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### 14 Oct 2012
Q&A: The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman talks crowdfunding, creativity
By Molly Petrilla
Creator of the popular humour website The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman recently turned his talents toward philanthropic crowdfunding, raising $1.37 million for a new Nikola Tesla Museum. Read more

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr
… with thanks to another of my nearby inspirations :)


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3 responses to “Comics: The Oatmeal

  1. Will consumers make do with “free sites including state-owned media such as – TVNZ and RNZ”?

    ### 8:31 AM Saturday Jan 18, 2014 3 comments
    Newspapers edge closer to online news charges
    By John Drinnan
    Newspapers are at the coalface of the media revolution this year as they push ahead with the switch in focus from print publications to online. Change has been accelerating and after years of giving content away online the newspaper companies are planning moves to subscription models – a change that APN News & Media, publisher of the NZ Herald and, has said will be in place by the middle of the year.
    Read more

  2. Following on from the story of Matthew Inman’s use of crowd sourcing, here’s a perfect local example.

    Asked why he did not simply borrow the money from the bank, Mr Lee said crowd-sourced funding allowed people to ”get on board, see your vision and go on a journey”.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 21 Jan 2014
    Developer extends target
    By Mark Price
    Wanaka entrepreneur Sam Lee has set a new crowd-funding target for his proposed ”meMINI” wearable video camera. Mr Lee launched a campaign earlier this month to raise $US50,000 to fund the development of the camera, which captures up to five minutes of events occurring before the user presses the recall button.
    Read more


    ### Thu, 16 Jan 2014
    RNZ National – Summer Report
    New personal camera could revolutionise film
    If you’ve ever missed a moment with your digital camera, or wasted hours trying capture a special moment a new invention from a group of new Zealanders could be just what you’re looking for. (7:10)
    Audio | Download: OggMP3

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    That’s a much more interesting way of having a “flutter” than gambling on pokies and lotto!

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