Stadium: Low turnout to family show

Bjorn Again Ride the Rhythm 1.2.14

### ODT Online Mon, 3 Feb 2014
Organisers happy but crowd down
By Shawn McAvinue and Timothy Brown
Organisers are calling Ride the Rhythm’s second year a success despite ticket sales being almost half those of last year’s event. Event director Ross Farquhar said Ride the Rhythm, which attracted about 3500 people to Forsyth Barr Stadium on Saturday, was “really well supported”.
About 6500 attended last year’s event which was headlined by the Hollies.
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ODT Online
Spinning like a Dancing Queen
Submitted by nightimejohn on Mon, 03/02/2014 – 11:06am.
I can’t think of any other business that would be ‘pleased’ with a 50% drop in business in a year. But then Stadium logic applies.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: – Ride the Rhythm Bjorn Again


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9 responses to “Stadium: Low turnout to family show

  1. Anonymous

    It took two to put a shine on that Oddity.

    Now if we can just get the concert goers to pay $500,000 for their tickets, then there might be hope for the city’s finances yet.

  2. Mike

    I believe there’s an aphorism about not being able to shine or polish such things, however as you can see from the spangly costumes you can indeed dip them in glitter

  3. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    A pig in a dress is still a pig.

    Cross that out

    A pig in pants is still a Pig.

    • John P.Evans, concerned citizen – who knew Miss Piggy was such a fashionista?
      From her top secret exclusive photo shoot, here she is rockin’ it at the stadium.

      DVML made a fortune off the makers of The Muppet Show, shhhh.

      (poor Guy Hedderwick didn’t make it back here in time to wine and dine her)

  4. Quite frankly, I thought 2,500 to watch a bunch of horses jump over a pile of sticks was a very good turnout. I wonder how many would come to watch gerbils in a spinning treadmill? Could be worth a try with the right promotion. Could put crackers on the wheels, like a ‘catherine’, at least it would excite the gerbils.

  5. Phil

    I would be interested to know what the attendance split was. How many came and left just for the horses, how many came and left just for the concert, and how many sat through the whole thing ? Not that it alters the income any, but it could have significantly altered the expenses. The Abba show has previously been staged at the Regent Theatre and should have been staged there again. The only people who would have been adversely affected by this were the people who decided to stay for both, and that was maybe half at best. Shutting down directly after the horse event (assuming that this too couldn’t have been held at the A&P showgrounds or indoors at the Equestrian Centre on Dukes Road) would have capped the losses at 2 hours instead of dragging it out over 5 hours.

  6. Whippet

    Phil. The horse event could have been held at the A&P showgrounds or indoors at the Equestrian Centre, both out in Mosgiel.
    It now appears that the stadium is grabbing anything it can to try and turn a profit even if it is detrimental to the other events centres.
    The life blood is now being sucked out of the suburbs like Mosgiel, with events like horse events that in the past have been hosted out in Mosgiel. Now the motels, cafes and other business out there are losing out with this shift into the stadium to prop up the great white elephant.
    The question that should be asked is did this horse event get a freebee to go to the stadium, and was it funded by part of the $400,000 set aside by the council to attract events away from where they are usually held, to come and help prop up a financially dead stadium.

  7. Russell Garbutt

    An interesting question to ask of the NZ Masters Games organisers would be why this event is not being staged at Farry’s Folly. It was once held there but no longer is. Wonder if the ODT have asked?

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