DCC: Mayor Cull and council staff consort with criminal gangs

Mongrel Mob gang member [article.wn.com] 1Image: article.wn.com

First alert of Bro Cull’s mixing with criminal gangs: a joint submission by Notorious Mongrel Mob and Black Power to the DCC Draft Annual Plan 2014/15.

Supposedly this is a very cool thing to spend ratepayer money on: the rehabilitation of violent mobsters and thugs, or their drug-damaged lower ranks – they and their ‘equipment’ financed on the proceeds of serious crime.

Of course, this ‘news’ to law abiding citizens (the very few left at Dunedin) also brought a number of clots out of the trenches to say how freaking wonderful and ah, what a grand and sympathetic gesture it is, raining congratulations on Mr Go-between Cull for getting these guys Sorted ~!!!!

### ODT Online Fri, 9 May 2014
Dunedin gangs keen for work after burying hatchet
By Vaughan Elder
After burying the hatchet, the Notorious Mongrel Mob and Black Power are keen to take up a council contract and cut some of Dunedin’s grass. The once warring gangs gave a joint submission at yesterday’s annual plan hearings, asking councillors to consider giving them a contract to maintain some of the council’s green space. They also asked for access to City Forests to provide firewood for families who struggled to stay warm during the winter.
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Are other community groups in need of manual work being similarly advantaged? Is this another mayoral spending gesture like the one affecting the clan of Taranaki.

Our dear Mr Cull — such generosity, as Dunedin City Council burns down around him, awash with its own plagues (plural) of multimillion-dollar fraud and corruption. All chargeable to the ratepayers.

Lord, have mercy, the gangs of ill repute – the violent assaulters, drug manufacturers and dealers, serial rapists, murderers and burnt out amongst them – are Dunedin ratepayers too. Enlightenment and Empathy are JUST CRAZY like their patches.



“We are looking at perhaps having a [trial] under the economic development strategy.” –Rebecca Williams, DCC

### ODT Online Tue, 8 Jul 2014
DCC considering contracts for gangs
By Vaughan Elder
The Dunedin City Council is investigating giving council contracts to Notorious Mongrel Mob and Black Power.
This comes after the once warring gangs made national headlines when they gave a joint submission at annual plan hearings in May, asking councillors to consider giving them a contract to maintain some of the council’s green space. Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said since then council staff – as part of a wider review of procurement practices – had begun looking at ways council contracts could be awarded to smaller groups, such as the gangs. This would likely involve breaking up some council contracts into smaller packages, Mr Cull said.
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The ratepayers of Dunedin City owe these clowns Nothing.

This correspondent puts it marvellously well at ODT Online:

Good initiative
Submitted by farsighted on Tue, 08/07/2014 – 8:19am.

This is no different than previous council contracts being awarded to Delta, for example.

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7 responses to “DCC: Mayor Cull and council staff consort with criminal gangs

  1. Simple Simon

    What about those of us, struggling to make ends meet, that do an honest day’s toil, Dave. Any hand-ups for us. Or do we get a string of convictions, beat up the wife and kids, before we qualify. What signals are we sending to our younger generation. Who gives a Hoot.
    PS. Dave do we need a treaty before we qualify?

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s fair either that the DCC should consider giving Council contracts to shady gangs posing as legitimate businesses. But what can you do about DCHL and DVML…?

  3. Elizabeth

    Why is Dunedin City Council privileging gang members over the larger mass of long-term unemployed at Dunedin? Who deserves a hand up more?
    People with a history of gang patches, violence and criminality come first? Since when, Mayor Off-your-head Cull and Ms Do-gooder Williams !?!!
    The council should not be entertaining this fulsome shite. It comes under the remit of Chief Executive Bidrose – let’s see how the ‘colours’ pan out. Is this the way Group Manager Mick Reece retires with a “bang”?
    What are your fricking priorities, DCC? What do you say to their victims, All.

    Waiting for the shrinking violets out there to back this potentially sick diversion of ratepayer funds.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 9 Mar 2015
    Gangs in deal to mow Dunedin lawns
    By Vaughan Elder
    The Notorious Mongrel Mob and Black Power could be coming to a lawn near you. The Dunedin City Council is set to run a trial allowing the once-warring gangs to pick up contracts from its parks and reserves department.
    Read more

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    • Hype O'Thermia

      ““We need to ensure that there are ways that all members of society can contribute and this is one way of council being able to do that.”” according to Ms Williams.

      Well, it’s not really addressing the needs of “all” unemployed members of Dunedin’s society is it, not when one particular sector is shown partiality.

      • cinimodjunior

        Is this this the same Ms Williams who was formerly Ms Parata? Get the Maori connection? Maori/gangsters with a Maori decision maker with the authority to let contracts. Great chance for gangsters to get a closer look at your property under the cover of propriety. Don’t just lock up your daughters, put your whole property under surveillance. Here come the thugs. And no I’m not a racist.
        I can feel a ‘dose of the runs’ coming on already!!

        {General note: the plural of Maori is Maori, without an s. -Eds}

        • Elizabeth

          Yes, formerly Parata. Emphasis.
          Formerly, a DCC governance support officer – now DCC events and community development manager.

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