Waitangi Day tributes

John trying to secure votes again

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr —with thanks to Source

*Image: porcupinefarm.blogspot.co.nz – John Key [imaged nicely | screenshot]


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13 responses to “Waitangi Day tributes

  1. Ray

    The way radicals speak of John Key you would think he was a radical out to destroy us all. I do not vote Labour or National but I am more supportive of what Key is trying to do on the economy front for NZ. The alternatives are very dire choices for our future…

    • The John Key Bill English team are on the job for the economy – there is no doubt that they outshine the upper echelons of every other political party at this time in getting this country’s accounts into better shape. The fallout from their decisions is a tougher bitter pill for many at the bottom due to the ‘gap’ being generated. A lot more to solve with the addition of wise heads in Parliament. Not sure egalitarian values and faultless ethics towards public good can make it through any general election or indeed this year’s. I have no formal political party affilation.

  2. Anonymous

    More wealth for the wealthy, reduced funding for regulatory authorities, retrospective law changes, increased spying on citizens, turning Police into glorified traffic cops, hiring only the most arrogant ministers I’ve ever encountered in politics (all a reflection of their boss of course), Jacketgate, Simon Bridges, Peter Dunne, deals with gambling… as far we know National hasn’t started “disappearing” people yet. I’m not sure how any other party could be more dire for our futures. I’m certainly not going back to Labour but you can be bloody sure I won’t be voting for National, ever again. People need to stop voting for a “colour”. Red and blue represent vicious gangs here and abroad and can get the shit kicked out of you for just wearing them. This country has had the shit kicked out of it and if we’re to avoid the inevitable dictatorship then change is a necessity, good or bad. There’s something in John’s grin – just look at it more closely next time on the news.

    • Ray

      So are you saying that a way a person looks tells you a lot about their character and what they are going to do politically and socially?

  3. Doris

    The best gang leader this country ever had

  4. This goes to relevance. Forget the players for the minute, look to the storage and maintenance of legal evidence —“aged off” GCSB systems !!

    Potential evidence in the upcoming $6 million damages [Dotcom] hearing has been deleted. Crown lawyers admitted the information had been deleted by the Government Communications Security Bureau – winning fresh calls for an inquiry into the agency by Labour and and the Greens.

    “Essentially, legal documents that are created by GCSB are held in their system and archived forever. Raw intelligence has to actually, by law, age off the system if it’s no longer relevant or required.” —John Key PM


  5. Beirut

    Great piece of satire on Key. Rightwingers would hate it because in their hearts they know Key is a financial internationalist with no real loyalty to NZ. Post PM he probably hopes to get a high profile job like Aunty Helen and Tony Blair. These kind of people are opportunists.

    • Ray

      I agree about the aspirations of John Key but what we need to do is keep him and National accountable. We still live in a form of democracy. We must not let spendthrift governments back in please!?!

  6. Doesn’t it depend on what they spend money on? And what they cut spending on?
    The aim should be, surely, the best possible life opportunities for the most people, in NZ. Spending, or economising, that does not lead in that direction is poor stewardship.
    There has been a long dismal pattern of short-term thinking, and very little in the way of serious investment, including overall embracing an investment culture in which proposals are minutely examined for long-term unintended consequences before they become decisions. Investment culture takes a long view and aims for steadily increasing wellbeing of the whole of society. Short-termism results in follies like steadily losing skills, plant, jobs and independence because it’s “cheaper to get it from overseas”.
    And so it is, at first. Then when we have chucked away the capacity to look after our own needs, and the economies of the “cheap” suppliers take their expectations (e.g. wages) higher, we are trapped. Not only that but we are supporting an increasing proportion of jobless or under-employed, instead of fostering a working population with steadily increasing skills and flexibility.

  7. Hype, that’s when we start to sell the family silver. OK, let’s start with the railways, Oh, what about telecommunications? Why not just toss in our ‘iron sands to steel’ facilities? Enough? No, I am getting to like this, all the ‘moolah’ flowing in. Our bank is full of the stuff. What bank? Our bank of New Zealand of course. What! Haven’t you heard, it’s broke and we have to inject $800m to save it. Wow! Where did the $800m come from? The taxpayer silly, who else? Oh yeah!? Didn’t I see where Jim Bolger has just sold it to the NBA of Australia for a paltry sum not even the price of our national integrity. Haven’t you heard that the sale of Contact Energy to the ‘mums and dads’ has been quietly bought up by offering a profit to the ‘mums and dads’ on their investment, and now it is owned by overseas people? Wow!? Is that why John Key and Bill English are keen to do it again with Mighty River Power, Meridian, Genesis, Air New Zealand and Solid Energy? Yep, sure is. They say that by selling all these assets they can reduce their/our debt. Yeah right! Oh bugger! Solid Energy has tanked, so that one is off the block. Still, we did OK, pity about the poor bloody ‘mums and dads’ who were suckered into buying Mighty River Power, I see their $2.50 share is now worth around $1.90. Bummer eh? Never mind the fact that we, the taxpayer miss out on the dividends from the profits those companies make. Helped to keep our taxes down didn’t it? Yeah right! Hey! have you noticed that our power costs are continually rising? Yep I have. Remember that twat “whatshisname” Bradford who promised a 10% reduction right off because of increased efficiencies by private ownership. I reckon that Ba….d caught the same virus that Roger Douglas had. Something to do with Reaganism or Thatcherism, I think. It spread around the world at the time. Bloody disaster actually, destroyed whole societies. I reckon it has mutated and Key, English, Joyce and Co, have it. You can tell by the twitches when they speak, almost like they have two tongues. That is how they speak out of both sides of their mouths saying different things each. This latest outbreak needs to be put down. Unfortunately, euthanasia is not an option, so we will just have to vote the sods out. Problem is, so many rely on the rorts that the alternatives are not much better. After all, they have all been at the business of stealing our ‘family silver’ over the years that it won’t stop till there is nothing left. What then, one might ask? I wonder if anybody knows how much of our treasure goes off shore in dividends, profits and sell downs of assets? Must be millions of dollars per year. Funny that, you would have thought that those ‘posers’ would have thought of that. Perhaps they did and are clipping the ticket on the way out. Who would know? Psst! Have you heard the rumour? John Key, if he wins the next election will phase himself quietly out and return to his financial business of ‘wheeling and dealing’. Made a lot of hugely important contacts as Prime Minister, should quite quickly lift his $50m to two or three times that. Beats rubbing noses with the natives and ingratiating himself to all those suckers. He can live in Hawaii and play golf with the ex president of the USA and they can compare notes on their careers and how they ‘suckered’ the citizens. Not much to not like, eh?

  8. ### ODT Online Sat, 8 Feb 2014
    Failure to implement MMP advice blot on Key Government
    By John Armstrong
    If there is any such thing as karma in politics, then the National Party should deservedly pay a heavy price at some point for so blatantly putting naked self-interest ahead of the public interest with regard to the no small matter of reform of the MMP voting system.
    Read more

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