‘Hotel’ Hucksters wanna spend $60M at Dunedin

That’s the news or THE MONEY on tonight’s Channel 39 as ODT sprayed saliva over what’s in the newspaper tomorrow. You got it. The Jing-Song-Pings, post-teenagers from hell. HONEY, THEY’RE BACK.

Updated post.

THAT was the fear. Please, not the tasteless cardboard box crew again! Their idea of architecture is merely ‘building’ and gross affrontery to Dunedin’s cultural heritage landscape, not SYMPATHETIC CONTEXTUAL DESIGN.

So, yeah maybe it’s another anonymous bunch who are too conniving or stupid to front to the good people of this small town. Obviously, they’re known to DCC and the Chamber and those who share their pillows, as it turns out. Lovely! Dunedin’s public treated with ignore by our civic leaders and their honkies yet again. Look how that turned with the stadium project. And why the media release ahead of faces, why do that? Why be so crass, desperate and manipulative? —it feeds directly into the deep distrust held for Dunedin City Council by this community. This is no democracy. Where is the openness and transparency we’ve been promised for SO LONG, and not had delivered ??!!

The (blind) Channel 39 announcement came on the heels of a good number of searches at this site lately, in both Jing Song’s, Cao Ping’s and her father’s name — a man known to Michael Hill of Eiontown — no wonder we’re completely off the scent, or was it MISINFORMED.

Chinese plans for Dunedin school
Chinese investors with plans for a $60 million international school have chosen Dunedin as their preferred location, and hope to open a facility within three years.

But let’s refresh on the horrific notification and resource consenting process followed by the Jing-Song-Pings for the proposed waterfront hotel (via posts and comments) as a check on what happens for the proposed “school” with Daaave and Ali’s (Jinty got bounced) lack of red tape. Carpet, anyone?

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39 responses to “‘Hotel’ Hucksters wanna spend $60M at Dunedin

  1. Mike

    You notice that the ODT article today says nothing about any connection with the hotel or its backers

  2. Anonymous

    At least it’s not a gambling venue masquerading as a hotel. It’s a school.

    • Mike

      I think what we’ve found is the real reason for the hotel mostly being an apartment building rather than a hotel

      Of course if the real reason is a language school there’s no reason why the hotel needs to be where it’s planned to be or so out of character for the city

      Alternatively this may just be yet another reason to try and justify the hotel and get that gambling license

      • Mike, Anonymous, who knows what’s truly going down but the message and the method has great similarities to the last hotel gamble — this morning I’ve added to the post at top of thread to cover bases :)

        We know how much they want to use 41 Wharf Street, a lower chicken coop this time that’s still too high but how can we deprive the children and the syndicates???

        • Is this why we need a new pool in Mosgiel — could be another Slid-like track on how to make a fast buck, could explain the behind doors gangster moves. (this is a very small town where Christmases don’t all come at once or stand disconnected)

          Note my desperate scratchings on the Monopoly board today.

        • Mike

          You’ll note that suddenly today the online ODT is inundated with Mosgiel news – I’m in 2 minds, could be they’re trying to hide a needle in a haystack, or maybe they just decided to drop the Mosgiel stories from their local advertiser on Wednesdays much like they do with the Star stuff on Sundays (personally I’d pick Mondays as a slow news day).

        • They’ve been at this for a few weeks now. A bit like how all the railways were developed by those who owned the American newspapers… Chamber wants Taieri development, gets ODT to channel Taieri Herald… get the buzz going, do more hubs like um oh yeah, Wallis’s and a new pool and another supermarket, and call in the rugby thugs to polish it with their proud reputations for clean business. WOW

  3. Beirut

    The other possibility is this is just another bullshit, made up story like the Rolling Stones and Lady Gaga concert stories, for the stadium, done by Chris Morris. A bit of creative writing on a slow news day. All done to help massage the hotel proposal through.

    • le duc, derwent water

      Uh, oh, the chat is out of the cul de sac. ODT onliners are saying ‘just you wait, the anti brigs will be against it’. The investor will be put off, dommage. It is likely WIDunedin is banned in China.

  4. Anonymous

    Is it irony those comments being made at ODT Online on the above article? Quite excitable and none yet with the creative crafting by the council Spooks.

    • They’re quite strange, raw even. Probably written by Daaave and Steve Rodgers, his lawyer, to drum up support for us gifting a new footbridge over the railway tracks in case the brats don’t want to take their chauffeured BMs out of the garage, to get to the tertiary campus for tours of medical, dental and law schools.

  5. duc, now of Coniston water

    Cul de sac means ‘bottom of the bag’. Culs de sac is the plural, ie a whole lot of baggy bottoms. Much incurable Romanticism from The Lakes, Wordsworth Country. You’d like it up here, EK and Hype, only you’d probably want to try for Donald Campbell ‘s speed record on open water.

    • That may be so historically wrt language – but cul-de-sac has moved into contemporary and colloquial usage, and is owned by the planning disciplines if not the residents who say it differently. My best friend at architecture school held two National speed records in barefoot waterskiing if that’s any help.

      • duc, now Peaky

        Yes, of course. You’ll forgive this elderly eccentric who did not intend a corrective impression (AH, SHADDAP YA FACE!) Sorry, that’s Bella, staying over. Clearly, architecture students are bold venturers. Your friend must have strong soles and highly developed footsie impedance function.

        • duc now peaked. Or pekinged. You’re quick to give the impression of high sensitivity in dis-logue. Harden up (if it’s about feet). I didn’t think you were corrective. She is was an athlete of no fear and still retains the skin of her feet, it’s all in the technique.

  6. Duc, I thought it was supposed to be “culs” but in the article it was “cul de sacs” so I went with that. Unpretentious, moi! Can’t speak for EK, but me, I don’t hold with open water. Too much all in one place great to look at but that’s my limit.

  7. Misinformed? Or Clive’s been spoofed.

    Tweets Copeman Simpson 2014 (1)

  8. Dave

    This sounds like there has been some pillow talk and Clive knows the names of the School developers. Or he is just big noting himself as to being in the know.

  9. Surely that’s not the (ahem) “troubled” Ian Simpson from ECQ? Whoever he is he seems accustomed to having power over others: “How do ‘I’ get them out of ‘MY’ city” is quite a lot of ownership for one chappy, either that or he’s so upset that some people shockingly express views unlike his own that he’s come over all vapours & grandeur.

  10. All bodes well for some really out of left field ideas from the Otago Chamber of Commerce. For me, the idea of the “rumoured” school is no problem, if it happens. That in itself is not to be compared with the 28 storeyed monstrosity called a hotel. The problem with people like ‘Ian Simpson’ is that he can’t understand why everyone doesn’t see the world in the same light as he does. It suggests a very truculent spoilt brat who tosses his toys out of the cot at any opposition. “How can I get him out of MY city?”

  11. anonymous

    Thank you Calvin. I have been wrestling with the post in regards to Ian Simpson and “And how do I get them out of my city?” and the position of Ali Copeman on “complainers”. The idea that someone would imply running a group out of town on the basis of above is misguided and horribly disturbing. I think the world has seen enough of that sort of cruel ideology without bringing it to Dunedin. I believe much of the anger and frustration is a result of the injustice perpetrated on this city by conniving and incompetent leaders and just a few greedy businessmen. And now we still have leaders who avoid truth and accountability (although there is some hope with Sue Bidrose) and a community who has no recourse for its frustration and anger. It is too easy to misdirect that anger and it will manifest in many ways. I was angry with their position on complainers and removing people from this city, but have taken the time to reflect and am just disappointed and a little sad. I will be worried about what the above thinking will bring to the respective organisations they are involved in.

  12. I think their worry about “complainers” is the number of awkward questions they ask and points they raise, that if honestly answered would reveal the fragility of their wares.
    There is danger, they sense it even if they can’t bring themselves to confront it, in the ra-rah hope’n’spend cheerleading, the build it and they will come mentality, the cargo-cult worship of economic saviours arriving to the sound of heavenly trumpets, that they are “selling” as progress.
    Without this kind of progress, and widespread faith in its reality, where are they? This is what they know. Changing from that model to an evidence based, fearlessly examined model is scarey.

  13. Jamie

    Retweeted by equALIty
    akB Conference Mgmt@akBConfMgmt Nov 22

    #Dunedin can compete on the international convention stage https://www.facebook.com/AkbConferenceManagement/posts/437129109721547?notif_t=like#dunnerstunner #gigatowndunedin

    • That’s a very positive tweet, Jamie – thanks for posting.
      Also relates well to this post.

    • “The people of Dunedin were great – friendly and helpful.” And “Extremely pleasant and friendly people in businesses and visitor centres (public toilets, tourist information centre).”
      Even a friend from further north in this country remarked on widespread friendliness in Dunedin.
      I hope we don’t get a DCC “Friendliness Manager” to piss us off and turn us bitter, because if we are left to ourselves we will continue to help a stranger who trips on the street. We will still point out to the bewildered soul standing peering at a map and a street sign, the best way to get to where they’re going, and smile without expecting a tip.
      The more mature and experienced the traveller the less likely they are to rush around: “doing” the tourist attractions, and the more they are looking for ways to experience authenticity, the things that make one country different from another despite generic hotels and golden arches.
      And that’s not replica gold miners’ huts, nor just-for-tourists “NZ Farm” 15 minutes from the Octagon with pet lambs and cushions on hay bales to sit on while enjoying an authentic Devonshire tea.

  14. It’s nice to have the visitors but why are ratepayers contributing $10,000? – altogether, why isn’t this coming out of the very large and enterprising budget of the university! The better-funded university could at least pay its sister Otago Polytechnic’s share of the marketing junket. Surely the DCC should save its pennies for the intergenerational flood of rainy days we’re having. Or take the $10,000 off Cr Jint’s stipend because she’s a very bad girl.

    ### ODT Wed, 12 Feb 2014
    In Brief (page 5)
    Chinese students arriving
    Ten Shanghai scholarship students and their teachers arrive in Dunedin this week for a two-week visit.
    The group was the first to take up Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull’s invitation issued during his visit to Shanghai in April last year, the Dunedin City Council said.
    The students are from three tertiary institutions that are linked with either the University of Otago, or Otago Polytechnic.
    They will attend English language lessons in the morning, and spend afternoons visiting city attractions and joining companies for work experience.
    The Dunedin City Council is contributing $10,000 towards hosting the students.

  15. Anonymous

    Now we’re paying people to visit Dunedin. I think this council has gone completely bonkers, and no amount of spin by the Clandestine CoC’s at ODT Online is going to sweep that under the rug. What is the name for the psychosis where a person is in denial about debt or fraud and continues to do it? I suspect there is a mass disorder occurring throughout Dunedin City Council and in recent times that denial has started to infect other organisations in this including media and tertiary.

    If you believe the response to a letter in the Otago Daily Times on Saturday then there must be no problem. Nothing wrong at all. So just keep on spending. Simple. Or such silly shit like that.

    Is anyone at council still doing stuff with infrastructure?

  16. Phil

    Is this not just another “seat shuffling” scheme, with the only people making any money being the property developers ? For years rich Chinese students have been coming to Dunedin high schools to study. Nothing new there, They have been living in the school boarding facilities, and have been spending in the town as they normally would. It seems to me that all this new scheme is proposing is to take those existing foreign students and move them from the school boarding to a centralised boarding place. More money into the region ? No, just the same money spending from a different location. More income for the property developers offset by a reduced income for the schools already providing this service. The net result to the community, is zero. Again.

    • Mike

      actually if they start a for-profit school and suck students away from local schools it could be a net loss (since the profits the local schools would have made will be repatriated to the new school’s owners) – it really depends though if there are more students in total chances are it probably will be a net win for the local economy (but maybe our public schools will be all the poorer and our kids not get an as well funded education)

  17. Is it a day school or a boarding school that’s planned? Taking in international student boarders provides helpful extra income for many households.

  18. Phil

    Yes, there would have to be more students than there currently are in order for there to be any postive economic effect for the community. Those existing students will have a zero community effect as they are already here and spending. So you have to deduct them first from any perceived income. As you rightly point out, Mike, there can be a corresponding negative effect for local schools as many of them rely on a certain number of full paying international students in order to cover their annual funding shortfall.

  19. Peter

    I wonder about the value of this Chinese school for the students themselves. If this is some kind of self- contained colony of learning, and living, based on race, how is it going to benefit the students as far as broadening their exposure to an international culture and language (English)? Their outlook seems to be more monocultural than multicultural. I guess it comes down to money for the operators. The students’ interests are likely to come last.

  20. Elizabeth

    Oh dear. Cargo cultists fear loss of project… better bets include…

    ### ODT Online Thu, 3 Jul 2014
    Dunedin not settled as location for school
    By Chris Morris
    The Chinese investors behind a proposal to build $60 million international school in Dunedin are re-evaluating their plans, and could yet shift to another South Island centre, it has been confirmed. […] The school would offer live-in facilities to pupils studying an international syllabus and would target wealthy overseas families – from China and elsewhere – wanting to send their children to Dunedin.
    Read more

  21. Peter

    Is there a ploy here for these wealthy developers to extract some money, in the form of rates relief, or some such, from the DCC?
    You know, the ‘We have Other Options’ ploy.
    Once again, we need to be clear what is in it for us. No mirages of pots of gold, please.

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