Corruption: US mirror to ministerial meddling in DIA business

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Published on 13 Feb 2014. The800meters.

Bloomfield Police Chief Position is not for Sale
James Behre, Acting Police Chief in Bloomfield, New Jersey stands up to town council and Mayor regarding political interference. This video is an excerpt from the Town Council meeting on February 10, 2014.

Two days later Bloomfield councilman Carlos Bernard is placed on Administrative leave…

The wider story: Bloomfield councilman asking acting police chief to trade favours to secure appointment as top cop (via NJ.Com)

Close to Home
What would this United States police chief say about the least corrupt country in the world? A country where a Minister of Parliament, Peter Dunne, contacts the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) about a pokie trust (TTCF) with which he has had a long association, right at the time that DIA holds evidence sufficient for the head of that regulatory body to suggest the immediate proposal to cancel TTCF’s Gambling Operators Licence.

Would the police chief be concerned that Racing Clubs, the Otago Rugby Football Union (ORFU) and its intermediary, the Centre of Excellence for Amateur Sport, have never been investigated which would result in criminal prosecution and the potential to seek the return of nearly $7 million dollars of community funds from illegal arrangements with TTCF.

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone whose life, livelihood or happiness depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority.

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15 responses to “Corruption: US mirror to ministerial meddling in DIA business

  1. Anonymous

    That is AWESOME! It’s like reading a James Gordon plot except it’s not fiction. There is a genuine person working in the best interests of the city and prepared to stand up against the political dirtbags and bully boys. Acting Police Chief James Behre deserves to be promoted to Chief in recognition for the challenging path he has stepped on to and will help to ensure the corrupt in power are aware city leaders will not be so easily bought.

    Thank you to all those who keep standing up when the corrupt try to keep you down.

  2. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    He does deserve it, but whistleblowers rarely progress.

    • A view to whistleblowers in passing.

      …there is never any excuse for fraud, and it is tragic its incidence appears to be increasing at an alarming rate.

      ### ODT Online Fri, 14 Feb 2014
      Without honesty science loses authority, power
      By Gareth Jones
      OPINION Never trust those who make staggering claims that seem to be too good to be true – as in other areas of life, they will let you down.
      Prof D. Gareth Jones asks whether we, the public, can trust what scientists write and say. What about the cases of scientific fraud that appear from time to time in the media?
      Read more

      ● Prof Gareth Jones is an emeritus professor of anatomy at the University of Otago.

  3. On the local scene, see the Cull Vandervis Code of Conduct Complaint taken by Vandervis against Cull. Result? Whitewash for Cull and Vandervis basically chastised for having the temerity to bring it up in the first place. Even the so-called independent adjudicator was complicit. Sad really. Follow on to Gerard Eckhoff’s opinion piece in the ODT 17-2-14, outing the Otago Regional Council’s derilection of duty. No brownie points for him either. It used to be called ‘democracy’, but it seems it is now ‘complacency’ and lack of integrity.

  4. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    Over the last few years, Gerry Eckhoff has come across as sane, intelligent and rational.

    His articles on the water scheme and other areas of ORC questinable decisionmaking demonstrate this.

    I challenge readers of “whatif” to come up with just one more politician in the south island who one could describe in similar terms.

    {Link added. -Eds}

  5. Received Monday, 17 February 2014 7:01 p.m.

    The gap between the rhetoric and the reality could amount to false advertising!!!!

    EMPLOYMENT (via Trade Me jobs)

    14/053 Manager Regulatory Investigations (Wellington)
    Listing #: 691943090
    Company: Department of Internal Affairs
    Type: Full time, Permanent
    Listed: Fri, 31 Jan

    This senior leadership role will deliver high quality regulatory investigative services with a particular emphasis on ensuring successful prosecutions in gambling, anti-money laundering and private security investigations.

    The Manager Regulatory Investigations will be responsible for developing a strategically targeted and results driven approach to serious and complex investigations and prosecutions.


  6. Another (joke) faith healing prosecution by DIA. More bullshit from Debbie Despard.

    From $60m tycoon to odd-job man
    A few years ago he was the $60 million man with a property empire that included more than 20 pubs, hotels and a fun park. Now Michael McGurk is doing odd jobs to get by, and has a criminal conviction for stealing pokie money.
    The 54-year-old Aucklander has been found guilty by a jury of stealing $35,000 of pokie money from his central Auckland hotel, the Albion.
    McGurk told the Herald on Sunday that the conviction was “an absolute joke” and he would appeal. He was convicted last month and will be sentenced on March 19.
    The Department of Internal Affairs brought the charge and said the money was meant for the Pacific Sports and Community Trust, subsequently known as the Nautilus Foundation.
    Gambling compliance director Debbie Despard said McGurk used the pokie money for hotel trading expenses.

    “We monitor all gaming machines in pubs and clubs to ensure that takings are properly accounted for and we are pleased that we have been able to hold this person accountable under the law.”

  7. Martin Legge

    DIA and their Greek gambling partner, Intralot NZ Ltd, are paid big dollars by the tax payer to electronically monitor every pokie machine in NZ. Intralot and DIA are supposed to monitor the amount of community funds required to be banked into a trust account from every machine by the pub in any 7 day period.

    If it is not banked within a few days after that 7 day period, Intralot, DIA and the pokie trust are all statutorily required to act immediately to address the issue and prevent/minimise the likelihood of any further losses of community money. Intralot, DIA and the pokie trusts all have the power to disable those machines immediately. It’s what DIA promised as part of its expensive monitoring system.

    So why is it that recently the DIA have been throwing so many pub owners before the courts for such large sums of money that have not been banked ie, stolen, when the large amounts suggest the thieving has been going on for many weeks and far beyond the statutory period that DIA and Intralot claim to monitor.

    • Martin, Martin…will you stop asking such awkward penetrative questions of the ‘establishment’, Despard is doing a great job holding up the side !!…..

      Related post:

    • Russell Garbutt

      An excellent question Martin, but no obvious answers apart from incompetence within the DIA – something that the DIA possesses in spades. It is a matter of despair I think that the compliance authorities within this country are so woefully inadequate or a lot worse. I see that the NZ Herald today has an editorial on the future NZ Police boss, Mike Bush, and his appalling comments at the Hutton funeral. What the ODT also missed when they had a similar editorial, was that the NZ Police have never once acknowledged the innocence of Arthur Allan Thomas. Not once. All this BS about an inquiry into their actions brought about by the request of Rochelle Crewe, is just that – Bullshit. The Police have no interest or appetite for coming up with a finding that they were systemically remiss in their investigations, and would use everything within their very large powers to put an innocent man in jail. No-one will be held to account let alone Mr Bush for his comments which were both pre-meditated, and for his “apology” which was inadequate and insincere.

      The number of instances over recent times that the Police have failed seems to be increasing. The Black Widow case is but one. Today another example where the mother of a victim had to turn detective is being reported after her son was bashed.

      But the Police are but one [compliance authority] and one that is more under scrutiny than others. The DIA, as we know, are prepared to lie, are prepared to mislead, are prepared to be complicit in allowing wide-spread fraud to occur. Those within the DIA – and we know them really well – are even more guilty than those that are committing the frauds round the pokie industry. They nab a few low end fraudsters, but we know that the really big fish are protected by the DIA complicity in the really big frauds. And the general public are deceived into thinking that the authorities are filled with honest people doing a hard job. We know better don’t we?

      {Links added. -Eds}

  8. Think, Scott Watson, Arthur Allan Thomas, David Bain. Why? Because they are all victims of what is clearly improper police actions. These are only a few, the system is rife with them. Think, (in no particular order) Mr Bush. Peter Marshal, Howard Broad, Peter Doone, Robert Walton, Ken Thompson, Ken Burnside, et al. Why? Because, without exception, there were actions with serious outcomes, with dubious evidence of ‘jurisprudence’, all due to seeming inept investigations by the police authorities. Worrying? We have to believe it.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Here is a cop who understands the importance of acknowledging failings and apologising without weasel-words, unlike future NZ Police boss, Mike Bush. This is a man I’d trust.
      “The constable Mr Whioke complained about wrote an official apology to Ms Jane saying he was sorry for not listening to her.
      “I am ashamed that had you not pushed for an investigation your son’s [alleged] attacker would not have been held to account. I admire and respect your persistence.” ”

      {Link to RNZ News story provided at Russell Garbutt’s comment. -Eds}

  9. Martin Legge

    While Junior Constable Briscoe is to be commended for his full blown apology one must ask where were his supervisors, the sergeant, the senior sergeant and the inspector that work the shifts with these junior constables and are supposed to sign off on all of their work. I was a shift sergeant in Porirua in the 1980-90s and I knew exactly what jobs my staff were attending and the outcome of those jobs.

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    That says something about the people who have made their way up the ladder. It says even more about the people who chose those ones to promote, step after step, till they reached the heights of [ir]responsibility.

    The closer to having one’s salary increased by the higher salaries coven, the closer to Mission Statement: The Buck Never Stops Here.

  11. Russell Garbutt

    Some persistent questions in an excellent North and South feature on Police corruption in regard to the Crewe murder case. This whole appalling case where Police lied, planted evidence and then justified their shameful and disgraceful behaviour continues to this day with the Police reviewing their own failures with absolutely predictable results. There is a widespread culture within the NZ Police of protecting their own, of putting up the barriers and ensuring that no-one is told the real truth. In law, Arthur Allan Thomas has been shown to be not guilty of the Crewe murders, but even today Police collectively hold the view that somehow he tricked himself to receiving a pardon. Detective Inspector Hutton had no shame or conscience in planting evidence in order to convict Thomas and right up to his funeral service he was lauded as a man of huge integrity by the now Commissioner of Police. If that doesn’t show that there is something rotten in the woodshed, what does? Even today in Central Otago, where there have been multiple instances of police perjuring themselves, undertaking unlawful acts, or intimidating innocent citizens, when the local Mayor publicly says he is concerned at the reputation of Police, he gets calls and visits from the Police hierarchy telling him not to comment. Thankfully this Mayor stands by his statements which are palpably true. It does seem that too many people that should be on one side of the thin blue line are only too happy to cross over that line when it suits them in the sure and certain knowledge that not too much will happen to them. The way in which the Thomas family has been relentlessly pursued by a force that is publicly funded and has shown to be comfortable in fabricating evidence is a disgrace.

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