Mayoral DISGRACE: DCC won’t ask ORFU to repay $480K bailout

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14.3.14 ORFU flush to pay creditors

The Otago Rugby Football Union has recorded a $406,800 profit, just over two years after it faced going out of business because of debts of more than $2 million. The union now has reserves of more than $500,000, and is predicting a small profit for the coming year. […] When asked whether the union would consider repaying some creditors who lost money when the deal was agreed to save the union from liquidation, Union chairman Doug Harvie said that would not happen. (ODT 14.3.14)

24.5.12 ORFU board announced

The recovery package involved the NZRU providing a long term loan for working capital of $500,000 and Dunedin City Council writing off debt of $480,000. In addition, costs have been cut and additional sponsorship arranged. […] Almost $500,000 has been raised to allow the union to settle with creditors. A total of 156 non-profit organisations and other creditors who are all owed less than $5,000 will be paid in full. The remaining 24 creditors will be repaid the first $5,000 and half of what they are owed above that. The repayments are due to be made by the end of the month. (ODT 24.5.12)

Copy received. ODT 15.3.14 (page 14)

ODT 15.3.14 (page 14)

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17 responses to “Mayoral DISGRACE: DCC won’t ask ORFU to repay $480K bailout

  1. Bev Butler

    Shouldn’t this go to a council meeting first before the Mayor makes a statement that the Council will not be asking for the ratepayers’ money back? Until it does the Mayor is really only speaking as an individual.

  2. Mike

    I’m sure Mr Cull was completely unaware he was insulting Wales and all welsh people with that comment ….

  3. Ma Fia

    Typical of ODT where they shove this story on page 14, but news of the ORFU ‘profit’ on page 1 as the lead story.
    Now they can say,’Well, we did ask.’ Of course they don’t want to get into any obligation for Otago rugby to pay its own way, for a change, instead of bludging off the community that has given so much to them with nothing in return.

  4. Who was it who said; “there is no honour among thieves”?

  5. Why didn’t the ODT subeditor put ‘welsh’ in inverted commas or speech-marks in the headline? Are there (mayoral) infidels at ODT somewhar? Am I reading in too much.

    • Mike

      I presume it’s because they want to distance the ODT from Culls use of “welsh” rather than “welch” and the resulting national slur

      • But hey, aren’t the five-million-dollar spooks supposed to protect Cull from himself. Graham McKerracher will be having a very bad day. A bit like offense and offence.

  6. [update]
    After some editorial scrutiny perhaps, published Monday, 17 March 2014 10:03 a.m.

    Making light
    Submitted by ej kerr on Sun, 16/03/2014 – 10:27am.
    The total value of DCC’s bailout package as reported by ODT (24.5.12) was $480,000 – not $400,000, as indicated in this news story. The city ratepayers had no say in this appalling misuse of public monies to support a less than stellar, dubious and failed professional rugby team (an entertainment business) that was never worth the paper it was written on.

  7. Anonymous

    This was misappropriation of public money. This and other examples will be included in a fraud investigation eventually. Dave Cull is quick to please those behind this spend up on professional rugby but slow to consider the consequences of associating his name with them.

  8. ODT Editorial…

    The Otago Rugby Football Union surpluses are to be welcomed, albeit with caveats, words of caution and a recollection of past pain.

  9. After that nebulous round of applause from the ODT editor, when will ODT address the multimillion-dollar pokie fraud perpetuated by ORFU. And where is NZRU’s report on ORFU that went to DIA and has never been seen since?

    The game is not over, ORFU. And neither is the pattern of serious fraud and corruption. That is Organised.

  10. Calvin Oaten posted a comment here on the DCC Draft Annual Plan 2014/15 – you can find it at:

    Site Admin

  11. Tom

    Having watched the council debate on channel 39 on a Saturday afternoon, I wonder why Doug Hall and Mike Lord stood for council. Not once have they joined the debate on anything. This pair would seem to be a waste of space around the council table. It would appear that they are only attending to get the free lunch.

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    Maybe the televised debate isn’t the only way to contribute.
    Personally I’d rather people shut t.f.u. than got up on their hind legs and talked crap, we’ve had plenty of those, and being audible and visible they tended to get more money-wasting projects promoted. Anyone who is merely as “waste of space” is in my opinion a huge improvement on the waste of money types with their Visions and “Dunedin Saves The Planet!” schemes.
    Another thought – perhaps they are listening till they know enough to speak sensibly. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.

    • Save the Planet has gone incredbly quiet media-wise. Perhaps a breakdown burnout or been told to take it easy a while to save face. This makes living in Dunedin much easier for the rest of us. Doesn’t mean she’s stopped the resilience campaign at all. Meanwhile Calvert is providing the lunatic photo ops for ODT.

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