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Otago Chamber, musical chairs

[dancing piccolo] “I’m proud to say I’m leaving it in good heart and good shape financially. Its membership numbers could always be improved, however, and I believe all businesses should be members.” –Peter McIntyre, past chairman

### ODT Online Fri, 7 Feb 2014
Dunedin must seize its chances
By Peter McIntyre
After nine years on the board of the Otago Chamber of Commerce, the final three as chairman, Peter McIntyre has stood down, having served his three terms in office. As he leaves, he considers the economic future of Dunedin and Otago.
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Not sure what kind of health the Chamber’s subscription membership is in. But now, hunny of a new plot! —a huntin’ and shaftin’ to boom we go. After seven years as a member of the Chamber, Ali Copeman (47), head of akB* Conference Management (estab. 1999), should know.

*Ali Knows Best . . .

[clashing cymbals] “You’ve got to go away to appreciate the place.”
–Ali Copeman, chairman

### ODT Online Sat, 8 Feb 2014
Passionate about city ‘about to boom’
By Sally Rae
Ali Copeman reckons Dunedin is “about to boom”.
The conference organiser and newly elected chairwoman of the Otago Chamber of Commerce is unashamedly passionate about the city and also its potential for further growth.
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