DCC bylaws (good governance?)

Skateboarder grace_k_grind_caversham [schidt.com] 1LONG LIVE CITY SKATEBOARDING

### ODT Online
Wed, 19 Feb 2014
Board bylaw reviewed
By Debbie Porteous
Having the ability to confiscate skateboards in the inner city would be ”extremely useful”, Dunedin police say.
City councillors seem set to recommend that the power to confiscate boards from people riding in prohibited areas in the central city be added to a reviewed skateboarding bylaw.
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Worthy comment at ODT Online:

Where’s the problem?
Submitted by Challispoint on Wed, 19/02/2014 – 9:59am.
Sometimes I really wonder at the focus of our Dunedin City Council. With all the major issues and challenges they are facing they have decided to focus on . . . . skateboarding. After two days of public hearings (attended by four groups I understand) the staff are recommending that the current by-law be strengthened to allow “recreational vehicles” to be confiscated and the owner fined $100 if caught riding their scooter or skateboard in the central city area, the Gardens or St Clair.
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Related comments at another thread…

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: schidt.com – skateboarder adds shape to Dunedin streets
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5 responses to “DCC bylaws (good governance?)

  1. Hype O'Thermia

    What’s the problem, indeed! Why not treat them according to behaviour? Car drivers are not allowed to go donuts on playing fields, unfortunately they are not often enough caught but that’s another matter. Skate boarders should not be free to damage property and I support immediate confiscation of the boards when they are caught doing it. But when they are peacefully going from A to B, not causing damage of danger to others, let them get on with it.
    Another thing, why are they allowed on the road mingling with cars and cycles but not required to wear helmets? Surely the risks to them are as great as to cyclists, so shouldn’t helmets be either compulsory or optional for both?

  2. Whippet

    You would be right there Hype. Skateboarders shouldn’t be allowed to be on the road and mingle with cyclists. Maybe we need another lane for skateboarders just like the cyclists have. There should be plenty of room for another lane. Especially if Oil Free Otago gets its way.

  3. Peter

    I guess the council has to deal with a wide range of issues…..minor and major.
    One thing l have noticed is the damage caused to the edges of steps. They have broken off in places. I wouldn’t be surprised if this potentially causes grief for some of the less sure-footed citizens

    I realise skateboarders have found an efficient way to get around and have no wish to be a killjoy, but inevitably they have to face sensible bylaws to operate under.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Exactly, Peter – “sensible bylaws”. Such as, using skateboard to travel from A to B is OK, using skateboard on steps or any other surface which will be damaged by skateboard use isn’t. Penalties for doing wrong, not for doing nothing wrong. That’s my idea of sensible.

  5. Anonymous

    OMG! I was appalled to witness five – FIVE! – children flaunting the rules by riding their dangerous scooters on the footpath to school. If I hadn’t been driving my car, while educating myself with my morning Otago Daily Times, on my way to council to enthusiastically pay rates, I would have stopped and told them to get off the footpath and ride on the road {think: irrational response to irrational governance}. I trust the council will put each and everyone of those hundred dollar fines to good use {think: stadium}. If the council offered a reward {think: “commission” and those involved in the stadium rort} for reporting these ghastly violations of footpath use then I would gladly turn them into the authorities. Damn kids and their weapons of mass destruction.

    Anyway… what on Earth is going on in this corrupt council? How can any councillor be proud of debating the above rules? Enforcing rules that remove skateboards and fining youth? Are they going to charge them interest? Chase them for non-payment? List a bad debt against them?

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