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DCC Transportation Planning —ANOTHER consultation disaster

[Aside. Cr Benson-Pope floats the idea of free bells for bicycles.
Who can afford a bike? Who needs a bike or a bloody sponsored council bell?]

Residents informed by letter drop last Friday route to be changed. Short timeline for feedback, 10 working days with just one meeting to discuss proposal (St Clair Scout Hall today). No option for residents to make formal written submissions. Lack of transparency about how residents’ feedback and concerns are collected and evaluated. Safety issues. Removal of car parks in busy seaside suburb.

### ODT Online Thu, 22 May 2014
Council cycle plan a ‘ludicrous idea’
By Debbie Porteous
A storm is brewing in Victoria Rd where some residents say the Dunedin City Council’s plan to install a shared walk/cycle path is rushed and a potential disaster. Residents are angry about the way they are being consulted on the proposed changes and say the option they have been offered is unsafe.
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### dunedintv.co.nz May 19, 2014 – 6:55pm
Cycleway options move to Victoria Road
Residents and business owners along Victoria Road will have the option of a shared walking and cycle path from Queens Drive to the Esplanade soon.

Proposed Route 8 (PDF, 4.9 MB)
Map of proposed South Dunedin Cycle Network Route 8

More on Route 8 (package 4) DCC Link



Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Shared Walkway/Cycleway Option for Victoria Road

This item was published on 19 May 2014

The option of providing a shared walking and cycle path from Queens Drive to the St Clair Esplanade is being discussed with residents and business owners along Victoria Road. Dunedin City Council Senior Transportation Planner Lisa Clifford says, “A shared path along Victoria Road would provide excellent access to a key destination and complete the South Dunedin Cycle Network.” The DCC is consulting with affected parties – those that live or operate a business along the proposed cycle route – and other key organisations, such as the Otago Regional Council, AA and cycle advocacy group Spokes.

The cycle route proposed is different from the original route planned for this part of the network. The intention had been to take the cycle route along the existing gravel footpath at the top of the sand dunes between St Clair and St Kilda beaches. This route is not viable, mainly because a cycleway would affect the structural integrity of the dunes and it would be difficult to keep the path clear of sand. Ms Clifford says there are two alternatives – provide a shared walkway/cycleway along Victoria Road to the Esplanade, or do nothing and end the cycle network at Kennedy Street.

Under the Victoria Road option, 38 parking spaces would be removed from the north side of Victoria Road as the road is not wide enough to have parking on both sides plus a shared path. Angle parking would be introduced in Bedford Street to provide nine extra car parks, reducing the overall loss of parking to 29 spaces. This option would also include speed platforms and road narrowing at various points to slow down traffic and make the area safer for pedestrians and cyclists. If the cycle network ended at Kennedy Street, on-street parking would remain, but the key destination of the St Clair Esplanade would not be connected to the rest of the cycle network. It would also mean cyclists wanting to get to the Esplanade/St Clair area would either use the footpath illegally or continue to use the narrow carriageway, potentially creating a safety risk.

Affected parties have been invited to a drop-in session at the St Clair Scout Hall on Victoria Road, on Thursday, 22 May from 3pm to 6pm. People will be able to discuss the proposed design with DCC staff and the design consultant. Consultation closes on Friday, 30 May. Other members of the public can also have their say by this date by contacting the DCC on 477 4000 or emailing transportation @ dcc.govt.nz. Consultation results will be reported to the Council at its 23 June meeting, where the Council will make the final decision about this last part of the network. For more details on the South Dunedin Cycle Network visit www.dunedin.govt.nz/sdcyclenetwork

Contact DCC Senior Transportation Planner on 03 477 4000.
DCC Link


### ODT Online Fri, 18 Apr 2014
Cycle-walkways open soon
By Brenda Harwood
Cycle and pedestrian routes through the southern city are opening up and work on Package 1 of the South Dunedin cycleway-walkway is due to be completed at the end of this month. Among the most visible sections of the new network are the widened cycleway-walkway in Portsmouth Dr, the construction of a shared pathway in Shore St and its linked pathway on the city end of Portobello Rd, as well as a pathway in Royal Cres. Work has also started in Victoria Rd along to Tahuna School.
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The $1.7 million project is the first stage of the $4.5 million South Dunedin strategic cycle network. (ODT)

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