Otago Heritage Bus shines !!! —ORC holiday bus suspension, patchy city services reprehensible

Otago Heritage Bus(1) LL-194Image: Otago Heritage Bus Society Inc

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Dec 2013
Otago Heritage Bus Society counts its takings
By Rosie Manins
Gold coin donations for a novel Christmas bus service will help restoration projects by the Otago Heritage Bus Society. The society operated heritage buses on two routes through Dunedin yesterday when all other public bus services were suspended for Christmas.
Bus passengers were encouraged to bring their pet dogs along for the ride and give a donation to the society as their fare.
Society treasurer Jacqui Hellyer said the hill route, encompassing St Kilda, the Octagon, Halfway Bush and Brockville was especially popular.
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Website: Otago Heritage Bus Society Inc
About the Society
Join the Society — Membership
Volunteers wanted — Drivers (P and/or HT endorsements), Conductors, Bus Valets, Automotive and Mechanical knowhow, Administration & Archiving, Hospitality & Frontline Experience


### ODT Online Thu, 26 Dec 2013
All we ask for is a decent bus service
By Lynley Hood
I live on the Corstorphine-Kew bus route. I know how bad the service is. But it took the latest provocation – the Otago Regional Council’s “Proposed Changes to the Bus Services” – to drive me from apathy, to research, to rage, to writing.
The Public Transport Management Act defines “transport disadvantaged” as “people whom the regional council has reasonable grounds to believe are the least able to get to basic community activities and services (for example, work, education, healthcare, welfare, and food shopping)”.
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8 responses to “Otago Heritage Bus shines !!! —ORC holiday bus suspension, patchy city services reprehensible

  1. ### ODT Online Sat, 28 Dec 2013
    Group manages to catch last bus
    By John Gibb
    The Otago Heritage Bus Society has bought the last of 10 former Dunedin public transport minibuses after 18 months of fundraising.
    The MAN minibuses were introduced on the Normanby-St Clair route in 1990, running every 10 minutes during the day and marking a ”turning point” in the fortunes of the city’s public transport.
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  2. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz September 2, 2014 – 5:55pm
    38 year old bus back on the road
    After sitting dormant in a paddock for more than a decade, a 38 year old Dunedin bus is back on the road. The bus was operated in Dunedin for 17 years, then sold to an Oamaru transport company. But now it’s back carrying Dunedin passengers, although it hasn’t been easy getting the wheels to spin once again.

  3. Elizabeth

    No136: one of 30 buses with New Zealand Motor Bodies bodywork in various lengths and sizes, on Dunedin streets between 1959 and 1968.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 15 Jan 2016
    No 136 — restored and ready to roll
    By John Lewis
    A long-forgotten Dunedin movie star has been resurrected after being found a little worse for wear in a paddock. The 1966 Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster – Dunedin City Transport bus No136 – was bound for scrap in 2010 when Timaru bus enthusiast Philip Murphy discovered it and wondered if it could be saved.
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    • Callum

      Oh! I thought this post was going to be about the trams or cable cars. But wow pretty vintage buses anyway! And this is something different like restoring vehicles! Its pretty cool that they run buses around the public holidays!

      • Elizabeth

        Hi Callum, you’re right – the OHB is fairly cool :) – more news coming for the cable car project for High St. Keep you posted. This month is THE month to spot great car and vehicle restoration work about town – it’s the International Festival of Historic Motoring, running in Dunedin until January 24. There was a supplement in the ODT about it but seems quite hard to find the events information generally (I presume no budget for marketing much….).

    • British Leyland: vroom. Dutch brides: oh, hello Mrs Vermeer, how’s your husband’s model? The Boris™ bus in London is bendy. Daniel Cohn Bendy.

  4. Elizabeth


    The Otago Heritage Bus Society was asked for the use of a bus in an advertisement being filmed near Queenstown.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 5 Mar 2016
    ‘Grottiest’ bus has moment of fame
    By Rhys Chamberlain
    A really “smelly and scruffy” bus falling into disrepair in an Ashburton paddock has become an international star. The 1976 Leyland Leopard bus was cast in an advertisement for Milka chocolate in November and is now screening on Youtube and television sets around the world.
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    Milka Italia Published on Feb 17, 2016
    Milka. Tenero dentro.
    Tenderness is inside: http://www.milka.it/

  5. Elizabeth

    Otago Heritage Bus Society saves vehicle.

    Sat, 25 Jun 2016
    ODT: Trolley bus No1 returns (+ video)
    Dunedin’s first trolley bus has returned to the city, 50 years after it was taken out of service and sent to the North Island. The bus was stored in Wellington for years before beginning its journey south last year and finally returned to Dunedin last Friday after spending almost a year in Christchurch.

    Otago Daily Times Published on Jun 19, 2016
    Trolleybus returns to Dunedin
    Former Dunedin City Council trolleybus No 1 has been brought back to Dunedin for preservation by the Otago Heritage Bus Society.

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