Crowe Horwath Report (May 2014) – Review of DVML Expenses

Dunedin City Council released the following report through the LGOIMA process, in reply to Bev Butler who lodged an information request.

The report by independent auditors Crowe Horwath investigates the work expenses of DVML’s ex Commercial Manager, then part-time contractor Guy Hedderwick.

Crowe Horwath report cover (May 2014)

Download: Crowe Horwath Report – Review of DVML Expenses (PDF, 363 KB)

NOTE: The report is not the result of a forensic audit, which should now take place to provide clarification for Mr Hedderwick and his manager.

QUESTION: Why is Dunedin City Council not seeking requirement for a forensic audit?

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6 responses to “Crowe Horwath Report (May 2014) – Review of DVML Expenses

  1. Cars

    John Pemberton’s view of council debt expectations in 2010:

    Demonstrating a disturbing inaccuracy.

    • Interesting work from John Pemberton. It still fails to cover the fact that the stadium debt of $146m was shifted off the DCC’s books onto DVL’s in the bosom of DCHL. It simply remains part of the city’s consolidated debt of ($623m). That is the real “Elephant in the room”.

  2. Cars

    And just to make your morning coffee taste like sugarless chicory.

    Here is what New Zealanders owe to councils throughout New Zealand.

    Sobering. This is YOUR liability.

  3. Chicory indeed! Add a dose of lemon by acknowledging the error in Dunedin’s population. It is only less than 122,000 not the figure claimed. It is also only the DCC’s identified debt. It does not include DCHL’s, which arrives at a consolidated debt total of ($623m). Figures seeming from an authoritative source can often be misleading.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Isn’t it cute, Mr Davies’ solution to reducing the Fubar’s astronomical FAIL in the $$$ dept! “Cut our rent.”
    If this works I expect tenants all over NZ to applaud this Great Leap Forward in affordable living. Just pay less rent – it’s so easy. And if that doesn’t make one’s income reach from payday to payday, how about “Stop expecting us to pay for electricity”?
    There has already been some excellent work on “We want free dinners”.
    The Fubar as a standard-bearer for social change? Well, didn’t its proponents tell us it would put Dunedin on the map?

  5. Elizabeth

    Terry Davies, answer this:

    The word is that the Crowe Horwath investigation of invoices yielded not only more invoice fraud than expected but something much worse that saw to the demise of the part-time contractor based at Adelaide. Give out the details or expect to have to answer that in a court of law, perhaps.

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