Delta: Mayor ignores Cr Vandervis’ official complaint

### ODT Online Fri, 14 Mar 2014
Land purchases report imminent
By Chris Morris
The findings of a major investigation into Delta’s multimillion-dollar land acquisitions at Jacks Point and Luggate are expected to be released next week.
However, exactly what the Office of the Auditor-general has found after more than a year investigating the purchases remained a closely-guarded secret yesterday. The report was due to be officially published by Parliament’s speaker – who would table the report at 2pm on Thursday – and it would appear on the Auditor-general’s website minutes later, OAG staff confirmed.
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The OAG probe was to cover all aspects of the council-owned company’s decision to spend $14.12 million on property at Jacks Point, in Queenstown, and Luggate, near Wanaka, in 2008 and 2009. That included how and why the purchases were made, consideration of risks, compliance with legislation, and the identification and management of any conflicts of interest, the OAG said at the time. The OAG would also consider to what extent the Dunedin City Council – as the shareholder of Delta’s parent company, Dunedin City Holdings Ltd – was involved, and any other matters considered ”desirable” to report on. (via ODT)

Delta Utility Services Ltd: Directors past and present (go to Show History)
Delta Investments Ltd: Directors past and present (go to Show History)

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█ Fairfax | DScene publishes Cr Vandervis’ questions (page 3):
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5 responses to “Delta: Mayor ignores Cr Vandervis’ official complaint

  1. Semper Fidelis

    Let’s hope that Coburn is flushed out – he’s been ‘stitching’ honest folk for a long time, but it’s a long lane that has no turning. Let’s hope that he’s finally reached that bend in the road. What say you all?

    • Directors of Delta will face the music via a Parliamentary outing of sorts…what that translates to given the cosy boys’ club, who knew.

    • John P.Evans, concerned citizen

      An interesting “coincidence”

      Grant Coburn is the lead salesman for the crown properties at Jacks Point, the crown properties are those which the crown received under the guarantee provided to SCF, some of the properties had been owned by Hanover, Mark Hotchin and Eric Watson’s plaything.

  2. Strange that Cr Lee Vandervis lodged a complaint with the Auditor General over the Delta land deals in Central Otago, together with the huge losses taken on Delta’s books, over a year ago, and it has only now surfaced. It is to be tabled in parliament next week. Especially as Mayor Dave Cull excoriated Cr Vandervis for having initiated the enquiry in the first place. Another case of Cull playing catch up and trying to move into the driver’s seat once it becomes obvious it could provide some ‘kudos’ for him. You would have to wonder at the man’s gall.

  3. Unfortunately, Dave Cull is the runt of the rugby pack. Even Wayne Graham and Laurie Mains know that. Delta has been such an awesome help to ORFU, and others to be named this week ? How sanitised can an OAG report to parliament really be? That’s the multimillion-dollar question for city ratepayers. Watch what happens. Are Cull and his business/rugby/accounting/health/pharmaceutical minders any good at MASSAGE.

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