Botanic Garden: Visitor-vandals caught by DCC webcam

“Dunedin City Council parks manager Mick Reece said the botanic garden team had been intending to install security video for some time, but the weekend’s vandalism had made it an imperative.” –ODT

oooooohhh . . .

Botanic Garden DCC webcam Saturday 11.1.14Ouroboros with nighttime visitors via DCC webcam. Photo supplied.
[click to enlarge]

The group were there for about 15 minutes on Saturday 11 January.

DCC website: Dunedin Botanic Garden cam
Views of the botanic garden from the top of Croque-o-Dile café.

### ODT Online Wed, 15 Jan 2014
Vandalism spurs CCTV move
By Debbie Porteous
Closed-curcuit television is to be installed at the Dunedin Botanic Garden after vandals damaged the city’s latest piece of public art. Someone entered the garden at the weekend and put a dint in the steel worm sculpture, also known as Ouroboros. The sculpture was installed in mid-December.
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15 responses to “Botanic Garden: Visitor-vandals caught by DCC webcam

  1. Silly question. Mick probably has a silly answer.

    Why does Ouroboros turn into a glow worm at night if the gates to the Garden shut in the early evening and no-one (who isn’t a trespasser or a vandal) can view this magic of the stainless, er except by DCC webcam…

  2. I hear Cr Hawkins and Cr Benson-Pope are keen to raise the DCC budget for Art in Public Places. Spurred/cajoled by members of the Otago Sculpture Trust.

    So many sprouting bush fires for the council’s consolidated debt conflagration.

  3. Don’t know of Cr Hawkins artistic tastes but Cr Benson-Pope is known for interests in large protuberances, not sure about public places though. Could be damaged like the ‘ouroboros’.

  4. [Aside] Glad old Parkside Hotel days and more…

    Post: Whaleoil mention (18.10.13)

    Comment via
    Re: Whistleblower arrested after exposing fraud.
    Submitted by Anonymous on 31 July 2008 – 2:42am.
    “…Investigate’s inquiries into this particular incident have uncovered a major political dimension – allegations that senior Labour MPs Michael Cullen (now the Attorney-General) and Minister in charge of CYFS, David Benson-Pope – a schoolteacher at the time – helped police cover-up a major pedophilia, bondage and bestiality ring in the city in the mid-1980s. We’ll have full details of the political angle shortly, but first we’ll take you through the incident itself…”

    “…But it was what happened next that adds a political dimension to this case. Local Labour MP Michael Cullen – now the Attorney-General – and one of his enthusiastic party workers, a schoolteacher by the name of David Benson-Pope, helped quash public concern about a cover-up by circulating copies of the “independent” examiner’s whitewash report to service clubs and high schools, along with a covering letter expressing the hope that it would “dispel unrest in your community”.
    Their line: “there’s nothing in it, the claims are unsubstantiated, move on”.
    Who were they protecting, and why?
    It was not as if Labour was unaware of the central allegations: that the father of a police officer had procured underage schoolgirls for a bondage and discipline sex show that also included bestiality. Why would Michael Cullen, now the Attorney-General and Deputy Prime Minister, want to pour cold water on such a devastating allegation?
    Why would David Benson-Pope, a schoolteacher, want to reassure teachers and parents that there was no truth to the allegations?
    Lewis firmly believes the whole affair – with the implication that a senior Labour politician was involved in bondage and discipline, underage sex and bestiality – was ultimately shut down for political reasons, not just the fact that the man organising it was the father of a police officer…” Cont/

  5. le duc

    Funny you should mention ‘Stainless’. There was a man named Steel with this moniker on the Coast 50 years ago. His slogan was ‘Watch ‘Stainless’ Steel Steel Himself!’.

  6. DCC fruitcakes assert the council’s webcam mounted on top of the tea kiosk is unable to record. Why then were images sent to NZ Police yesterday to assist with their enquiries? Doh. DCC staff have it in their stupid heads that ratepayers should pay for duplication of camera coverage of the central garden area. Bloody typical.

    Use what you’ve got more effectively and pull your heads in.

    “Installing CCTV was “a costly exercise” so there had to be careful consideration before it went in, [Barbara] Wheeler said.”

    ### ODT Online Thu, 16 Jan 2014
    Botanic Garden beefs up security
    By Debbie Porteous
    A rotating digital camera taking photos at regular intervals will be set up in the central part of the Dunedin Botanic Garden this week as an interim security measure until closed-circuit television can be installed.
    Read more

  7. Um, we know who did it… photos are with Dunedin police.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 20 Jan 2014
    Public art vandalism risk we must bear
    By Peter Entwisle – Art Beat
    What impels people to attack works of art? The commemorative sculpture Ouroboros in the Dunedin Botanic Garden was damaged by a person or persons unknown, it was reported in last Wednesday’s Otago Daily Times.
    Read more

  8. ODT has woken up.

    Webcam footage of the incident in which the steel worm sculpture in the Dunedin Botanic Garden was damaged is with police.

    █ Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Community Constable Louise France, of North Dunedin, on 473 0737.

  9. Uh-oh. So soon?!?!

    ### ODT Fri, 25 Apr 2014 (page 8)
    Split found in worm

    “The flexible metal worm installed in the Dunedin Botanic Garden has split. Staff were not sure if it was vandalism, DCC parks manager Lisa Wheeler said. It did not bear the hallmarks of a deliberate attack. Staff were reviewing CCTV footage to try and determine a cause. Mrs Wheeler was not sure when it happened, but suggested it was probably during Easter. Christchurch artist Julia Morison, who created Ouroboros, was “very shocked” by what had happened. Installed in December to mark the garden’s 150th anniversary, it cost $85,000.”

  10. Cost to artist.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 30 Apr 2014
    Worm coming down to earth
    By Debbie Porteous
    It seems vigorous play has unzipped Dunedin’s worm and it will have to be returned to the earth. The city’s latest piece of public art, a giant flexible steel worm in the Dunedin Botanic Garden, is to be lowered closer to the ground after coming undone at the seams.
    Read more

  11. Hype O'Thermia

    Whatever happened to our tradition of making ratepayers stump up for everyone else’s miscalculations?

  12. ### April 30, 2014 – 6:07pm
    Worm in need of repairs
    The Dunedin Botanic Garden’s latest sculpture installation has been the victim of some enthusiastic play.

  13. Elizabeth

    ODT 1.10.15 The Wash (page 2)

    ODT 1.10.15 The Wash - Ouroboros, Botanic Garden page2

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