DCC: Wise Response Appeal (potential risks), and raw log export by City Forests

City council vote most interesting in the divide – a sign of better things to come at DCC !?

Crs Benson-Pope, Aaron Hawkins, Staynes and Wilson and Mr Cull voted to sign the appeal, but were defeated by Crs John Bezett, Doug Hall, Noone, Andrew Whiley, Hilary Calvert, Mike Lord and Vandervis. (ODT)

### ODT Online Wed, 21 May 2014
DCC votes against backing risk appeal
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council has ruled out throwing its weight behind the Wise Response Appeal, after councillors divided into camps over environmental concerns and fears of party political lobbying. […] Councillors eventually voted 7-5 against the council adding its name to the appeal, and instead decided only to ”note” a staff report detailing the appeal.
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Wise Response http://wiseresponse.org.nz/


”What the union is suggesting is that City Forests should take a lower price, make a lower profit, and pay a lower dividend to the ratepayers – so essentially, they are suggesting the ratepayers of Dunedin subsidise the jobs of the wider Otago sawmilling community. It’s a reasonable proposal, but that’s what it means.” –Mayor Dave Cull

### ODT Online Wed, 21 May 2014
Forestry log profit ‘doomed’
By John Lewis
The Amalgamated Workers Union New Zealand has laid blame for the impending closure of Southern Cross Forest Products squarely at the feet of the Dunedin City Council and local forestry growers. Yesterday, receiver KordaMentha announced 101 Otago-based staff at SCFP would be laid off progressively from mid-June.
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‘Heads up’ leaves mill workers shocked
Doubt over $11m owed to unsecured creditors

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8 responses to “DCC: Wise Response Appeal (potential risks), and raw log export by City Forests

  1. Toby

    Just what is Cull on? Why shouldn’t the ratepayers be subsidising Otago’s saw milling Industry. After all we subsidised the ORFU to get them out of the shit by about $7 million, and build a rugby stadium that costs the ratepayers over $10 million a year to subsidise pro rugby. What about a bit of charity to those forest industry workers Dave, that after all pay rates to the city that go towards propping up of some the Economic Development Unit failures.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Only point I disagree with, Toby, is calling it “charity to those forest industry workers” – I call it investment. Investing in a WORKforce not a dole-force. Investment in earning dollars from Otago product, and keeping those dollars in Otago. Investing in families with real wage-earners supporting themselves and their famlies. But what does the Council/DCC know about investment? All it knows about it is chucking rates money down a big hole, not understanding they were done like a dinner by the ORFU and others who have enough ruthless smarts to see who’s easy to part from their – OUR – money.

  2. JimmyJones lets rip on DCC and the WRA at ODT Online:

    Greater Dunedin defector



    ### dunedtv.co.nz May 21, 2014 – 7:57pm
    Southern Cross Forest Products closure expected to have a serious financial impact
    Otago Chamber of Commerce CEO John Christie believes next month’s closure of Southern Cross Forest Products is going to have a serious financial impact on our region. Christie says it’s the supporting industries, like truck drivers and the businesses staff visit, that will be hit. He says the multiplier effect shows the economic impact can be around three times that of simply 180 job losses over a three-month period. However he is pleased receivership company KordaMentha and Work and Income New Zealand intend to assist the remaining staff with finding employment.
    Ch39 Link [no video available]


    Rightly, russandbev on lost opportunity [the stadium drain] at ODT Online:

    Loss of choice

  3. Note that the Wise Response motion was only lost because Thomson, MacTavish and Peat abstained because of their involvement in the campaign.
    Wise Response is a creed for true believers in the Gaia cult.
    If there was any doubt before, the voting confirms that Dunedin City Council is under Green control.
    In other places, Green control has resulted in more bureaucracy, regulation, hare-brained schemes and financial irresponsibility.
    Dunedin is a great little City, shame about the City Council.

  4. ### ODT Online Thu, 22 May 2014
    Long-term log supply contracts backed
    By Timothy Brown
    A director of Dunedin’s only sawmill has added his voice to the chorus calling for a fresh look at the pricing structure of the forestry industry. The future of New Zealand-produced timber hung in the balance, Otago Lumber Company Ltd director David Hill said yesterday following Tuesday’s announcement Southern Cross Forest Products receiver KordaMentha would begin closing down the company’s Otago sites from mid-June.
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  5. As pointed out to me last year, online voting will keep GD and MintyJinty’s imbecile greenie lobbyists alive for local body elections, even when they don’t reside here permanently. FT.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 22 May 2014
    DCC volunteers for online voting
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council has volunteered to participate in a planned trial of online voting in a bid to reverse a trend of dwindling voter turnout. Councillors at Monday’s full council meeting voted to volunteer for a trial, plans for which were being considered by an online working party established by the Government last year. The working party was to study the feasibility of online voting in local body elections and identify options for a trial, at or before the next local body elections in 2016, before implementing any new system across the board.
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  6. ### ODT Online Wed, 21 May 2014
    Clutha mayor ‘absolutely furious’
    By Timothy Brown
    Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan says he is ”absolutely furious” with the receiver of Southern Cross Forest Products. Mr Cadogan said yesterday it was ”frustrating” to hear from a source other than receiver KordaMentha the news that the company’s four Otago sites would be closed.
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