Stadium: Mayor Cull stuck in his rut, ‘going forward’

Copy supplied. ODT 5.3.14 (page 16)

Plainly, the five million-dollar DCC Spooks have taught Cull nothing. What a loser. Here he is being tersely rude to a respected, independent-thinking Otago regional councillor – in full public view.

Mr Cull, you’re not fit to be leading the city council.
Through gross negligence, and more, the Dunedin City Council has taken hundreds of millions of dollars from city ratepayers by false representation and other means. You’re continuing to spend, at the same time you’re set to undermine and offload our community assets. Stop ripping off The People.

We don’t deserve you as mayor. Resign.

ODT 5.3.14 Letter to the editor (page 16)

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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15 responses to “Stadium: Mayor Cull stuck in his rut, ‘going forward’

  1. Anonymous on the Cull reply (from another thread)
    Submitted on 2014/03/05 at 6:44 pm

    Just the current flag bearer for the usual suspects. Complete and utter piece of up-chuck of course since opposition isn’t going to magically disappear any more than the hundreds of millions of dollars in debt that has been stolen from this city. Sir must giggle with delight at the politics of it all. Back on top again, even if print is a dead medium.

  2. Anonymous

    Obsessive rehashing of the very pertinent issues that incompetent governance by Councils (DCC and ORC) led to a very significant loss of public funds. Sorry about that.

  3. Russell Garbutt

    Mayor Cull should pay a little attention to those that, according to him, are obsessive and personal. The Black Widow of Christchurch is now languishing deservedly in jail exactly for the “obsessive” pursuit of truth, If it were not for the victim’s sister’s tireless work in arriving at the truth, this murderess would now be enjoying the proceeds of an insurance claim having murdered her husband. Mayor Cull is obviously and clearly not one to hold anyone either responsible or accountable for actions that many hold to be misleading or fraudulent. Indeed I know at first hand what Mayor Cull chooses to say to those that even raise this issue with him. It is not pleasant.

    But I, for one, can tell Mayor Cull that while he did indeed vote against this wretched stadium – as did Cr Gerry Eckhoff from the ORC – he is failing in his civic responsibilities if he continues to hold the view that those who were responsible for huge community debt based on false or misleading statements should not be held accountable. It is no different to Lombard and many other examples. I wonder if he would think the same of Michael Swann’s frauds? Would he say that it was too bad that lies were told, millions lost, but hey, that’s in the past, let’s move forward and look to the future? Probably, based on his current attitude. I actually like seeing people like Michael Swann convicted and held responsible.

    If it wasn’t for Bev Butler and others like her in this community, I don’t think that Mayor Cull wouldn’t even know what happened. And still the shit bubbles to the surface with more and more examples of rorts, frauds, mis-spending coming to light. I can just hear Mayor Cull saying now – let’s put it all in the past and move forward. Yeah right.

    Mayor Cull needs to know that many people in the Dunedin community – and indeed the Otago community – remain angry that their wishes were ignored, the stadium was built, and no serious governance efforts have been made to come to any serious realisation that the current position with operational losses is unsustainable. Put bluntly, the stadium was never going to work and nothing has changed. By somehow appealing to an unknown future and hoping that somehow it will work is pathetic leadership.

    Mayor Cull is proving himself to be a person that is hard to pin down in terms of where he actually stands, but it is also increasingly obvious that he hasn’t the determination to stand up to offer even an apology to those that have been proven to be right all along. It is a shame, but there are few now sitting round the Council table that are really worthy of a lot of respect, and I’m not even sure that a formal apology as suggested by Cr Gerry Ekhoff would be believed.

    • Whippet

      Sorry Russell, you need to get your facts right.
      Cull voted against the stadium at council committee stages only. Committees can only make recommendations to the full council meetings.
      At the final full council meeting to progress the stadium where the vote does count Cull voted for the stadium.
      The minutes of that final vote show that only two Councillors voted against the stadium, and they were Cr Butcher & Cr Stevenson.

  4. Ma Fia

    Excellent overview of Cull’s response, Russell. At best, Cull is weak. At worst, he is complicit in refusing to seek the truth for what has happened with this stadium rort.
    But are we surprised? A man who failed to pay up, in full, his ten years plus free access to town supply water on his property, is not the type of man who would seek compensation or the truth. That he had to be badgered to raise his contribution, from three years to five, tells us a lot about the man and his lack of basic human ethics.
    His ill-considered run-ins with different people in town shows a nasty streak in the man. The one time he had the balls to confront the ORFU with strong language he was forced to run away and ‘apologise’ instead of being a man.
    The tragedy for this city is that we have had two dud mayors in a row. (Though at least Peter Chin, at times, had a good sense of humour, which Cull has always lacked.)
    By the next election, in two and half years’ time, Cull will have outworn his welcome. Like Chin. I have no doubt the Greater Dunedin grouping, if they want to continue, will have to get rid of Cull as their leader. They will have to refresh or come back with fewer candidates. My pick is Richard Thomson as the new leader. Watch him distance himself from Cull over the next term.

  5. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    Well spoken Russell!

    Again Gerry Eckoff comes across as the ONLY politician in the South Island that can be trusted to speak on behalf of the people (ratepayers and taxpayers).

  6. Russell, you ask, where does mayor Cull stand on the issue? He stands on the fence, literally, and we know what happens if he slips. It will bring tears to his eyes at the very least. At the worst, he will move from bass to alto in the choir. A falsetto mayor? Why not, he already has the false in place.

  7. Peter

    Dave Cull basically has a problem with anyone who has been closely associated with Lee Vandervis. It’s a bitchy, girly attitude and one that is unbecoming of him. His dislike of Lee is intense and personal….though I guess, by now, it probably cuts both ways.
    Personally, I have supported Lee because he stands for something….in particular, the protection of the ratepayer purse from the greedies in this town. With the stadium, he was the only strong voice on council who continued to ask the hard questions. I admire his guts and fortitude.
    Which is not to say I agree with him on everything. Particularly, his stance on the oil/gas issue, climate change, and his generally dismissive attitude to the Greens. On that we are on different sides of the fence.
    Dave Cull needs to remember that in politics the stands people take on issues shift according to the issue at hand. He should know within his own grouping there are differences of opinion. Yet, why does he take it personally when other people don’t agree with him?
    That is why I put it down to bitchiness towards certain people he doesn’t personally like for whatever reason. I suspect he fears smart, strong-minded people because he can’t control them. He wants to run his own agenda instead.

  8. Ian Smith, Dunedin
    To the point (ODT 6.3.14, page 14)

    May I register my objection to the remarks of Mayor Cull in his dismissive reply to Gerrard Eckhoff (ODT, 5.3.14) about the stadium. As long as this impediment to our city’s progress continues to haemorrhage money at the rate it does, rehashings of the historical facts are justified, so we might not lose sight of the lesson —“it happened once, but must not be allowed to happen again”.

    [Abridged by ODT]

  9. Quite frankly Ian Smith is being mild. Stamped on Cull’s brow is the escalating cost of the stadium as he digs the graves of Dunedin ratepayers at $20+million per annum. All because Cull’s manic ego won’t shut the doors of the thing, Now.
    Cull thinks to move forward – that is, NOT holding him and various dowdy political cohorts accountable in a court of law – is Progress.
    Think instead reparations, Cull. Think of the damage you’re inflicting on your ratepayers and residents, and the scale of your annual crime against them. Damage is a great word when you add an s.
    You can’t run, you can’t hide. You cannot afford to be this grossly permissive, unaccountable, and so totally obscene.

  10. Peter

    Dave Cull may not be interested in accountability. The trouble is that he fails to appreciate that those who thirst for justice do not give up.
    How warped is the view that seeking accountability is ‘obsessive’. This shows where he is at. Does he not have any insight into how he could be perceived by his position?

  11. Mike

    Today’s Tremain is fun, and a bit of a repudiation of Cull’s letter response of a couple of days ago:

    DOGW Garrick Tremain 7.3.14 (1)

  12. Ma Fia

    Great cartoon by Garrick Tremain. A humorous, but poignant comment on how Dave Cull equivocates when the pressure is on. It makes you wonder if he is coping on a petsonal level…

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