Mosgiel pool sluts get their tops off for ex ORFU guy

News this morning (see Jacob’s comments, here and here) that parties pushing the New Mosgiel Pool have selected an ex ORFU Board chairman as the person to head the project. We hear the clandestine selection happened prior to yesterday’s meeting of the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board. You’re too late, naming rights were sewn up for the poolside spa and bikini bar long long ago.

vegaspoolparty by Bryant Arnold 20.6.10 [] 1Mosgiel pool parties with apologies to Bryant Arnold at (20.6.10) who sold it at Vegas…

DCC, Slid, if you’re listening —get everything out in the open, don’t dare stymie transparency and accountability through ye olde workshop method where friends of friends clip expensive tickets for each other… while Dunedin ratepayers get ROBBED of natural justice and CLOBBERED for their loot.

And Slid, never assume the bastion of an ex ORFU man has respectibility and honesty written all over it. This does not compute. How much money has ORFU deliberately set about thieving from DCC ratepayers over the years? Yes, that’s right —HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. And “your DCC” is still on the take to “make the stadium work” —while it quietly plays games with the security of our homes on the global derivatives market. Thanks Athol, mate!

vegaspoolparty by Bryant Arnold 20.6.10 [] detail 1(detail) Stooge William F takes a dip in the pool every afternoon

Here’s a cracking distraction: Let’s sell the hippy idea of retirement living, attract new families to fill them privateers’ residential sections sliced out of high class soils. Crikey, Boys! This needs A POOL !!! “Added value, what? Imagine the real estate brochures, the commissions, the new cars…”

Come to Mollywood! Visit our FLOODPLAIN spa, come leave your worries behind, choose LIFESTYLE ON THE TAIERI (cheaper and cheesier than Wanaka in snow!). New members receive a free 30-minute personal massage and therapy session, guaranteed to smooth away all doubts, dollars and ethics. Don’t forget this week’s special: every booking for an hour-long therapeutic massage earns a complimentary 30-minute facial with council-facilitated deep muddying to embed harsh effects of dirt and crime. Relax folks, we make it OUR BUSINESS to serve the public good. All credit cards (non returnable), outrageous tips and backhanders accepted.”

Lastly, put a robe on, girls —this is a family show.

Those glorious raunchy paddling pools of lost youth.
The memories of summer fun that get Slid out of bed every morning.

playpool [] 1Diary of a Mosgiel mobster. Saturday. It’s blazing hot today and we spend the day going in and out of the water. In the pool, I overhear a conversation that epitomises childhood:

Six-year-old #1: Wanna play Shark?
Six-year-old #2: Ok, how do you play?
Six-year-old #1: I’m the shark and I chase you around.
Six-year-old #2: (ponders for a moment) Ok!


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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images and sampled texts via (Vegas pool party) and (playpool)


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60 responses to “Mosgiel pool sluts get their tops off for ex ORFU guy

  1. Anonymous

    ORFU and public money bring to mind the party bludger. You know the one – he turns up with two-bottles, scoffs the nibbles, drinks the wine, misses the toilet, gropes your partner and leaves with six bottles.

    What ever the price is listed in the ODT for this next public scam you can immediately triple it for construction costs, add 30% for over-runs, another 10% for “unexpected” costs and then a further 5% to “push it over the line”.

    That should just about cover the consultancy rorts and invoice fraud.

  2. Fun times in the property market…
    Martin Legge fowarded the link

    ### February 4, 2014 – 10:23am
    Hamilton and Hawkes Bay real estate agents pull 1,700 listings from Trade Me after change in fee structure; Trade Me appeals directly to home sellers
    By Bernard Hickey
    Real estate agency groups in Hamilton and the Hawkes Bay have pulled more than 1,700 listings from Trade Me Property since mid-January, arguing they are not prepared to pay a quadrupling of fees.
    Describing the new fee structure as an “arrogant, dumb and stupid hydraulicking” of prices, some agents pulled their listings from Trade Me without first telling their customers and said they saw it as an opportunity to break away from Trade Me and re-direct vendors and home buyers to, which is controlled by agents.
    Trade Me founder and director Sam Morgan later tweeted: “Trade Me is the best value way to sell your home. Costs $159 through an agent. Agents cut off noses to spite face. Turkeys.”
    Read more

  3. Beirut

    The warning sign is ‘ex ORFU chairman’. Whoever he is. (Never a girl.) Given the incompetency of such people to run their own ship, why should we have any more confidence in some old retread from the ORFU? For Godsakes, the last few chairmen have run their ‘enterprise’ into the ground despite public money patronage.
    I hope there is some watch placed on this lot by the competent and ethical ones in the DCC and that this little rabbit gets lined up in their sights.

    • Slid and Weatherall have blessed it…

      • Mike

        Weatherall of course used to be an ORFU chair

        • Mike, yep I doubt it would be anybody else. Given also, that he has said he wishes to continue with community work; and he (as ex-councillor and chair of the pools subcommittee, I think – will check the minutes) to address the inaugural meeting of this council on the subject of the new Mosgiel Pool so the project wouldn’t be sunk off the table. He underlined his feelings about the project in a short comment to me as we passed in the gallery.

  4. Which thug have they chosen?
    TELL ME they haven’t rolled in Wayne Graham (owner of LJ Hooker) and ex ORFU – the man who dared to sue Liability Cull !!!

    Cull deliberately avoided going to court over that meaning we didn’t get the pleasure of ORFU’s books being put into evidence, like we wanted…. Cull’s such a no-hoper. Anything to save the bloody stadium.

  5. Tom

    Question: Why does Mosgiel need a new pool?
    Going through the council minutes, and past Annual Plan submissions by the community board. There appears to have never been an analysis, or even a reason given by the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board to back up their continual whinging about the need for a new pool. One would have thought that the board would have at least done its homework, and presented a case to council to back their argument.
    It appears that Martin Dillon was the board’s representative on the city’s working party that looked into the future pool needs for the city. I have been online to read the minutes of the Mosgiel-Taieri board meetings and it appears that Martin has done little to keep the board informed as to what was going on.
    It would appear that the board is quite dysfunctional especially after reading information that has been on this site about secret meetings, and rubber stamping at formal meetings.
    The real discussion out there in Mosgiel that should be addressed before the pool is discussed any further is: Does Mosgiel need a community board, and is the present one a waste of ratepayers’ money ?
    Maybe we could have a list of the present members of the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board and any groups that they are involved with.

  6. Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board

    Blackie Catlow
    Martin Dillon
    Bill Feather, Chairman
    Sarah Nitis (nee Davie)
    Maurice Prendergast
    Mark Willis

    Read about them here:

    All were elected unopposed — a sign some things were already bent away from healthy democracy; they had been warned by senior council staff about holding clandestine meetings, last year.

    Cr Kate Wilson is the DCC appointee.

    People who know any of their ties and affiliations or relevant histories (or what they’re up to right now), feel free to comment at this thread anonymously or otherwise.

  7. Jacob

    It would appear that the council is offering $30,000 to the Mosgiel-Taieri community board towards setting up a group of cronies, to do the public consultation for the new pool. A group that will no doubt come up with the recommendation to suit their masters.
    It would appear that this $30,000 has no strings attached.
    This could be a good little money spinner for some their retired mates and cronies.
    Four cronies @ $250 a day = $1000 per day + 30 days for cups of tea and a little research, plus a drive or two around Mosgiel = $30,000
    Where do I apply to get my nose in the trough ?

    • Jacob, this is so believable.
      It handsomely fits with the CWP/CST model of old. As Anonymous suggests, wait for the invoice fraud. I hope CEO Sue Bidrose has some serious restrictions and conditions in place for that sum in Mollywood, RORTville.

      DCC WAKE UP. Or do you actually want to prop up the local building industry and have more (scream) cul-de-sacs, with the resultant call on Council to lay in infrastructure services while the developers laugh all the way to their banks.

      • Anonymous

        Why is the council giving $30,000 to a community board to do a feasibility study (?) for a pool? If people in the community want a pool then they will willingly contribute their time and energy towards justifying it. Paying a community board to do it is unlikely to produce little in genuine investment and just produce a foregone result. I do not understand this expenditure, particularly when the council is trying to minimise costs and telling other community boards there might not be the funding for their expectations. The council should not be favouring one over another and I hope this isn’t occurring because a former councillor out there has the inside running to council affairs. That’s an unfair advantage and chief executive Sue Bidrose should be warning her executive and council to be mindful of that behaviour.

        • Your query is of course very well expressed, Anon. DCC desperate to offload ‘community projects’ by offering a needless despicable $30,000 sweetener through the back door of NON-accountability. Nothing makes sense about DCC’s position in this. They know how much the councillor cost them over his massaging of the stadium project, unparalleled. And before this zoning issues on the Taieri. See him coming, run a civic and civil mile.

  8. Hey bro, want some free money? No more getting grief from the law, not when you’re in the teflon brotherhood. More likely you score a knighthood for the Queen’s Birthday, not a happy holiday at the Milton Hilton for a change aye.
    Lose the tats and get a suit, mate.

  9. Jacob

    The council has declared that because of the council’s high debt, that the Mosgiel pool will not make it into the long term plan. But are to give some mysterious group of pool supporters out in Mosgiel some money to shut them up and keep them out of council’s hair.
    Now this raises a major question. Just who is this group of pool supporters that Bill Feather alias Feathery Bill keeps talking about, but never names names. Are they a figment of Feathery’s imagination?
    This would have to be one of council’s strangest decisions, to fund an exercise by the board on consulting on the pool that the council has no intention of putting into the long term plan, or contributing to the construction of. All this on the word of the board chairman who cannot name names, and is yet to present anything on any work that the board has done to back his argument that a new pool is required. It would also appear that his board is far from united on the need for a new pool.

    • Jacob, you say Feathery’s board is “far from united on the need for a new pool”. How on earth can the $30,000 lolly be approved by council if the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board is havering.

      What is really at stake here besides giving residential developers the go-ahead to print money on private commercial developments (partnered by DCC?) and or their own private residential subdivisions (contrary to the Spatial Plan), all seeded by Dunedin ratepayers?

      How does this work? What am I not seeing? And insodoing, DCC paying $30,000 to a group that has amongst its strongest influences a stadium salesman and ex chair of Finance, Strategy and Development, affiliated ORFU-racing-ponyclub drainage-pokies trust man slash property developer.

      Time to hit ODT and other broadcast media.

  10. Jacob

    During discussion at council last week Cr Bezett moved that council increase the money for the Mosgiel pool debacle to $80,000. Surprisingly supported by Cr Lord and Hall. Fortunately it was defeated.
    The common sense argument by Cr Staynes needed to be applauded. Why put the community’s hopes up for a new pool if there is no council money to fund it.
    Why are we not reading about this debate in the ODT. they had reporters there with nothing else to do but pick a good story , but they chose instead to pick their nose.

  11. Mosgiel is turning out to be a seething little nest of vipers and hornets.

    As far as Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board is concerned, DCC staff in attendance at board meetings should feel impelled to report to the council’s Group Manager Corporate Services when, as may happen… procedure for traverse of committee business is not being followed correctly; and all real and perceived conflicts of interest are not being declared by board members and the chair. Especially, where committee business concerns the use of the board’s discretionary funds, given by DCC (rates money).

    The role of the board chair is to ensure correct business procedure is followed in committee meetings, and that natural justice is served on behalf of all constituents. Apparently, meetings of the chair and some board members are still being held in secrecy, outside and contrary to the advertised board meetings which the public may attend.

    To effect transparency and accountability it may be that the current chair of the Mosgiel-Taieri Community Board should be trained up (to act responsibly) or asked to step down for a replacement to be voted in by the board.

    If city councillors are required to declare their interests on a register, then the same should apply for community boards. Is this happening? Not that we can see. The Mosgiel-Taieri Communiity Board is conflicted.

  12. Jacob

    The new Mosgiel pool committee ( trust ) has been at work , even before it has been officially formed. So much for public consultation to form a trust. My spy up in Timaru tells me that they have already visited Timaru to obtain all the plans and construction costs of the Timaru pool.
    Some of the names being mentioned for the trust appeared to have had a close involment with the stadium.

  13. Jacob

    Council has given a clear indication to feathery bill and his mates out in Mosgiel that they are not interested in committing ratepayer funds to a new Mosgiel pool. With the conditions that they have attached to the granting of $30,000 towards setting up a trust to investigate the need for a new pool. These conditions are spelt out in point 4, of the council resolution that go with the grant of $30,000 being:
    4.”Council notes any identified costs are yet to be modelled against the Financial Strategy, that council’s ability to contribute financially to any aquatic facilities enhancement over the period of the LTP is LIKELY TO BE VERY CONSTRAINED.”
    There is a clear message to bill and his mates out in Mosgiel from council with this condition, and that is Go and find some other suckers to finance your fantasy.

    • If the Council ” are not interested in committing ratepayer funds to a new Mosgiel pool” why are they paying a bent cent let alone “$30,000 towards setting up a trust to investigate the need for a new pool”? I don’t get it, unless it’s a look after yer mates free money handout. I mean, if they are being told, if you need i.e. want a new pool you’ll have to find the money yourselves – why not tell them to test the “water” by finding the money to do the investigation? If they can’t fund that, what’s the point of going any further?
      How about they look at the existing pools and work out how they can be used more effectively by the community? Won’t the local bars or cafes let them use a room for a meeting, hasn’t someone got a big enough living-room to invite interested people to, isn’t there a community hall, can’t someone bring some scones and make tea and coffee? What happened to COMMUNITY initiative? Won’t anyone do anything without getting free money?
      Well, yes they do. But “some people” think they deserve more………

    • It inevitably comes back to ratepayers and the community to pay the millions, Jacob.

      Ratepayers in Dunedin/Mosgiel have only so many discretionary dollars each. They are being hit up by DCC in a way that will only get worse with time because the DCC is over extended and barely liquid. The council has entered into a relationship with the ‘three big banks’ that involves $850 million of uncalled capital while DCC gambles on the global derivatives market (in deliberate contravention of section 62 of the Local Government Act — see recent comment by Rob Hamlin). At the moment DCC’s consolidated debt is purported to be $612 million. DVML as we know is in a parlous financial state. But then so too is the DCC.

      In the beginning, and in the end, all ratepayers OWN the DCC’s financial position.

      So OK the ‘pool trust’ goes to community grants systems etc for sixteen or so million dollars to finance the pool… depend on Rugby-talent driving this project, since there’s no appreciable measured need in the Mosgiel community for better pool facilities – where is the independent survey published by the Community Board or the council? (if they decide to do a survey now everyone, like lemmings, will vote for a new pool because everyone loves flashy new objects and er slimy men in suits leading the campaign, above fixing the drainage in the Mosgiel main street…) – and depend on how Rugby-talent will raise the cash, with high dependence on their board pals at the gaming trusts, and who does that hurt ???? I think this website has explained that fastidiously through the knowledge and intelligence of Martin Legge, ex DIA whistleblower – on the remarkable case of white collar corruption and fraud with “our local boys” and their dealings via Auckland bars and more as money launders across New Zealand.

      Don’t even think that all or any of this is about playing a straight game and that it will not impact the renters and ratepayers of Dunedin/Mosgiel.

      DCC granting $30,000 to Rugby-talent for pool investigation means, at least, that another community board area goes without. The Council endorses pyramid schemes.

  14. Anthony W

    I see in today’s Taieri Times that the Mosgiel Business Association (better known as the Taieri Bludgers Group) is after a $7000 handout from the ratepayers to help with the upkeep of 20 planter boxes. Over the years this group of bludgers has had the biggest share of the community board funds, bleeding it dry of thousands of dollars. While other community groups have been turned down.
    It should be noted that several community board members are closely involved with the business association.
    I recall at the time (June 2011) these planter boxes were built, reading that the planter boxes would be looked after and maintained by different groups in the community with a great sense of pride and ownership. Now less than 3 years down the track it appears that the novelty has warn off. Yes these planter boxes do look great, and improve the main street of Mosgiel. But why has this bludger group made all the noise and taken all the kudos about establishing these boxes, then when they get tired of it want to pass what they have started to someone else to finish ???

    {Link -Eds}

  15. Hype O'Thermia

    What efforts have they made to get the planter boxes “adopted” by individuals or groups in the community? Was there a public call for volunteers?
    Did the group make any efforts to find out what dissuaded volunteers from taking this on? If so, what were the reasons?

  16. Carolyn

    Do the Mosgiel businesses deserve anything after reading about the hundreds of motor homes etc that will invade Mosgiel over Easter. The Business Association spokesperson is quoted in the Taieri Times.”Given that it was Easter, trading hours would be restricted for many businesses, so the benefit would be less than if the event was held on a normal weekend.” The biggest money spinner to come to Mosgiel in years and the business association send out the vibes: “Don’t come here we will be away at our cribs in Queenstown, or sailing on Wanaka that weekend.” This business association want all the handouts, and the ratepayers to subsidise everything for them, but when the big spenders come to town they put up the “Closed gone fishing” sign. If they had a new pool that would probably be closed as well. Mosgiel needs to get out of the 1950s where they all closed down for the weekend, and get into the 2000s and make their visitors feel welcome.

    {Link -Eds}

  17. Bingo

    If you want to see some of the worst journalism, but what could be seen as standard for the odt, then have a read of this weeks Taieri Times and the story about a survey of the Mosgiel pool. If this trash is what the odt consider investigative journalism. Then it appears that the standard of journalism is at rock bottom.
    The sooner that the Taieri can get an other independent paper like the old Taieri Herald that printed facts and no fantasy, and not the shit that the odt servers up as survey, then the Taieri will be a lot better off.

    • Read it at ODT this morning, agree it’s shocking. Didn’t I say a survey would happen after the decision to proceed with a pool…ODT says it will happen as a consultation… Meanwhile, content yourself with an informal poll designed for thick fleeced sheep:

      “The council is to consult the public early next month, as part of its annual budget-setting exercise, on whether there is community support for its suggestion the Mosgiel community set up a trust to drive the project.”

  18. Sally

    Attended the Mosgiel Annual Plan meeting last night. Talk about turncoats. The three candidates that put themselves forward for Mosgiel at the last elections. All supporting a new pool for Mosgiel. Were strangely silent last night in having council fronting up with the dosh. Even Cr Wilson that supports millions of ratepayer funds being spent on city cycleways gave no support for council funds for the pool. How strange it is to have your ward councillor supporting ratepayer money being spent outside the ward that she represents, but gives no support for ratepayer assistance for a pool in the ward that she represents.
    One thing that the two ward councilors have in common out there, is that they both nod their heads in agreement every time that Dave Cull spoke. Dave reminded me of the conductor and the councillors as the accompanists, as they nodded in agreement to his beat.

  19. I long for the day when Mayor Dave Cull will ‘man up’ and be honest. Tell the people of Mosgiel that there is no money for a new swimming pool. Finish. Then tell then why. Those folk are not stupid (well, most of them) and if told the situation, and who’s to blame, then they will accept it. But noo… I can’t do that. It would be tantamount to admitting my shortcomings. Better that I ‘kick the can down the road’, give them some money for surveys and such nonsense then get on my ‘bike’ and get the hell out of there.

  20. Sally

    I think the people at the Mosgiel meeting were quite responsive to the idea of a new pool until some bright spark asked HOW MUCH ? The reply was up to $15 million, and that did not include the purchase of the land, and you pay for it. That sort of knocked the stuffing out of any enthusiasm for the pool that was there. What surprised me from the meeting was that council don’t want to know about it, and the bigger surprise was that the community board who have been the ones to make all the noise about a new pool, last night introduced a third party to do all the work. A trust. Why has the community board as the elected representatives of the Mosgiel area washed their hands of the responsibilities of conducting the pool project (passed the buck), after all, they cost the community about $80,000 a year to represent the people of Mosgiel. It sounds like they will take the money but not the responsibility of representing the community when it counts. They make a good case for getting rid of community boards, if at the first sign of work they pass it on to some volunteer group to do what they were elected and paid to do. Represent their community.

    • With the way an ex councillor was talking last year it did sound like rugby interests could’ve been pushing the pool idea. That remains a doubt behind the Syd Brown interest in the project, although he has multiple reasons to get a new pool in town.

  21. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 2 Jul 2014
    Pool site options closer
    By Debbie Porteous
    The trust putting a plan together for the Mosgiel Pool project hopes to start consulting residents on potential sites for the pool this month, chairman Geoff Woodcock says. The trustees of the Taieri Community Facilities Trust had been meeting fortnightly to work on the project, Mr Woodcock said.
    Read more

    ● The trust has appointed a new treasurer and secretary, and is close to appointing a new chairman.

  22. Elizabeth

    Oh so Professional Rugby with Sleazy-DG under its wing (he helped the stadium…) has a chance to get what it wants for its players, private aged care providers, and for the GOBs to clip tickets that increase their private net worth.
    Bravo DCC for encouraging this to happen with $30,000 of ratepayers’ money.
    No-one at the city council has learned anything from the stadium debacle (read CST) or the complaints made about the corrupt Mosgiel Taieri Community Board led by Bill Feather, and its business friends. A warm hello to Sydney the promulgator who is suffering just now, and his pal Colin. Yeah right.

    It was now proposed to build a $15 million-plus facility, including a hydrotherapy pool.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 12 Jul 2014
    Patron boost for pool trust
    By John Gibb
    Moves to build a $15 million-plus aquatic centre in Mosgiel have been boosted by former Commonwealth Games gold medallist Prof David Gerrard becoming patron of a trust promoting the facility. Taieri Community Facilities Trust spokesman David Murphy welcomed the appointment of Prof Gerrard, of the University of Otago, yesterday. Mr Murphy also provided further key details of the trust’s preferred option for the new aquatic complex, including adding a 20m x 10m hydrotherapy pool and spa facility.
    Read more

  23. Digger

    A bit of a kick in the teeth for the locals. A Cantabrian selected as patron.

  24. Rob Hamlin

    The first article states:

    “The council has clearly indicated it will have no capital for new projects for at least 10 years.”

    I am at a loss to see why the community would need to be consulted or have their load lightened by $30,000 for a feasibility exercise if that is the case. Any consultation or feasibility would be uselessly out of date by the time the ‘capital’ came available in 2024/5 and would have to be done again. By mine and others’ calculations we will simply be talking about debt rather than capital if it’s any time before 2040 anyway.

    As this trust has been set up now, I can only presume that if (when) an ‘outstanding’ case is made for what we have on the table now, but with pretty much every conceivable add on, including an Olympic-standard underwater synchronised farting facility (now that really will have an economic impact if we can capture and reticulate the gas around Mosgiel – Green too, it ticks all the boxes), council ‘capital/debt’ capacity will magically appear pretty much immediately – My pick is no later than 2016.

    My word how fast that cost’s doubled up to $15 million! Given the current rate of budget bloat for this project we may be lucky to get away with $50 million by the time the case is finally made, but I guess that there’s still plenty of scope for mid-project bolt-ons, constructiotnal cock-ups and overruns. The current state of the St Clair Sea Wall and Lower Leith Flood Protection Scheme (now apparently abandoned after being washed away for the third time in under a year) indicate that the local civil engineering design and construction community are just not good with water in any form – salt, fresh and maybe chlorinated.

    I wonder who will own the land that the newly urgent aquatic facility will simply have to be built upon if/when this magic DCC ‘capital’ appearance happens? I presume that as per usual there will be no alternatives considered, and that a premium will be paid to the lucky owner for the uniquely flat site (on the Taieri) that has been identified. A quick purchase at a premium price may well be necessary because the land will shortly be built on anyway, and it may have unusually good drainage for all that water that gets slopped about. The unexpectedly fortunate fella will of course be ‘humbled’ and a ‘great fan of the City’ – Just like the last one that hit the DCC land purchase jackpot. I would be too under those circumstances.

    In fact, come to think of it, perhaps I don’t really have to wonder too much at all….

  25. Rob sums up quite succinctly the Mosgiel Pool ‘conspiracy’. As he states: ‘there is no money for any further capital non strategic projects for at least ten years.’ Does this dissuade these people from continuing their quest? Where is Mayor Dave Cull, as leader? Does he not believe his own utterances? In his preamble to the latest Annual Plan 2014/15 he states: “This Council, which is still in the first year of its triennium and is completing its first annual plan, has inherited the inevitable tension between repaying debt and controlling rates increases. Groundworks for managing this tension were laid in the previous triennium via the 2012/13 Long Term Plan and financial strategy, which established limits on increases and debt levels. It is essential, discipline on spending is maintained and to that end this council has chosen to work with the self imposed limit of a 3% rates rise for the 2014/15 year.”
    Can you believe all that!? Not only does he say that in one year he and council have grappled with the situation, but they have instituted self restraints in order to keep the rates increase to just 3%! Hello!? who was the leader of the previous triennium, and a councillor in ones before that? But hey! give the man a break, as he himself says: “Over the past year, the city has seen the benefit of previous Council’s ambitious and concurrent investments, such as the Dunedin Centre and Town Hall refurbishment, the Forsyth Barr Stadium, the Tahuna Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade (big tick for this one) and the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum redevelopment.” Wow!! The benefits!?? Tahuna maybe, in as much as it disposes of the detritus of the city. The rest? Well, I am afraid the jury is still out on that one, and is likely to remain so for a very long time.
    He then touches on the city’s debt, suggesting that by June 2015 it is projected to be ($609 million) of which the Council’s direct share is projected to reach ($229 million). That is a reduction of ($14 million) from the 2013 figure of ($623 million). Likely? With the current outpourings to keep the stadium afloat, plus the ever expanding financial and people angst of the cycleways programme, the St Clair Sea Wall, plus enormous deferred maintenance requirements and the reduction of projected dividends from DCHL. Then of course, there are those little ‘gremlins’ Rob worries about, the ‘Interest Rate Swaps’ (IRS) and Currency Hedges with which the Consolidate Accounts abound. These are an extreme hazard, which at the end of the day are probably not quantifiable. One should not mention the constant knee buckling at pressure from the likes of the Mosgiel Pool Trust advocates, who simply won’t take no for an answer. Not that they have been told no. It is not a word that is in Dave Cull’s lexicon.
    We should not also, overlook the fallout of the one or two nests of peculiar goings on within the various departments of council. The ‘Citifleet’ debacle might just be the tip of the iceberg, who knows? The time is long past since the people, who are concerned enough to look into the way things are conducted in and by this mayor and council, have any confidence in any improvement to the city’s welfare and financial wellbeing as a likely scenario.
    It’s a matter of watch this space as the ship of state heads inexorably towards the rocks.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Hey Calvin, when/where is your next appearance and who are the other comedians on the program? “Where is Mayor Dave Cull, as leader?” Leader! That cracked me up, ROFLMAO, as we used to put it back in the old days when… well, way back when many people would have sworn on Bibles / their Hendrix tee-shirts that he had a spine.

  26. Jacob

    I think Council’s donation of $30,000 to the Mosgiel pool trust was spot on.
    They now do not have to upgrade the present Mosgiel pool for all-year-round use, at a cost of approximately $2.8 million. The present generation of youngsters out there will have to put up with no all-year-round swimming available in their lifetime.
    Council now get these monkeys off their back, while they build their egos up, only at the end of that time the egos will be well and truly flattened.
    $30,000 well spent, Dave. You have saved the ratepayers millions, and shut up the minority out in Mosgiel who have been pushing for this $20 million impossibility, while the vast majority of the people out at Mosgiel would have been quite happy to have the old pool upgraded.
    You got this one right Dave. Keep it up and you may get a third term.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      How uncannily like the stadium modus opperandi, how deja vu! “Happy to have the old pool upgraded” at a fraction of the cost. Note the similarity to the upgrading of Carisbrook [at a fraction, etc] compared with having a brand new stadium on land belonging to people who were willing to sell at a price considerably different from what the open market would have been prepared to pay. And that was just the beginning of the torrent of $$$ flowing out of the city’s coffers into, well, won’t go into that at the moment.

  27. Sally

    It appears that a leading Mosgiel developer has managed to get on the multimillion-dollar Mosgiel pool trust as treasurer. None other than Martin Dillon.
    What is his success rate in business?

  28. Tom

    Interesting quote in this week’s Taieri Times. In support of the new Mosgiel pool, by the Chair of the Strath Taieri community Board, Mr Barry Williams. Who has also has been a high ranking committee member of our old friend the ORFU.
    “Mr Williams said scores of Strath Taieri residents would travel to use the new Mosgiel pool facility and he expected the board to support the vision of the trust.”
    Doesn’t that sound familiar. Build and they will come.

  29. Jacob

    Mr Williams probably wants the ratepayers to finance the pool. Like they did the stadium for his rugby mates.

  30. Elizabeth

    Tom, thanks for update re Williams. Rugby types have always been behind this “new pool” project, that’s why names like Chin, Brown et al first floated to the surface for possibles to lead the pool trust (no doubt they’re still lurking) —then flashlight, the illustrious Gerrard was inveigled to hold up the High Performance Sport slant (which organisation Dunedin ratepayers are still financing at the Stadium site; and involving pokie trust rorts that ex ORFU Neville Frost (later DVML, until ditched) was agent for – the paperwork showing this is on record.

  31. Elizabeth

    Naturally, the proposed pool will end up costing much more than $15M.
    And obviously ODT are behind the push because they condescend to provide the pool trust’s website link in the article, WTF —how many other charities are getting that treatment……..

    The Taieri Community Facilities Trust was confident the community could raise up to $7.5 million for the facility and the council would be asked to match it dollar for dollar. –Stedman

    ### ODT Online Sat, 22 Nov 2014
    Mosgiel community keen to support pool: trust
    By Shawn McAvinue
    The ”fuse has been lit” to build a $15 million Taieri Aquatic Facility at Memorial Park in Mosgiel, the chairman of the trust behind it says. Chairman Michael Stedman said a draft proposal for a new aquatic centre would be presented to the Dunedin City Council on December 1.
    Read more

    Didn’t they hear Sue Bidrose saying there was no money from DCC on offer apart from $30K for feasibility. What changed? Well, Councillors got involved because the GOBs (including Professional Rugby, Syd Brown, and likes of the former COC Christie’s wife…) have been on their case.

  32. Mossy gull

    What a great consultation process they went through. All of 30 yes 30 people across the Taieri (10 from the trust, 6 from the community board, and 14 from the holding pens) were interviewed, and reported the community was wiling to contribute $7.5 million.
    Can the trust now name those 30 people who reported the community was willing to contribute $7.5 million. I bet they can’t.
    My bet is they have taken a page out of the Carisbrook Stadium Trust’s little blue book that says: Tell them any bullshit that you like, get on and build it. The ratepayers will have to pick up the tap like they did with the stadium. “Build and the ratepayers will pay.”
    Operating costs of $800,000. Who picks up that tap. I bet it’s not the trust. Poor old ratepayers will be hit again.
    It has been suggested by a ward councilor that it be funded by a targeted rate. How will you like that Mosgiel residents?

  33. Jamie Munro

    Mossy gull, it’s a sunk cost literally –the buggers got the DCC lined up between the eyes.

  34. Mossy gull

    2300 supported the online survey. If each one stumped up with $6600 there would be no need for a ratepayer subsidy. Would the 2300 like to put the money where their mouth is. Then they would only have to pay $350 a year to meet the operating cost. Any takers. The silence is deafening.

  35. Jamie Munro

    Targeted rate sounds the ticket. Any councillors gunning for that?
    Didn’t farmer Mike Lord use that during his campaign to get into council?

    • cinimodjunior

      Yep – that sounds good. Yes you said that Mike. A targeted rate for the Mosgiel catchment of the Mosgiel pool and we then look forward to Mike promoting a targeted rate for Moana pool, the Stadium etc – ring fenced to the Metro catchment. That sounds fair. What say you Mike? Just thinking – would Marshall Road where Mike lives/farms fall within the Mosgiel catchment? That’s kinda Berwick way is it not? Berwick is close to the Clutha boundary. Could we yet see Mike taking refuge on the Clutha side of the boundary? Actions have consequences; Mike might yet seek refugee status within the Clutha District Council’s territory.

  36. Elizabeth

    Mossy gull and Jamie Munro, the word is the pool is to serve sports elites from outside Mosgiel district – how would a targeted rate at Mosgiel Taieri deal with that? It’s a bit like the Queenstown scenario, where the small permanent population has to pay for expanded infrastructure services caused by everyone else that jets in and out to intensify their commercial/residential holdings, willynilly. Here today gone tomorrow, left holding the baby…. Michael Stedman (with the pool trust) must have an assurance from a number of councillors and senior council staff to be talking the way he is in today’s newspaper. Seems some detective work needed to figure what they’re up to. They’re boiling into the annual plan/LTP process with bulldozers.

  37. Brian Miller

    Memorial Park is the preferred site for the new pool in Mosgiel, according to the report in the ODT. What a contradiction from the trust members including Martin Dillon and members of local businesses. For years Martin and his Gordon Road business mates have whinged and worked to have less traffic travelling through their precious business area, and would give anything to dump their traffic problems in other people’s backyards. Now Martin as a trust member is promoting a site for the pool that will greatly add to their traffic problems on Gordon Road.
    The new pool site will create in excess of 150,000 more visits to the area, most of the new traffic could come from outside the Mosgiel area. The pool site is on the western boundary of Mosgiel, and all those travelling from Green Island, Brighton, Burnside, Fairfield and other areas east of Mosgiel will have to travel across the railway crossing (known as spaghetti junction), along Gordon Road through the business area to reach the pool. All this increased traffic will contain an increase of heavy traffic, such as buses carrying school children to the pool.
    Martin Dillon has whinged long and loud about the traffic problems (especially heavy traffic), both in the business area of Gordon Road and at the railway crossing.
    What has now changed your mind, Martin, to support this new site for the pool with its increased traffic volumes. When you have so vigorously whinged about the traffic problems through the Gordon Road business area in the past ?

  38. Mossy gull

    This pool site sounds more like it has been strategically placed to support Mosgiel business rather than sited for public convenience.
    You say it will attract 150,000 more visits.
    Mosgiel New World will be well placed to pick up new business. Mums can shop while Kids can swim. Wonder what effect it will have on the new supermarket that Moyles are building in Green Island.

  39. Elizabeth

    Boom times in Mosgiel, Mossy gull. Those with a hand in, NEED a pool to help along their speculator cookie cutter real estate values. Lead and the people shall follow………….

  40. Jacob

    Mosgiel Memorial Park, a beautiful parklike setting with a variety of large mature trees and gardens. There have been many town houses built along the boundary overlooking this park; that was a major selling point when they were marketed. After this announcement that it’s the preferential site for the new pool the value of these town houses must immediately fall. With the view changing from one of looking out over this parklike setting, to that of looking out onto a large warehouse type structure. Did the trust give any consideration as to the negative effects that this site will have on the value of the properties of those who have made a large investment when purchasing their properties. Or do the trust just not care.

    • Mick

      They neither care nor think.
      Look at the vast space for rugby, cricket and athletics. Just marks on the grass and then look at the layout of all that.vThe trees would have taken up to 100 years to grow – the marks on the grass a couple of hours to change. Forget the property values – they are just ratepayers.

  41. Elizabeth

    DCC Map - Mosgiel Memorial Park (playing fields)Situated: Gordon Road, Mosgiel. Sports played: Soccer, Cricket and Athletics. Cricket facilities. DCC Sportsground

    DCC Webmap - Mosgiel Memorial Park and surrounds (JanFeb2013) 1bDCC Webmap - Mosgiel Memorial Park and surrounds (JanFeb2013) 1cDCC Webmaps [click to enlarge]

  42. Dave

    What is going on out at Mosgiel? Character assassination of one of the Taieri’s great rugby icons. Decisions made in secret without the man being given the opportunity to answer the accusations. Nothing appears to be changing out at Mosgiel. A pool trust that wants to put its grubby hands into the ratepayers’ pockets for millions, but won’t front up to public questions. Continues to meet in secret, just like the Community Board out there that we have read about its secret meetings on What if?. Ward councillors that appear to be asleep at the wheel, or are they to busy hunting in the city looking for votes come October, after losing their safe ward seats. Must be something in the water out there that has affected them all.

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