Christchurch stadium

“No stadium can make money unless it has millions of moneyed sports fans living within its catchment area.” –Lee Vandervis

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11 responses to “Christchurch stadium

  1. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    There are millions living close to Homebush stadium in Sydney and it passed hands for 10 million dollars.

    Stadiums cannot make a profit, owning teams can make profits but the very facts of home and away games means that most stadiums are not used every weekend and also not in the off seasons.

    Regular music attractions are difficult due to the time to prepare and break down and the wealth of the concert goer.

    The very successful Rippon music festival this year failed to sell all its tickets because another event in the Cardrona late last year sucked the punters of their ready cash for such events.

    In towns like Dunedin and Christchurch they are there to keep the unwashed from getting at the throats of their leader failures.

    That of course explains why the big Key and his predecessors all support NZ’s interest in Rugby.

    This of course is well known here, but unknown in the portals of the Octagon.

  2. [Dunedin] Stadium Review

    ODT have been forthright enough to publish this ‘as is’. Good for them.
    (copied here in full in the public interest)

    The Close Look
    Submitted by russandbev on Thu, 06/02/2014 – 11:30am.

    The close look is being done by Dr Sue Bidrose, CEO of the DCC and I have no doubts that the review will be thorough and wide-ranging. Such a review could not have happened under those Council staff who actively promoted the stadium concept and who are no longer there.

    I am also hopeful that the claims, published by the ODT in a full page advertisement, inserted by the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, that the stadium would be built debt free and would operate at an annual profit with NO ratepayer input, will be actively investigated. Some would call these claims hopeful, optimistic, but when the claims come from a private Trust, filled with people who have a long business record, and which are backed by 2 NZ accountancy firms saying that the figures are all achievable, then those claims take on a much more serious slant.

    I don’t believe that anyone, including the editorial staff of the ODT, can now claim that we just need to accept the situation as it is without settling once and for all, who was responsible and accountable for turning a debt free, profit making venture into a financial disaster of epic proportions. It will be interesting indeed to see the outcome of the review and the actions of those that most know are responsible in distancing themselves from accountability.

    • BIG Question
      Who are the “2 NZ accountancy firms” who said the figures were all achievable ??

      St Farry of Saint Clair knows. Or did he make this up?

      I can’t think of one firm who with the power to research and analyse this type of project would arrive at a ‘do-able’ on the figures we saw supplied from CST prior to the DCC decision to commence the stadium build.

  3. ### Monday 24 Feb 2014 7:01p.m.
    Billion-dollar questions for Christchurch
    By John Sellwood – Campbell Live
    Former UK investment banker, now head of the Christchurch City Council finance committee, Raf Manji, is a man who wants a chat with the Government about some big projects with expensive price tags. “When we looked at the blueprint it was a magnificent-looking project with some very grand ideas,” says Mr Manji. “Now, two to three years down the track that’s great, but do they make sense?”

    Mr Manji believes that it is important to know when to admit something is not working, and to try something else. “I think the strategy has been to put a lot of resource into the central city area; [but] the reality [is that] everyone has left the central city area,” says Mr Manji. “All the commercial organisations have gone outside, new villages and new suburban [areas] sprung up.”

    So is there room to revisit the blueprint and the $4.8 billion cost share deal signed off by the previous council?

    [Roger Sutton, CERA] “I think the fundamentals are locked down, which are a big new swimming complex, a convention centre, a river park that a lot of the CBD gets built around, a performing arts precinct and a stadium closer to the centre of the city.”

    Business academic Phil Driver uses key validation steps to ensure that the right questions are answered about the new Christchurch stadium. “How many people will actually use the stadium? What will they actually do in the stadium? What will they pay to do those things and what will they pay to do things near the stadium? Now we need positive, objective compelling answer to those questions to justify that investment.”
    But does that validation exist?

    Mr Manji asks whether this makes sense to spend $250-$500 million on a covered stadium, for example when we have the Wellington Phoenix leaving the Cake Tin because they only get 7,000 people a game, and can build a new stadium for $40 million.
    Read more

  4. Christchurch Star Weekend 28 Feb, 2014 (pages 1 & 4)
    Covered stadium likely to get chop
    Christchurch is unlikely to get a covered sports stadium. In the clearest hint to date that a roofed stadium is out of favour, city council finance committee chairman Raf Manji has all but ruled it out.”Clearly the chances of a covered stadium for Christchurch are remote are best,” he said yesterday. […] We’re not going to spend money on anything that doesn’t stack up.” Cr Manji was commenting on news from Dunedin that the operator of the covered Forsyth Barr Stadium is forecasting losses in excess of $1 million over the next three years.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Omigod – what’s this heresy? Learning from other people’s experience, studying what’s happened elsewhere instead of consulting the council’s collected navels/delusions?
      That’s just weird.
      Doesn’t every town with more than two people and a dog NEED a big state-of-the-art stadium?

  5. Anonymous

    Dunedin is therefore secure in its status as the only covered stadium in the country. This will be sure to secure events that could not be held anywhere else for weather reasons. The threat of the covered stadium in ChCH was such an uncertainty in this regard.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      It’s been the only covered stadium for a while.
      I am constantly overwhelmed by the number of “events that could not be held anywhere else for weather reasons” that keep the money rolling in. It’s so profitable it’s almost embarrassing. Dunedin is running out of ways to spend all the riches it generates. Rates next year are rumoured to go negative, i.e. the council rates notice will be not to demand money, but to give money to ratepayers in proportion according to the rateable value of their property.

      • Peter

        Hype. I admire your positivity. You only have to believe… and it happens. Please put your name forward to that other dreamer/ mover and shaker and join his team of positive people.

  6. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    Hallelujah, perhaps the Christchurch council has at last appointed a rational person capable of earning the extra high salary offered to council employees. If he stops the chch stadium he’ll get my vote. Perhaps the DCC needs to evaluate this quality offering and SWAP him for Burden.

    I’d support that.

  7. Elizabeth

    BREAKING EVEN: Without a $2m loan, the AMI Stadium maybe forced to close – potentially leaving Christchurch without a stadium for professional sport.

    ### Stuff Last updated 12:53 25/09/2014
    $2m stadium loan will ‘buy the council time’
    By Lois Cairns
    How long the temporary rugby stadium at Addington remains in play rests on the outcome of negotiations between the Government and the city council, says Christchurch Stadium Trust chairman Jim Anderton. Anderton fronted up to the Christchurch City Council this morning to plead for a $2 million loan. The cash is needed so the trust, which administers the stadium, can buy rather than lease the stadium’s tiered seating. Buying the seating will save the trust around $700,000 a year, money it can then use to upgrade and improve the stadium so it can remain in use beyond 2017.
    Read more

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