Stadium Turf: Ox with a passion

Published 19 Jan 2014. Dunedin NZ.

Ox | Forsyth Barr Stadium | Insiders Dunedin
Groundsman at Forsyth Barr Stadium, Brendan Eathorne (Ox), is pretty sure he has the best job, in the best stadium in the world. This clip shows Forsyth Barr Stadium from the unique perspective of someone who knows it from the ground up. Video by Motion Sickness Studio.

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7 responses to “Stadium Turf: Ox with a passion

  1. Anonymous

    How many more stories is it possible to do about the grass and the groundsmen at the stadium? Every year. Follow the dots: Motion Sickness -> Brand Aid -> DCC Marketing. “Innovate or die” gets modified to “Innovate, or get funded by DCC” c.f. Digital Strategy, see also Brand Aid -> EDU -> Tourism Dunedin -> Josh Jenkins -> Digital Office.

  2. Beirut

    Really. Who gives a toss about grass maintenance? Would you be interested in my lawns and how l maintain them? Grass is grass!

    • While it’s had difficulty growing now there’s practically nothing using the turf except Ox’s mower. But mental note, the stadium review should stop all production of turf stories and turf maintenance for no play. This should keep tip fees down.

    • Now if it were about a different “grass” and a program to grow it for profit in the stadium so the damn place could earn something for a change – that would be a story.

  3. Beirut

    Ox…sounds…like the best man for the job. I’m sure he was happy to do this little marketing promo for DVML.

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