Aussie wine – NO parallels at DCC/DCHL/DVML/DVL/Delta/ORFU

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Submitted on 2014/04/17 at 11:42 am

[…] NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell, has resigned because he had a ‘massive memory lapse’ about receiving a $3000 bottle of wine after the Liberal’s win in the last NSW election.
They have what they call an ‘Independent Commission against Corruption’ (ICAC) over there. They were able to unearth a ‘thank you’ note Farrell wrote at the time. Another former Liberal Premier was also caught out in 2002. (Sounds like we need a similar body here in NZ)
I note this because it again points to a glaring lack of accountability here… and the $3000 bottle of wine pales into almost insignificance compared to the multiple million dollar rortings going on here at the local government level.
The attitude continues to be ‘Oh well, lessons to be learnt. Let’s move on.’ We continue along this line at our peril. Corruption will grow and become even more insidious than is already apparent if citizens don’t rise up and demand accountability.



Link via Hype O’Thermia
Thursday, 17 April 2014 6:12 p.m.

ClarkeAndDawe 16 Apr 2014

Clarke and Dawe – Government in NSW. A model of its kind
“Ike A’Kearing, a contestant of Huguenot descent” Originally aired on ABC TV: 17/04/2014

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3 responses to “Aussie wine – NO parallels at DCC/DCHL/DVML/DVL/Delta/ORFU

  1. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    If O’Farrell has resigned over a bottle of Grange then you can bet your bottom dollar he has traded his pension for rescinding the possibility of gaol, prosecution or worse. One merely needs to place the normal test of the IRD or ATO in that what assets does the taxpayer own relative to his total lifetime income to determine his guilt or otherwise.

    As to it happening in New Zealand, possible! But unlikely, in Dunedin impossible since Dave Cull refused to analyse corruption here.

    • [title and content of post drenched in irony]

      • Did I mention flatscreen TVs.

        Or the black-tie dinner.

        Then the recurrence of rib-eye steaks and pinots around NZ and across the world. And the odd hotel room night at up to US$350.

        The sale of Carisbrook and all the council pre-history with that in supporting ORFU and professional rugby by obvious and devious means (not over yet). Oh, and how about Carisbrook’s cheap-sounding unsuccessful roofed replacement near Logan Park.

        And we love the way DCC NEVER mentions DVL’s debt to the public if it can help it – except to mention the wee tax break. Cute.

        The stupendous council handling of the SH88 realignment on top of what happened with the council’s stadium land purchases.

        DCC’s easy come easy go with the ratepayers’ money. The constant unprincipled immoral unethical fiscally-imprudent flagrant corrupt and fraudulent drain. Not referring to plumbing, unfortunately.

        Could soak up several tranches of other items for this list. You get the picture. The old school ties of Dunners. Happy Small Town Heritage Day to the ruthless and incompetent local suits.

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