Dunedin Hotel (apartments): Who ARE the developers?

“I’m pretty sure that Ping and Jing and the developers want some conclusions too … they don’t want to be still working through this in six months’ or a year’s time.” –Mayor Cull (ODT)

An interesting statement – any names? Who are the developers? All we heard in evidence, name-wise (not fully explained), was the source of the building plans at China (“tweaked” by some unimaginative pasty sell-out hailing from Auckland).
Jing Song, left, and Ping Cao - Nelson, 2011 [stuff.co.nz Nelson Mail] 3In the argybargy over resource consent Jing Song always came across as a naive young woman (of potential wealth) with no real idea of how she was being used by the circling sharks of Dunedin and elsewhere.
Despite fronting at hearing she certainly had no idea about the standard of information required for the application process, seemingly duped by legal advisers to play dumb, who maybe weren’t that clear either. The youthful husband never turned up.
Still, “they” might surprise us with something that is well designed and sensitively scaled —but that would cost. To be erected in Queenstown or Christchurch. Given the state of our airport and its relative disconnection with the country’s major international gateways, would it be any wonder.

Image: Jing Song, left, and Ping Cao were married at the Grand Mercure Nelson Monaco resort (Nelson Mail, 10.9.11) Story via stuff.co.nz.

How much has DCC spent on schmoozing the ‘wealthy’ Chinese?
Any New Zealand finance going in (to the ‘university hostel’)?

### ODT Online Tue, 7 Jan 2014
Talks on hotel bid ongoing
By Chris Morris
The fate of Dunedin’s proposed $100 million waterfront hotel hangs in the balance, but a decision on whether to proceed – or abandon the project – could be just weeks away, it has been confirmed. Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull told the Otago Daily Times all parties were working to address “complex” issues but he could offer no guarantees a way forward could be found.
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To learn more, enter the term *hotel* in the search box at right.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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13 responses to “Dunedin Hotel (apartments): Who ARE the developers?

  1. Guessing here: the story was given to the ODT to elicit an outpouring from the “free money at any cost” believers that this “gift” will benefit Dunedin more than handicap it. Then Daave would be able to claim a mandate a la Key for bending his spine like a rubberband to permit whatever they want, no matter how visually inappropriate, no matter how it would undermine local accommodation providers. The tiniest alterations will be trumpeted and accompanied by a troupe of lipstick’d pig cheerleaders to convince the non-steak-holders how hard-line our elected and paid chiefs were on our behalf.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Comment at ODT Online:

    Hands off, Dave
    Submitted by topsy on Wed, 08/01/2014 – 12:02am.

    What concerns me the most from the published article is the revelation that the Mayor is involving himself in discussions around consent applications and potential changes to the District Plan. Aside from the fact that he is completely unqualified to do so (unless he has recently completed a degree in resource management or town planning), any process involving a consent application or plan change is an internal matter for the DCC and should not be influenced in any way by a political appointee.
    Read more

    Who is THE DCC planning and legal team that accompanies Dave on these forays to pray before the iconic carrot worth $100M – HOW MUCH ARE WE PAYING for their services ??? – since, simple Dave is landlord/handyman/presenter/director-shareholder/writer/cyclist-mayor.

  3. Whippet

    What is new. They have changed the District plan to suit their cronies before. Council changed a part of the District plan from rural to residential that allowed their cronies land to increase in value from $250,000 to $25 million. Not a bad deal if you are in the right club.

    • Then, Whippet, the momentous Stadium Plan Change and the NOR (for a designation)* for realignment of SH88 around the stadium. Altogether, a bold move that (orchestrated) profited a bunch of private individuals exceedingly handsomely. The extent of which is still coming to light when seen in combination with other things. But that’s OK, ratepayers can be depended on to pay well above the odds for swipes and privilege – thanks to the seedy bastards in the top ranks elected or employed to run DCC.

      2014 is going to be quite a year. Perhaps ‘Year of the White Collar’.

      *Resulting in the High Court finding (via a private prosecution) that the Dunedin City Council has created an ILLEGAL ROAD.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Dave wants a phallic symbol with his name on it as his legacy. The stadium has been taken by Chin so the hotel is next best thing.

  5. Peter

    Calvin. I’m not sure about the stadium being a phallic symbol. It seems to be lacking…….potency.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    Nothing Cheap about Dave. Everything he promotes costs $millions. Watch him create 10,000 new jobs and increase the median wage by $10,000pa in the next ten years. Watch the Spatial Plan unfold, then there is Jinty’s cycling and Food Plans, no, Dave is not cheap nor potent.

    • Don’t forget the second generation District Plan – that’s prefigured by the Spatial Plan, and is being devised to give effect to all sorts of crap that delivers more wealth to the wealthy and less to the struggling… the only way Dave will ever find the means to lever the Economic Development Strategy – and yes, it will fail but not before the most greedy clip more tickets to everyone else’s cost.

  7. Elizabeth

    The disgraced mad chook (spoilt brat) is still UN-loved.

    As a colleague says: Money talks, bullshitting walks.

    Sing Song can keep her cheap morally irresponsible package-hotel-apartment idea for our waterfront and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, she can decorate that anatomy with black diamonds if she wants but that makes the wearer no less repugnant.

    Fri, 4 Nov 2016
    ODT: Plan for million dollar wine
    The woman behind a failed bid to build a $100 million waterfront hotel in Dunedin has moved on to making million-dollar bottles of wine. Jing Song was back in Dunedin last night…[*vomit]…There was still a lingering regret her plans for a 27-storey tower on Wharf St never came to fruition — she felt the hotel would have been perfect for the growing numbers of Chinese visitors — but she had moved on to other projects, including her award-winning winery. Cont/

    Related Post and Comments:
    14.2.14 Hotel: The height of arrogance

    The post opens:

    “Don’t care how much you’ve spent on slapping Dunedin’s face, chook.
    GO AWAY —give your ‘Swarovski crystal’ to some other place.

    Bored housewife syndrome:
    If you’ve spent a million already your consultants are out of control.”

    • Peter

      This million bucks wine is vulgar. In the same article she honours the old Chinese gold diggers of the nineteenth century. FFS. Remember how she talked about her hotel being a ‘gift’ to Dunedin. Talk about a gold digger.

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