
    Read more

  44. Elizabeth

    Preventive detention is an extreme measure….

    ### ODT Online Thu, 30 Jul 2015
    Editorial: Risk assessment and hindsight
    OPINION Details of Tony Douglas Robertson’s criminal history make for grim reading. The 28-year-old was found guilty in the High Court two months ago of the May 2014 rape and murder of Auckland woman Blessie Gotingco. He has an extensive criminal history, described by a judge as “appalling”.
    Read more

  45. Hype O'Thermia

    Yes, “Preventive detention is an extreme measure….” until it’s compared with what was done to Mrs Gottingco. At that point it’s – keep eating, lying and breathing – nothing to whinge about.

  46. Elizabeth

    Court staff confirmed there was suppression on file but refused to disclose the details of the suppression order.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 4 Nov 2015
    Entertainer faces sex charges
    An award-winning kiwi entertainer has been accused of sex offences against four women. The man, in his 40s, appeared in Auckland District Court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty to four counts of indecent assault and two of sexual violation.
    Read more


    ### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 15:57, November 4 2015
    New Zealand actor in court on sex charges
    By Kelly Dennett
    A well-known New Zealand television actor has appeared in court on sex charges. The 45-year-old received interim name suppression when he appeared in front of a community magistrate at Auckland District Court on Tuesday.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 28 Jan 2016
      Name suppression for actor facing sex charges
      An Auckland actor accused of sex offences against four women will have his name kept secret until his trial. The man, in his 40s, appeared in Auckland District Court this morning having previously pleaded not guilty to four counts of indecent assault and two of sexual violation, carrying a potential 20-year jail term.
      Read more

  47. Elizabeth

    “It’s the type of business that’s built on one-to-one contact.”

    ### ODT Online Sat, 28 Nov 2015
    Police want former sports rep named
    By Timothy Brown
    Police will fight the name suppression of a former Otago sports representative. The 32-year-old appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday for sentencing and a bid for final name suppression, in relation to one count of Summary Offences Act assault. Defence counsel Anne Stevens said her client was seeking name suppression because of business interests.
    Read more

  48. Hype O'Thermia

    “It’s the type of business that’s built on one-to-one contact.”
    All the more reason for the other parties to be aware of the kind of person they’re dealing with, not misled by facts withheld by others for the purpose of giving him an unfair advantage.
    Unfair? Yes, because those other parties, if they were in possession of full facts, might choose not to deal with such a person, and to deal with someone they can respect.

  49. Gurglars



    and Underhand



    Invent and



  50. russandbev

    I see yet another wonderfully intelligent professional rugby player has appeared before the courts for boorish behaviour. Thankfully he lost his bid for name suppression which is pretty uncommon, but the name of his business was suppressed. Through 20 seconds “work” on the internet I was able to find the name and address of his business and the name and address of his partner in the business. Bet others can do it in less time than me.

  51. Elizabeth

    Mark Jory was sent to jail and lost his house and marriage after an affair with Sharlene Lynch.

    ### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 17:36, December 9 2015
    Name suppression lifted for blackmailing mistress and her lover
    By Hamish McNeilly
    A decade-long sexual affair involving blackmail and fraud has cost a Dunedin family their home. Mark Jory, 53, and Sharlene Lynch, 35, were sentenced in the Dunedin District Court in August after offending relating to an ongoing affair between the pair was uncovered.
    Read more

  52. Gurglars

    What sentence did the blackmailer get?

  53. russandbev

    Apropos to nothing at all. What a sordid little tale over the former All Black, Grahame Thorne and his stoush with another local Gibbston resident. Used to be a National MP. Wonder why they got rid of him? Was described in court as acting like a 12 year old girl which seems to me to denigrate most young people I have come across.

  54. russandbev

    Is he a person you would welcome into your home? I’m sure that I wouldn’t.

  55. Elizabeth

    Judge Kevin Phillips granted interim suppression of the man’s name until noon on Friday.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 9 Feb 2016
    Attempted murder charge over Dunedin assault
    A man has been charged with attempted murder after a woman was seriously assaulted in South Dunedin. The 43-year-old appeared in Dunedin District Court this morning charged with attempting to murder a female in Cutten St on Sunday. He was remanded in custody by consent to appear in the High Court at Dunedin, by audiovisual link, on March 1.
    ODT Link


    A 43 year old man has been arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a woman in South Dunedin on Sunday. Officers were called to Cutten Street about 6am with reports that a 40-year-old woman had been seriously assaulted. It’s understood that a weapon, believed to be a knife, was found at an address on Sunday afternoon.
    http://www.dunedintv.co.nz/news/man-charged-attempted-murder [video]

  56. Elizabeth

    Investigations by Coroner and (navel-gazing) Police will leave Munro family in a very uncomfortable place.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 15 Feb 2016
    Man named in Dunedin street death
    The man responsible for the death of Dunedin teenager Nicholas Munro can be named for the first time. Sam Scott threw the punch which knocked Mr Munro (18) to the ground causing his fatal injuries early on March 6, 2005.
    Read more

  57. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 15 Feb 2016
    Teen’s death: fight for justice ‘not over’
    By Timothy Brown
    More than a decade has passed since Nicholas Munro died in a Dunedin Hospital bed. But the pain has not ceased for his father, John Munro, and neither has his yearning for justice. […] Although today’s release of Coroner David Crerar’s findings mark another block in the road, the fight for justice is not at end, Mr Munro says.
    Read more

  58. Elizabeth

    Oh gosh, the local constabulary’s lack.

    A copy of the IPCA findings has been obtained by Otago Daily Times.

    16.2.16 ODT: Police efforts ‘lacked vigour’
    An Independent Police Conduct Authority investigation has criticised the initial police response to the 2005 death of Dunedin teenager Nicholas Munro, saying the investigation “lacked vigour and direction” and that police did not give the assault “the attention it deserved”. The outcome of the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) investigation – carried out in 2010 – was not previously publicly released.

  59. Hype O'Thermia

    How come sometimes a bloke hits another bloke who dies or is seriously injured and hitter-bloke gets the book thrown at him, other times b hits b and it’s no big deal?
    The same force of swing can connect in what’s called a king hit, or not make much of a connection, or b2 falls and hits head or he falls onto softish hedge.
    Likewise young chaps sexually abusing young lasses, seems to be of variable seriousness in NZ – to NZ men with the power to show community attitude to it anyway – if however less trivial to girls and women of all ages and to the normal decent men who respect them.

  60. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 17 Feb 2016
    Blunders put paid to justice: expert
    By Timothy Brown
    There is a possibility Samuel Richard Scott had a manslaughter case to answer but police blunders in the investigation put paid to justice, legal expert Mark Henaghan says. […] “There seems to be a reasonably clear finding that the force used by [Mr Scott] was … out of proportion and excessive force,” Prof Henaghan said. “If you use excessive force and it results in a criminal act, you can be charged.”
    Read more

  61. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 17 Feb 2016
    ‘Roast Busters 2’ report to remain secret
    A report that cleared police handling a case where schoolboys stupefied girls then posted lewd photos on social media is to stay secret. The Independent Police Conduct Authority is refusing to release the official document that examined how police handled the case dubbed Roast Busters 2, despite finding the investigation was handled in an exemplary manner. It is being denied on the grounds of a secrecy provision available in legislation. NZME
    Read more

    SiaVEVO Published on Nov 5, 2015
    Sia – Alive
    Sia’s new album THIS IS ACTING out now
    (C) 2016 Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records.

  62. Elizabeth

    Another damnable suppression case involving schools and a pupil’s death:
    “the names of the teachers, the schools they taught at and their geographical location remain suppressed”
    How is this helping anyone ?

  63. russandbev

    Another case of super suppression going on in the High Court in Northland where all details are suppressed. What an absolute joke. As soon as Northland was mentioned one name sprang to mind and 15 seconds on the internet confirmed the detail. What is also hitting the headlines today is the conviction and sentence of a Kaikoura man closely connected to Ngai Tahu of a series of historical sex offences. Seems like the complainants are now in their 50s which shows to me the slow pace of the legal system in bringing crimes to court. Unless you are the PM and suddenly see a recorder sitting on your stage-managed cup of tea in a public place.

    Coupled with the incredible story coming out of Panama where the rich and well connected use places like NZ to conceal their accumulating wealth and the strutting cockerel Minister in charge doesn’t see anything wrong with tax loopholes, it really does make you wonder about dear old NZ.

    • Elizabeth

      Correct. It came by overseas email (to lists) yesterday. NZ readers were warned a policeman might pay a call if they read further [suppression order]. Northland characters (a very limited field in this case) as JK would know.

  64. Calvin Oaten

    It’s not just our rivers that need a serious flushing. Didymo all around us including the courts, parliament, local bodies, you name it. New Zealand ‘Clean, Green’, but make sure you bring your ‘rose tinted glasses’ ought to be on the brochures.

  65. Elizabeth

    Fri, 8 Apr 2016
    ODT: Man accused of killing mother named
    A man accused of stabbing and bashing his mother to death in Waldronville last year has had his name suppression dropped. Matthew Abraham James Warrington (23), who suffered from autism, is accused of the murder of Vicki Lee Warrington (48) and wounding a man with intent to cause grievous bodily harm on July 3 last year.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Unfortunate person with a condition that already limited life opportunity – name suppression lifted.
      “Prominent” “Promising sports career” “well-known” – permanent name suppression.

      To he who hath shall be delivered e’en more on silver salvers, yea unto him shall riches be delivered and his name be praised …
      by the gaunt peasantry whose pockets are picked, children and spouses violated, and who have to act grateful for minimum (not “living”) wage for carting gold bars and larks’ tongues in aspic to the mighty and mightily protected Great Ones.

  66. Elizabeth

    A bad taste. Thankfully, the Herald has gone as far as it possibly rigorously can —unlike the ODT.

    “To be a good liar you’ve got to have a good memory; and more than that, when you’re telling your lie you’ve got to be able to carry on and say, like chess, ‘how is this going to be deconstructed further down the track?'” –Fairley

    ### NZ Herald Online 11:45 AM Tuesday Apr 12, 2016
    Prominent Kiwi sex charge case: Not guilty to all charges
    By Rob Kidd – NZME News Service court reporter – Auckland
    A prominent New Zealander has been cleared of sex charges against two girls. After deliberation, the jury in the High Court at Whangarei returned not guilty verdicts on all 12 charges of doing an indecent act. Members of the man’s family cried as the not guilty verdicts flooded in. Several supporters clapped and celebrated as the final acquittal was read out by the foreperson.

    The man admitted he had given the older girl massages on several occasions but his hands had never been any higher than her knee when he did so. In respect of the younger complainant he said there had been only fleeting contact in a similar vein.

    Defence counsel Arthur Fairley said he would be seeking permanent name suppression for his client. A hearing on that matter will likely take place today or tomorrow.
    Read more

    What the fuck was a prominent New Zealander doing giving two young girls massage ?

    Is this getting TOO ridiculous ?

    SUPPRESSION (via NZ Herald)
    What is suppressed?
    ● The defendant’s “name, address and identifying particulars” cannot be published. There has also been no publication of his age or occupation for fear of breaching the court’s order.
    ● The suppression similarly covers the two complainants in the case.
    ● The location of the alleged offending has also been ruled off limits because it may give the identity of the parties away.
    ● As a result of the sweeping suppression orders the names of all the witnesses in the case – barring police officers – have had to be withheld, because naming them would identify one or all of those involved.
    Read more

    Will Lauda Finem launch in. [full stop]

    • Vicar Suspending

      Aha! Must be a prominent foot rubber. He will have a Shingle saying ‘World’s Famous in NZ! Sand dancing lessons! Soles fixed up quick. Uncle Rotter. Ring bell and ask for Auntie Rotter. Bors Pond Road’.

  67. Elizabeth

    ### msn.com 6 hrs ago
    MSN News: National
    Permanent name supressions falling: Adams
    Source: NZ Newswire
    The number of defendants gaining permanent name suppression has dropped significantly since the government tightened the rules.
    Justice Minister Amy Adams says 640 people were granted it in 2011 and by mid-2015 that had fallen to 317. The granting of interim name suppression has remained relatively static – 1232 in 2011 falling slightly to 1191.
    The Criminal Procedure Act 2011 changed the way name suppression is granted. A key change was raising the threshold for a defendant to gain suppression from “undue hardship” to “extreme hardship”.
    Read more

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Definitions rock!
      It is a well-known fact that hardship of any kind suffered by the rich, famous and well-connected is “extreme”, as befits their station in life.

      Your coarse plebian types while not incapable of feelings, not immune from scorn from the common types around them, indeed their children may even be pointed at by others who say things like “Your dad’s a criminal and now your Mum’s on a benefit” – these offenders in off-the-shelf clothing do indeed experience hardships, of a kind. But these are no more than they deserve, and certainly not definable as “undue”. Not in NZ, country of fairness to all.

      God of Godzone to whose courts
      Rich and poor alike are brought
      Peer group sentenced but unnamed
      Peasants photographed and shamed.

      Godzonia, Godzonia!

  68. Elizabeth

    Hmm, a ditch.

    Wed, 24 Aug 2016
    ODT: Private prosecution aim stated
    Bankrupt developer Dave Henderson is considering bringing a private prosecution over a trench-digging incident at the Anthem vineyard in March involving former All Black and MP Grahame Thorne and Bannockburn vineyard owner Richard Guthrey. Armed police rushed to the area on the night of March 5 after getting separate calls from Mr Henderson and Mr Guthrey – the former claiming the latter had breached a trespass notice and wilfully damaged his land, and Mr Guthrey claiming a firearm had been discharged near him. Cont/

  69. Elizabeth

    Local suppression follows years of active harrassment.

    Sat, 22 April 2017
    ODT: Surprise over job secrecy
    By Rob Kidd
    A public servant who subjected a Dunedin businessman to “a living hell” for two and a-half years has finally been named – but his occupation remains under wraps. Jeremy Fraser Buis (39), appearing in the Dunedin District Court yesterday, was sentenced to 200 hours’ community work and ordered to pay the victim $15,000 after being found guilty of criminal harassment, threatening to do grievous bodily harm and intentional damage, following a week-long, judge-alone trial last month. The victim – Danny Pryde – voluntarily gave up his own name suppression yesterday and said he was “extremely surprised” Buis’ job was kept secret. “I think that’s quite important for the public to know … his profession and I don’t know why they’d hold that back,” he said. Judge Paul Kellar gave no reasons for his decision, which was made after counsel Anne Stevens said publication of the job would cast aspersions on Buis’ colleagues. Cont/

    University of Otago dean of law Prof Mark Henaghan said the situation was unusual and almost futile. “Once the name is released, people can find out what he does,” he said.

    Related articles:
    22.4.17 A timeline of harassment
    21.4.17 Dunedin stalker named
    The public servant who spent two and a-half years stalking a Dunedin businessman can now be named.
    20.4.17 Govt employee guilty of ‘bizarre’ harassment
    A Dunedin victim of a “sophisticated” harassment campaign which lasted two and a-half years has described the period as “a living hell”.


    As noted above in comments at this thread, you can get there very quickly via what has been in public domain for years. Mark Henaghan is utterly correct.

    It seems a thorough inquiry into suppression orders is sorely needed if not simply due to advances in computing and IT, then because the principle of open justice is a key principle in our legal system (surprising as that is through translation by the courts).

    The victims – the Prydes – don’t deserve non-exposure of the defendant’s job. Nor does the Dunedin community at large.

    We have to hope this crime is not systemic. That this is not a coverup for the wrong reasons.

  70. Calvin Oaten

    {The defendant’s job has been suppressed by Judge Paul Kellar at the Dunedin District Court. -Eds}

  71. Hype O'Thermia

    {Yes. This website must err on the side of caution. The defendant’s job has been suppressed by Judge Paul Kellar at the Dunedin District Court. -Eds}

  72. Calvin Oaten

    {Your comment has not been accepted for publication. -Eds}


    The defendant’s occupation is suppressed by Court order. The website What if? Dunedin rejects all and any attempts by contributors to make the site owner liable to prosecution for defying the suppression order.

    Elizabeth Kerr | Site Owner

  73. Elizabeth

    Stuff examines side door exit from the Dunedin District Court for convicted government employee Jeremy Buis.


  74. Elizabeth

    [name suppression]

    Tue, 23 May 2017
    ODT: Sex with young girl alleged
    By Rob Kidd
    A Dunedin man has been accused of repeatedly violating a young girl in his homes and various motels around the country. […] He is on trial before the Dunedin District Court facing five charges of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and four of sexual conduct with a child. Five of the counts are representative, alleging the abuse happened on multiple occasions between 2013 and 2015. Cont/

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