Oil and gas: Supply base competition

Southland Chamber of Commerce v Otago Chamber of Commerce

Is it just me, or does the Southland Chamber of Commerce sound more professional and well-thought than our local chamber’s (non value-added) offhand patter ??? Why would we think that.

### ODT Online Mon, 17 Feb 2014
Case for the base
The Otago Daily Times asked the chambers of commerce in both Otago and Southland to provide 10 reasons why their city should win the bid as Anadarko’s support base. Anadarko drill ship Noble Bob Douglas has begun test drilling 65km off the coast of the Otago Peninsula. The search for gas and oil has millions of dollars worth of potential for the city – either Dunedin or Invercargill – chosen as the support base.
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And the winner is . . . (on paper) the far far south.
Port of Bluff, NZLots of knowhow, space and capacity at Bluff, Southland


Mike Dickison (@adzebill) tweeted at 7:50 AM on Mon, Feb 17, 2014:
Ooh, I’m in a stoush with the head of NZ Oil and Gas over whether petrol’s made of dinosaurs. [with newspaper link]

### Herald Online 6:25 AM Monday Feb 17, 2014 8 comments
Oil/gas show queried
By Staff Reporter – Wanganui Chronical –
The use of dinosaurs to promote an oil industry roadshow is a “cynical ploy”, says a curator at Whanganui Regional Museum.
The roadshow What Lives Down Under is touring South Taranaki and Wanganui to explain the work of New Zealand Gas & Oil, Beach Energy and Tag Oil. It has a large dinosaur on the side of the roadshow big truck and the image is used in the promotional material.
The museum’s curator of natural history, Mike Dickison, says dinosaurs have nothing to do with oil. “It was not an educational show at all but is entirely funded by the gas and oil industry to convince kids that drilling is safe and cool.” The roadshow website linked oil and dinosaurs saying “the gas in your family’s car might have been a dinosaur”, which Dr Dickison said was incorrect.
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What lives down under - roadshow truck [wanganui chronicle via  NZH]Photo: Bevan Conley

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25 responses to “Oil and gas: Supply base competition

  1. Here’s Mr Bobbit, local rock star of the cultists, er someone other than a climate scientist as Jinty once claimed. I haven’t watched this. Busy.

    ### ODT Online February 17, 2014 – 7:25pm
    Nightly interview: Bob Lloyd
    Community members opposed to oil exploration off the Otago coast banded together last week as the Oil Free Otago flotilla sailed to the Anadarko drill site. Otago community leaders on board the lead yacht voiced their opposition to exploration just 65km from Taiaroa Head. Amongst them was University of Otago Director of Energy Studies Associate Professor Bob Lloyd.

  2. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    The left sent over 20 questionairres to me during the DCC elections, many in my view emanating from the council itself.

    None were received from business motivated persons.

    The left is organised the right is not.

    The left leaning council and council staff will somehow manage to stuff up the opportunity.

    Unless council staff can benefit directly or indirectly from any activity, it will not be supported.

  3. Anadarko to report on the drilling programme.

    Representatives of oil and gas giant Anadarko are expected in Dunedin as early as Monday to confidentially brief various parties about the first assessment of its drilling programme off the Otago coast.


  4. Oh dear. Fools gold — hopes dashed or wrong puncture points on the Great South Basin.

    [url: “anardarko-unlikely-drill-second-otago-well-report”]

    ### ODT Online Wed, 12 Mar 2014
    Anadarko tight-lipped on Otago drilling
    Oil company Anadarko won’t confirm claims its exploration off the Otago coast has been unsuccessful. Greenpeace said leaked information showed the company had found only hard rock granite, schist and clay. Anadarko’s New Zealand manager Alan Seay wouldn’t confirm or deny the reports but told Radio New Zealand (RNZ) the company was still analysing information from the drilling.
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  5. ### ODT Online Thu, 3 Apr 2014
    Great South Basin in block offer
    By Simon Hartley
    The Great South Basin, off Otago and Southland, is in the Government’s latest tendering round for oil and gas exploration, which covers more than 400,000sq km, both on and offshore around the country. The 2014 block offer was announced by Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges yesterday, and he also invited nominations from the oil industry on which blocks they would like to see offered for 2015 tendering.
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    Anadarko knew immediately…

    ### ODT Online Fri, 4 Apr 2014
    No gas but hunt goes on
    By Chris Morris
    Otago Chamber of Commerce says it is disappointing, but hopefully not the end, after oil giant Anadarko confirmed it failed to find commercial quantities of natural gas off the Otago coast. Anadarko spokesman Alan Seay yesterday confirmed the company had come up short after spending up to $100 million drilling a test well off the Otago coast in recent weeks.
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  6. ### ODT Online Wed, 21 May 2014
    Anadarko move
    By Vaughan Elder
    Oil giant Anadarko has applied to extend its exploration permit off the Otago coast to give it more time to decide its next step. This comes after the company last month confirmed it failed to find commercial quantities of natural gas off the Otago coast after spending up to $100 million drilling a test well.
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  7. Elizabeth

    ### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 19:04, July 30 2015
    NZOG eyes potentially huge Barque oil and gas prospect
    By James Weir
    New Zealand Oil and Gas may be on to a huge oil and gas prospect in the Canterbury Basin off the South Island’s east coast, but it is still early days and the chances of success are uncertain. The Barque prospect is within the Clipper permit, about 60kms off the coast from Oamaru, and it could hold the equivalent of hundreds of millions of barrels of oil. But it is in a higher risk and little explored “frontier” area.
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  8. Hype O'Thermia

    Fossil fuel! Spills, despoliation of our coastline!! Innocent sea-birds dying terrible deaths!!!

  9. Calvin Oaten

    That’ll give the ‘oldies’ who are expecting to pony up $45 for several days being educated by some rabid academics on the dangers of Climate Change. Now, the poor wee mites are being assailed by the threat of Fossil fuel. Those great minds such as ‘Sir Alan Mark, hothead Bob Lloyd and that great mumbleton Campbell Hunt, will burn all their ears with ‘unauthenticated baloney’ supported loudly by Cr Jinty MacTavish. Set them all trembling with fear, just what the doctor would have ordered.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      It’s a shame they don’t have a geologist to talk about the fossil evidence of what grew where, where sea levels were, the formation and gradual disappearance of islands and so on. It would be good if they came away with a long view of how much the earth has changed, over such long periods, and how change is just what it does. No doubt human activity has an effect but compared with major volcanic eruptions we make very tiny jiggles in the overall “graph” of climate change, irrespective of whether the current pattern is one of rapid change or slow. Both have occurred before. Both will occur again.
      This is no excuse for messing up our environment. Messing is just wrong, it’s disrespectful to other life-forms including humans with whom we share the planet. Isn’t that enough reason for not being messy greedy vandals?

  10. Peter

    Not sure why debate about climate change/fossil fuels engenders so much hostlility and angst.

  11. Gurglars

    Peter, it isn’t a debate it’s a crusade by mainly young people educated by committed left wingers determined to ensure guilt complexes and allow increased taxation to perpetuate higher public service salaries and politician’s theft.

    It is clear from previously published graphs that climate fluctuations from extreme cold to extreme heat has taken place for millenia. Man in the last two hundred years has now potentially over populated the earth and utilised a lot of fossil fuels.

    However the rabid raving calls for change are not sold either intelligently or with constancy in every country, therefore New Zealanders have decided to lead the charge. Given that our contribution is immaterial in real terms such leadership is a nonsense. New Zealand as a country should follow any leaders in pollution’s reforms. In that way any changes can be managed without reducing productivity. Given that New Zealand generally is a poor producer given its intellectual capital, economically the country cannot afford to reduce productivity given the outlandish salaries paid to failed public executives, the spendthrift nature of our councils and the unbelievable cost of the welfare state.

  12. Hype O'Thermia

    There are similarities to the old Christian message – still current among biblical literalists – that their god created the earth and its creatures for their use and they were to have dominion over them. Hubris. We’re Human, it’s all about Us.
    Now climate change is “All About Us” too.
    Dressed in computer models and cleverly calculated projections, it’s today’s narrative for something that is hard to accept as “that’s just how it is”.
    There used to be stories on radio’s children’s programmes, one of which was “How the Koala lost his voice”. It couldn’t be “just how it is”, it had in its time cried out for an explanation.
    We’re human and it’s not actually all about us, but being human we go in for stories about *why* – preferably emphasising our agency because who wants to be just another bunch of molecules in an environment where some very important, kind of scary, things just happen.
    “Deckchairs, deckchairs! Quick, put the yellow striped ones over this side!”

  13. Peter

    Gurglars. Right wing governments, including Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, take climate change seriously. So your premise that climate change is a left wing conspiracy does not hold.
    Whether it is climate change, or some other issue, being a small country and not taking some lead is equally invalid. NZ was a very early advocate for giving women the vote. Does that mean it was wrong to lead back in the late nineteenth century?
    Outlandish salaries, both in the private and public sector, I do agree with. It is part and parcel of a degradation in society where the rich are getting richer at everyone else’s expense. Spendthrift spending by councils is also a non argument. It is there for all to see.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Peter: “NZ was a very early advocate for giving women the vote. Does that mean it was wrong to lead back in the late nineteenth century?”
      It’s never wrong to do the right thing. It’s silly hubris for NZ to do something with the aim of being world leaders. It’s ludicrous, no matter how worthy, when opponents of those practices in other countries (if they notice NZ at all) can point to dozens of reasons what works in 3 islands with a total population a fraction of one of their bigger cities, is irrelevant to theirs.

      “Look at me, look at me! I’m New Zealand and I’m hugely righteous!”
      “New Zealand? Hey – say hi to my brother in law’s cousin, she lives in Moonee Ponds.”.

      • Peter

        Irrespective of whatever issue any country is entitled to promote policies it believes is the right thing to do in terms of its own interests. If it believes those interests also have global relevancy, so be it.
        NZ is indeed a small insignificant country on the world stage. Our biggest claim to fame….apparently….is the All Blacks. A rugby team nevertheless. It doesn’t matter to me whether we are noticed or not.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          “It doesn’t matter to me whether we are noticed or not.” Yes-but, Peter. It’s a big part of the holier than thou justification for economically kneecapping our local economy. No advantage to us at all, not wanted by the majority of people who live here, but pushed with the spinachy green strength of Popeye x Incredible Hulk.

  14. Rob Hamlin

    There was, a few years ago, in the magazine ‘New Scientist’, a large representative poll of US citizens’ beliefs on how we arrived at this point. These were the results::

    1) God did it in 7 days in 4004 BC – c. 50%
    2) God did it, but took more time about it longer ago – c. 40%
    3) God didn’t do it – c. 10%.

    Given these figures you have no chance of having any kind of sensible climate change debate, regardless of your position on it. When the last Jeep Grand Cherokee tank runs dry, Gabriel will blow his trumpet and call God’s children home.

    I suspect that the only difference if this poll was undertaken in New Zealand would be that ‘God’ as a convenient unitary shorthand would be replaced by ‘don’t know, don’t care, don’t understand’. Modern education, the Web and the ‘smartphone’ (Oh God is it only ten years since Jobs pulled the first one of those bloody awful things out if his pocket on stage in Silicon Valley?) have created a generation who can only process and regurgitate, unmodified, a short list of mindless slogans – Usually delivered and retransmitted by the loathsome ‘Twitter’ on a ‘smartphone’. Has ever a web service been better described by its name? has a ever a device been more poorly described in terms of what it eventually does to its owners?

    The problem with the human units who have been significantly infected by these two items is that while they may commonly emerge into vote-carrying adulthood running a ‘soft left’ slogan programme, such is their intellectual lability that they can be readily reprogrammed to efficiently accept, run and retransmit whatever slogan programme you like, given a large budget, multiple exposures and a skilled ‘slogan meister’. Jonky understands this well. That’s why he will win this debate – if it can be dignified with that name.

  15. Elizabeth

    Today comments are being moderated by virtue of whatifdunedin’s smartphone network :D

  16. Elizabeth

    Mon, 4 Apr 2016
    ODT: Anadarko seeks permit extension while exploration data processed
    Houston-based oil and gas company Anadarko wants to postpone its pending ‘‘drill or drop” decision on deepwater drilling off Oamaru, and is seeking a one-year extension to the existing permit. Anadarko is under a regulatory obligation to declare in April that it is going to go ahead with drilling off Oamaru soon, or drop the permit, which is issued by Government agency New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals (NZPM).


    ### dunedintv.co.nz Wed, 6 Apr 2016
    Divided opinion over drilling extension
    An American-based oil and gas company is hoping to extend its permit for exploratory drilling off Otago’s coast. Anadarko is under an obligation to declare whether it will commercially drill or abandon the idea, unless an extension is granted. And the case is dividing local opinion.
    Ch39 Video

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