Stadium: Brent Edwards cuts the grass (ODT 29.1.14)

Sports Comment (ODT 29.1.14, page 26)
Underperforming stadium needs to lift its game
By Brent Edwards
OPINION There needs to be a more collaborative approach if Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin is to have a chance of fulfilling its enormous potential. It’s here and it’s not going away, whether the naysayers like it or not. It’s a prized asset which has to be maximised and that is not the case at present. […] Rugby watching at the stadium is an experience. But there has been a lack of strong leadership, of continuity, and the resignation of two chief executives in quick time has not helped placate the doubters. Cont/

Free speech and all. Discursive, ill-informed, vacuous —how did Edwards’ opinion piece get past the editor. The column isn’t available online, imagine the comments if it was. By letters or email, pens and typewriters across the city should be flaring with indignation, and FACTS, to pummel the columnist —to educate his sorry arse.

Because papers are still selling today, for the avoidance of ‘plagiarism’, the column isn’t scanned for your amusement. Read it though if you get the chance —at your local library, cafe, McDonalds or workplace staff room. Damned silly to pay for his thoughts.

All those ideas, Brent. Are you rorted, doubters ?????

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One response to “Stadium: Brent Edwards cuts the grass (ODT 29.1.14)

  1. The shwit and wisdom of Brent Edwards, hey, what a guy! He comes right out and says what others would be too chicken to say – some people are so nervous of derision aren’t they!

    “What the stadium needs is an Otago person with a national and/or international profile and the drive and personality to connect with the public and the contacts to attract major events.”
    High profile, kind of like Sir Doug Graham, who can later claim self-pityingly that he didn’t know squat about the business of the board he was on. Hansen was quite high profile too, must have sentenced a few Otago people in his day. A man of excellent, ah, JUDGEment. Pity some skills aren’t all that transferrable.

    “Previous stadium bosses David Davies and Darren Burden doubtless had admirable qualities but they were not readily visible to the Otago public at large. They needed to engender a more inclusive attitude, to make the people of the province feel it was THEIR stadium.”
    Yeah our stadium. We marched in support of it, we fund-raised for it, remember? Yeah-no, I don’t either but I’m not getting any younger, I’m sure it happened.
    What about looking for a hypnotist, a top-notch one, to take on the job? That’s what’s needed to “to make the people of the province feel it was THEIR stadium” now that so many inconvenient truths are emerging from the fog.

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