Great quote: men

Sunday, 13 Jul 2014 at 5:56 PM

John Steinbeck, Cannery Row (1)

Symbiosis across a number of threads (including for DCC, CST, DVML, ORFU, Highlanders, University of Otago, NZRU, DIA) but go to recent comments here and here.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “Great quote: men

  1. Elizabeth

    Thanks to Martin and Elizabeth Legge in the North Island for their friendship and strength.

  2. Bien, Juillet Quatorze is tomorrow, thus I am once more dressed a coutume Belle Epoque. Happy getting out of Bastille Day. Where the enfer is Oahu?

  3. Elizabeth

    Ho Ho Ho  our serial litigant Graham McCready….

    Criminal prosecution filed against PM

  4. Dorothy Parker, of the Algonquin Club: Men. MEN? They hail you as their Morning Star/Because you are the Way you Are/If you return the Sentiment/They try to make you Differ ent.

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