QB 2014 gongs of ill-repute #Hudson COI = MNZM

(via ODT) Mon, 2 Jun 2014
Southern Queen’s Birthday Awards recipients

paul-hudson copyPaul Hudson
Services to business and the community

Paul Hudson (65), of Port Chalmers, said that he was “humbled and honoured” for the recognition of his involved with commerce, local government and the community in Dunedin for 50 years.
He worked for Cadbury Fry Hudson between 1973 and 1996 and, as managing director, led Cadbury’s transition to conducting its worldwide business from centralised locations.
He held elected positions on Port Chalmers and Dunedin City Councils between 1980 and 2013, including deputy mayor on both councils.
He was chairman of Dunedin City Holdings, Citibus-Dunedin Transport Ltd and Citiworks, and a board member of City Forests, Aurora Energy and Delta Utility Services.
He was chairman of Dunedin City Holdings for 18 years, when shareholder funds increased from $100,000 to more than $150 million and distributions to Dunedin City Council totalled more than $280 million.
He was council appointee for the Otago Theatre Trust, Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society and its acquisitions committee and the Dunedin Town Hall Organ Trust.
He was appointed treasurer to the Otago branch of the Save the Children Fund 50 years ago. “This was the beginning of my lifelong interest in serving the community.”
The service to the community included work for Port Chalmers Kindergarten, the Aramoana Trust, Regent Theatre, the Otago Arts Society, the Dunedin Council of Social Services and the Dunedin Community House Trust. “My involvement with the establishment of Community House, my early years in Save the Children Fund and various roles and involvement in local government have been very satisfying,” he said.


“I, Paul Richard Hudson, do solemnly declare I did not squander ratepayers’ money for the chance to receive specific mention in the freshly minted report of the Office of the Auditor-General’s investigation into Delta (2014). Nor at any time did I place or declare my Conflicts of Interest ahead of my ability to be judge and jury at DCHL and other council-owned companies, so to infuriate Warren Larsen (Report, 2012). I did not personally receive ANYTHING by way of payment for termination of lease of restaurant space in the Municipal Chambers. And, I am not at all obsequious, a fence-sitter — or, make that slimy.” … “Honest.”

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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33 responses to “QB 2014 gongs of ill-repute #Hudson COI = MNZM

  1. So which political dropkick(s) nominated the ex councillor for an honour ?!

    Today, due to cerebral overload in seeing (at 6am when half asleep) the names of all undeserving Dunedin personages to receive honours, I declared a mental health day.

  2. cinimodjunior

    Josie Jones (Dunedin City Councillor through the nineties) once said to me “Paul (Hudson) is a nice man but he tells unnecessary lies”. Her observation was absolutely accurate and now 20 years later he’s still telling unnecessary lies. Why does he lie about his age? He claims to be 65 but my guess is that he would be closer to 75. He is an incredibly vain person and does he believe that the citizens will start to love him again if he portrays himself to be younger than he is? You are right if you think that I only think he is closer to 75 than 65. I concede that I’m resorting to circumstantial evidence, but do the maths for yourself. He’s only 65 and he claims to have been given the onerous task of Treasurer of the Otago branch of Save the Children Fund 50 years ago. Does anyone believe that the management of the Otago Branch of the Save the Children Fund would appoint a 15 year old as it’s Treasurer? I think not. Does anybody share my observation that this is the kind of deception that characterised his political life. And he gets a ‘Gong’ for it! The moral of this shabby affair is that if anybody were to solicit you as a prospect to receive a ‘Queen’s honour’ don’t take it as a compliment. The implied message is that you are considered to be dodgy.

  3. Mack

    Yep 65 minus 15 is 50, or 65 minus 50 is 15! So He was appointed as treasurer when he was 15?

  4. Russell Garbutt

    Paul Hudson, in my direct experience is a dual-faced opportunistic, self-centred unpleasant man. His history shows this assessment. Consider for a moment his long and very lucrative memberships of all of the DCHL group. A Council employee who I know very well and trust implicitly told me once that Hudson was creaming the DCC for about a quarter of a million dollars annually through his various fees and was slated completely by the Larsen report. Frankly, my impression of him was, and is, of a slimy creepy, lazy man who is one of those people who are directly responsible for the predicament that Dunedin now faces. He doesn’t deserve any form of public recognition other than to be recognised for what he actually is.

  5. Mike

    Let’s not forget that Weatherall got one too for amoung other things “for services to rugby” …. by creating a stream of income from the the ratepayers’ pockets to the ORFU I guess.

  6. cinimodjunior

    How can the individual discover the process by which these cretins are promoted to assumed greatness. Weatherall and Hudson are nothing better than septic. The bastards either directly or indirectly stole from us, and we the victims are made to suffer/witness their elevation to greatness. How can it be that (when individuals are promoted for ‘Gongs’) we are prevented from contesting the worth of the despots who stole from us?

    PS: Anybody know how to clean vomit off a laptop keyboard?

  7. Peter

    Speaking generally, and specifically, the imperial honours system is a farce. Ok there are people who deserve some gong, but let’s not fawn over Sirs and Dames etc.
    We can all immediately think of disreputable creeps who got other creeps to vouch for them.
    Key wants a new, proud flag to replace our colonial one……fair enough….but he reinstated the imperial honours system. Go figure. These honours are more often than not bestowed on people for services rendered.
    Next thing we know Rolf Harris will get one!

    • Hype O'Thermia

      New proud flag – silver (white) fern/feather in place of Union Flag symbol of both sports mania (no expense spared) and grovelly attitude to “friends” like the US/China according to which offers greatest reward not excluding apparent mana-boost to NZ political figures. Southern Cross layout retained with stars replaced by dollar signs.

    • John P.Evans, concerned citizen

      Rolf Harris already has one!

  8. Mention of the Municipal Chamber lease is interesting. That embraced the restaurant known as the “Hungry Horseman” or similar, my memory is vague on that point. However, that was operated under the ownership of Paul Hudson’s daughter. It was an obstacle in the way of the planned development of the Town Hall Conference Centre and needed to be gone. It was fairly common knowledge that as an operation it was not doing well at all. At the time it had approx. 18 months of a five-year lease to run. I was also led to believe (rightly or wrongly) that there was no right of renewal. At the time I asked a valuer of these type of businesses what the surrender value would for this. His opinion was that it would take into account the turnover and profitability of the operation, which would determine goodwill value plus current value of the chattels and leasee’s fitout. In his opinion the value would be in the vicinity of $35,000 to $40,000. The payout was in fact $360,000!!! And this figure was specifically excluded in the budget costing for the development. Hey!! Give the man a gong! For service to the Queen. What queen I hear you ask? Say no more.

  9. Peter

    I am always amused at one, very over used word upon receiving a gong. HUMBLED!

    • Peter
      June 3, 2014 at 1:08 pm
      Peter Try this-

      “Uriah Heep has been employed as clerk to Wickfield for four years, since he was eleven. Heep’s father, who instilled him with the need to be humble, died when Uriah was ten, and for the first part of the novel he lives alone with his mother in their “umble abode”. Copperfield takes an immediate and permanent dislike to Uriah, in spite of the latter’s persistent, if insincere attempts to win his friendship. Heep addresses Copperfield as “Master Copperfield” well into their adulthood, an indication of his true patronising view.”

      Charles Dickens sums up the unctuous and odious character you are describing and that we all recognise.

      • Peter

        Yes, Mick, the Uriah Heep character is alive and well. Timeless.
        I have heard of more than one local knight who likes to pull rank with those he considers beneath him. Along the lines of ‘Do you know who I am?’
        Another tack, when such knights are feeling more generous, is when they say to someone, ‘You can call me…..’ ‘Dickhead’ would fit the bill, nicely, for such pompous asses.
        Don’t they know people joke about their frailties behind their back?

  10. cinimodjunior

    I repeat my earlier question. Does anyone know what the process is that give rise to the presentation of a ‘Gong’ I very much want one because I believe that I can cheat and deceive with (close to) the standard of Hudson and Weatherall. I don’t think that I’m the badest guy around, but I’m pretty bad, and definitely corrupt enough to be considered. So ‘me too’ – where’s my bloody Gong?

  11. Goes with STUMBLED, BUMBLED or FUMBLED. What’s not to like?

  12. Anonymous

    The rule of thumb I heard for Dunedin Mayors was: “three terms equals a gong”. Very relieved when Peter Chin didn’t get re-elected for a 3rd term…

  13. jeff dickie

    To be fair, these two idiots do deserve some recognition for an ability to hijack huge amounts of ratepayers’ monies. But certainly not a civic award! Both were instrumental in diverting hundreds of millions towards rugby, despite massive conflicts of interest. This pair of halfwits supported EVERY stupid project in Dunedin’s recent History. Think of the stadium’s eye-watering build and running costs, plus the tens of millions of add-on costs, the Chinese Garden, Wall Street, Settlers’ Museum upgrade, Town Hall upgrade, etc etc. The list just goes on and on!

    In Hudson’s case the directors fees were massive, and given his drubbing in the Warren Larsen Report, which identified his incompetence and lack of business acumen, it is astonishing he hasn’t been held to account. Also remember the Hungry Frenchman scam where his daughter walked off with a big bag of ratepayers’ cash [a secret payment of $360,000 deliberately hidden]? No Dunedin restaurant has ever sold for this sum, and certainly not a failing one. I have heard the actual sum was double this.

    A civic award implies selfless service for others. These two clowns don’t deserve this, but should be required to wear Dunces hats, so they can be recognided as the halfwits they are. The fact that these two are prepared to accept such an award points to an amazing lack of insight and arrogance.

  14. Rob Hamlin

    I think that you lot are out of touch. The list’s been up on McPravda for a couple of days now with comments enabled and there’s not a single reader comment on it. Don’t you know that this means that the entire community approves?

    If this list follows the same pattern as the last time a stadium warrior was ‘gonged’, couple of minor rellies (maybe one per gong) will have approving letters published in the dead tree version of McPravda over the next day or so to confirm that fact.

  15. Rob, take heed, you sound like a descendant of the Cathars, those heretical folk who proposed that there were two Gods. The good one we all know and the bad one (satan). This of course pissed Rome off big time hence the onslaught of the “Inquisition” and you know what happened to the heretics then. So I would watch it if I were you mate.

  16. Peter

    Farry got some gong. Was it last year or the year before? (Forget which one it was as they mean nothing to me). I bet he was pissed off that he did not get a knighthood. Imagine the uproar if he did finally get one. Imagine how even more insufferable he would be if he did get one.
    I think it is too late for him now, anyway. His ‘vision’ is in tatters along with his reputation. (Well, a ‘reputation’ of sorts for those fools who couldn’t see through his bullshit from the start.)

  17. Last time someone slipped to Queenstown (aka Eiontown) with a gong there proved a number of outraged comments to ODT Online that didn’t get published.

    That particular ‘gonged’ one is now a little ostracised by the locals, we hear. But hey there’s enough of the old Dunedin crew up there now to avoid the complete feeling of crooked exile if you don’t ski.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      If TV programs are anything to go by the equivalent for Briish safe-crackers, Arfur Daileys and their bespoke-suited kinfolk is the Costa del Sol. Costa del Q-town?

  18. Peter

    I love the idea of ‘exile’, Elizabeth. Personally I’d prefer them to go to that island off the coast of St Clair. The one with all the bird shit on it.

  19. Peter, that hunk of rock would suit but only after many years spent at Milton Hilton.

  20. Rob Hamlin

    As to the repeated questions on this site as to how you get a gong, the process briefly is that you have to be nominated, then the nominations are shortlisted by a cabinet committee and sent to the Queen for final approval. The process and forms are available here:


    Now the fact is that these trinkets mean something to the ‘Lakely Lads’ and others like them. It’s also worth noting that some of these things do go to some very worthwhile recipients, the chopper pilot being a good example.

    The reason why the list is otherwise so heavily infested with ‘movers and shakers’ whose actual disinterested contribution is very hard to identify is that social ‘moving and shaking ‘ rather than actually contributing is what turns their crank. Gongs, as well as money are a symbol or rank in this particular group.

    They are thus motivated to make sure that they get nominated for these gongs, and it would be hard to believe that they do not (humbly) use the ‘moving and shaking’ social network to achieve this. While the selection process may also be further warped (moved and shaken) by influence, to a certain degree the lack of ‘good’ selected recipients for these gongs may also reflect a lack of raw material in the form of nominations.

    So why don’t we stop complaining and get nominating. There are several people who have worked very hard (and without pay), over a long period and under varying degrees of intimidation, public misrepresentation and outright abuse in order to oppose what has turned out to be a very socially destructive proposal. If several of these individuals are nominated, then there is a chance of a result. if there is no such result after a number of such nominations, well then we can all moan and bitch with a little more support and justification.

    This is not an invitation to nominate me! The necessary humility has never come easy to me, and there are other individuals who have put in far more work, both inside and outside Council, and thus represent more credible nomination recipients.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Good scheme, but it can be derailed by “leak” of unflattering information, which is what happened to Maurice Joel who dearly wanted a gong but some kind of grime a little too close to his bespoke suit flicked him off the list of probables.
      I can imaging all manner of distortions, accusations (must be true, they were in the paper!) would be communicated to the cabinet committee, some of whose members are sure to be on close personal back-scratching terms with the movers & shakedowners.

  21. cinimodjunior

    Well said – a succinct but unspoken reference to the heroine who fits the criterion. Thanks for the reference. Let’s saturate the decision makers with a plea to properly recognise our heroine.

  22. Rob Hamlin

    Maybe Hype, but at least they have to do something to derail said process, and if pressure is maintained, evidence builds up.

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