Privatising Highlanders involves DCC (ratepayer funds?)

Jeremy Curragh had been appointed by the NZRU to help co-ordinate the sale and would work with Highlanders and NZRU staff to go through the whole process.

Highlanders logo
### ODT Online Wed, 9 Apr 2014
Rugby: Curragh involved in privatising Highlanders
By Steve Hepburn
The man deeply involved in saving Otago rugby from liquidation a couple of years ago is now helping privatise the Highlanders. The wheels are slowly turning on the Highlanders’ move to private ownership although, as with the other four New Zealand franchises, the New Zealand Rugby Union will retain majority ownership. A local committee, headed by Otago Rugby Football Union chairman Doug Harvie, had also been formed and would provide local input into the process. Included on this committee were representatives from other interested parties such as other provincial unions and local authorities.
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█ Remember Jeremy Curragh’s role in ORFU’s misuse of funds and accounting for the union’s black-tie dinner held at the Stadium ???

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16 responses to “Privatising Highlanders involves DCC (ratepayer funds?)

  1. Custer

    If those arseholes think that they can keep sucking on the back tit of the ratepayers, until there is nothing left. Then be warned. The actions of the locals could make the present problems in the Ukraine look like a Sunday outing. Enough is enough.

  2. I have sympathy for that view, Colonel.

  3. Mike

    No reason for the DCC to get involved, the local Dunedin rugby community has a sterling reputation for private fundraising, selling shares in the Highlanders to fans should be no problem.

  4. Ted Matthews

    Nothing has changed from the old ORFU leadership to the present. Are we surprised? But, hey, why not? The DCC, with Dave Cull’s blessing, even let the ORFU off from paying for the Black Tie dinner. Worth another pile of loot ‘to put in the pot’, as Curragh stated with the proceeds gained from the Black Tie dinner.
    Never has heavy, five o’clock shadow ever looked so menacing. That Sicilian look.

  5. Martin Legge

    If Jeremy Curragh, the ORFU, the Highlanders and the NZRU are serious about this latest plan and wish to regain any credibility with Dunedin Ratepayers, they need to front up. A good start would be the release of the NZRU report into the demise of the ORFU’s finances and its activities with pokie money. It’s no surprise that both NZRU and the DIA are fighting to withhold it from public release.

    Two years ago Curragh admitted that pokie grants from a gambling trust (TTCF) were being misused by ORFU to pay creditors. This suggests serious abuse of the system and potentially serious fraud.

    His comments outraged the Dunedin public and DIA took the following action. DIA Investigators emailed TTCF and directed that we need to make the public complaints that grants were used to pay creditors disappear!!!

    What’s next for the hapless Dunedin Ratepayers??

  6. ODT 9.4.14 Letters to the editor (page 27) 2ODT 9.4.14 (page 27) [click to enlarge]

  7. Anonymous

    Seriously, every day is April Fools Day in the Otago Daily Times. Some of the crap that falls out of that place just constantly makes me wonder why people pick the damn thing up. Pictures of royals? Who gives a toss – that stuff is everywhere and it’s free. Personally I’d rather scrub my eyeballs with a pot cleaner than read any more of that slobbering reporting. Picking up the paper and reading about the DCC, Sue Bidrose and the COCs trying to manipulate the masses into believing all is okay is just plain stupid when we KNOW we’re getting right royally screwed by a bunch of self-serving greedy bastards who are actively scamming the system. And the worst fucking part about it all is there seems little to do about it when the people who can are either locked in by their own sins or too out of their depth to know what to do themselves. Sorry Spooks, you suck. Sue, your manipulations and misdirections are not working. Sooner or later you have to replace the not so subtle psychology with action and that means riding the fat neck corporate bastards out of town. You’ve got a big fucking Triumph so use that. Next place your foot firmly up the Mayor’s backside and start directing him to act in the best interests of the city and not just rolling over whenever some self-important prat whispers into his ear.

    I hate what has been done to this council. I blame Jim Harland and Peter Chin and all of the councillors who have connived to spend massive amounts on non-essential services while solid, hardworking businesses are dropping all around town.

    The COCs can spin their fables as much as they like but it’s the Dunedin Corrupt Council’s fault this city is in dire straits.

  8. marious

    The ORFU are a disgrace, not fit to bear any connection even by name to the highlander of old. They remind one more of a certain unsavoury Charles Dickens character.

  9. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    Does he smoke?

    (Fag in)

  10. Elizabeth

    Eww, spot the creepy crawly PR campaign. However, great profile for the three blind women who knitted the beanies – good for them!

    ### July 28, 2014 – 8:26pm
    Highlanders hand deliver special beanies
    Babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Dunedin Hospital got a warm surprise this afternoon. They were each hand delivered a special beanie by two Highlanders and the ladies who knitted them. And while knitting can prove a challenge for many, the women had to overcome an even harder obstacle.

  11. Peter

    Yeah, pretty pathetic attempt to bring in ‘the boys’ to show that rugby-cares – and gives something back to the community. Bullshit because it ain’t the paper stuff that would really help us out.

  12. Elizabeth

    Only goes to prove Terry Davies was talking BS at the end of last year when he reported at a full Council meeting that he had three “stadium” contracts in the wind to sign before Christmas —he might not have been lying, the contracts could’ve been for toilet paper, hand cream and beer. Although we did feel Otago Rugby and NZRU were two of the three, given the question posed to him by a councillor. Will track down the video.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 16 Jan 2015
    Asian group to invest in Highlanders?
    By Steve Hepburn
    Singaporean interests could be about to make an investment in the Highlanders but whether that would lead to games played in Asia is still up in the air. Although any deal is at least a month away, and Highlanders bosses were not prepared to confirm anything yesterday, the Otago Daily Times understands a Singaporean group, fronted by businessman Eric Series, will invest in the southern franchise.
    The New Zealand Rugby Union has been offering licences to private operators to take up a stake in its five Super rugby franchises, and the other four in New Zealand have been through the process.
    Read more

    “The Singapore group may want to stage Highlanders games in the Asian city’s new sports hub, although it is believed nothing has been decided.”

    See post (cough cough) Singapore National Stadium: No fuss ‘Olympian’ $1 billion plug-in (21.12.14) – we have our networks…..

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