DCC team building at your expense (2 events)

Updated post 16.12.13

Comment at ODT Online:
Not convinced
Submitted by topsy on Mon, 16/12/2013 – 1:08am.
“council’s senior managers met the cost of alcohol personally”. Not 100% clear on this comment. Did the managers pay from their own pocket ? Or did they each pay from their respective department’s personal budget, as opposed to the bill being paid by the DCC as a lump sum?
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ODT reports “a budget-conscious Christmas party (12 December), with senior managers picking up the booze bill”; you paid for free nibbles (350 pax) and entertainment, and the venue (DPAG not available for external commercial hireage). Cost to ratepayers not including the venue estimated as $2530.

Last ODT reports “Mayor Dave Cull, councillors and members of the council’s executive leadership team, together with their partners, enjoyed a Christmas function in Middlemarch” (8 December). This was tied to “a teambuilding exercise and familiarisation trip for new councillors”. You paid for bike hire ($360), a barbeque ($875; “partially BYO”), bus travel (no figure), and train travel to Pukerangi (care of Taieri Gorge Railway, a council-controlled trading organisation). Total cost to ratepayers unknown.

The mayor, Liability Cull says the council “as an good employer, wanted to acknowledge the festive season without ”penny-pinching” but while being responsible…Clearly we are being very prudent, as we should be.”

You paid for these —unsurprisingly, one was held on Kate Wilson’s turf.

Piggy Bank [telegraph.co.uk] 1

Could you call these a spree?
Were either of the events necessary?
The councillors and staff do receive rather excellent pay.
Why would we pay for partners?
Is this gravytrain or sleazy or important?
How many reading this have got $360 to spend on recreational bike hire, and altogether don’t mind their rates being used this way?

Think about this at your next potluck or porridge day held at home.

Was this unwise, something you would rather not happen?
Could the council have volunteered its collective resources to the community in a way that adds value, outside council work hours (for example, a working bee)?
Other thoughts?
What is team building – isn’t that cemented into all council work, every day?
Community fundraiser, really?

We should generously embrace this very minor self-entitled ‘bonus’?
Or not sneeze?

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: telegraph.co.uk – piggy bank re-imaged by Whatifdunedin
[uncanny cartoon resemblance to Athol and Ms Howard]


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10 responses to “DCC team building at your expense (2 events)

  1. Updated post. Refer comment by topsy.

  2. At least it was a ‘Stone’ barn.

  3. Goodness gracious! They didn’t get stoned, did they? That is ‘team building’ extreme’. Would make good television though.

  4. Spooks have spoken….

    Comment at ODT Online, in reply to topsy:

    DCC Christmas party
    Submitted by DCC Communications on Tue, 17/12/2013 – 1:45pm.

    Hello Topsy. Be convinced, the alcohol was paid for by senior staff 100% from their own pockets. The staff Christmas function was modest, less than $10 a head for chips, a few nibbles and Christmas cake, as a small gesture to thank the many DCC staff who have put in a good year’s work.

  5. There is a very good explanation for the heavily reduced food costs this year. Old ‘Rodders Bryant isn’t there any more.

  6. Anonymous

    Apart from the issue of paying for this council junket, “teambuilding” is a demoralising and humiliating concept pushed upon staff in the hope it will bring them closer together and work more efficiently aka harder. While it appears to work on the surface, what is really occurring is people doing what they need to be seen to do to avoid being singled out and often out of fear of losing their livelihood by disagreeing. The actual result of course is resentment and the tendency to stop working beyond the requirements of their job.

    What actually does improve staff moral and increase efficiency is treating people with respect, recognising their potential and addressing issues before they become a problem. These traditional values seem to be lost on management today who are more inclined to spend vast amounts on hiring external consultants who appear barely able to contain their joy at making people do tricks for their employer.

    It is quite possible to have an enjoyable outing on a bike without some fruitcake ruining it with a stop to talk about your feelings, wearing the funny/stupid hat for being first/middle/last/whatever or pretending you’re standing on something, over something. Etc.

    So executive types, here’s a free tip to save you (and the ratepayers) many thousands and increase productivity. Throw out the current teambuilding concepts and rid yourself of those HR clones who think it’s a good idea. Get back to basics of treating your staff with respect.

  7. Easy Anon; do what you suggest and you knock out the very ‘pillars’ upon which the whole establishment depends. Worse, that would undermine the whole premise on which that great fraud of the Universities base their business sales/marketing and management degrees. It simply is aimed at short circuiting life time experience. Come in at the front knowing everything, inculcate the culture and then we create titles for everyone including the ‘dike’ cleaners, hold ‘blue sky visionary’ seances and of course the obligatory ‘team building’ events like a bunch of soft flabby variable age councillors wobbling along the Central Rail Trail on a pseudo ‘team building’ exercise heavily disguised as a Xmas outing. This is all guaranteed of course to reduce the city’s debt and rates plus compliance costs all in one heavenly blessed moment. So, Anon, don’t knock the silly hats and the ‘fruitcake’ consultants/ ra ra boys. It is the modern way. How else can we get goodies like Stadiums and dedicated cycleways, Spatial Plans, Economic Plans aimed at creating 10,000 jobs and lifting the median income by $10,000pa within ten years? It can only be achieved by good ‘teamwork’, ‘brain storming meetings’ (they would be a doozy to watch) and an excellent total lack of any understanding of the foibles of human nature and financial prudence.

  8. Jock strap

    Interesting that they went up to Kate’s stamping ground to do their thing. Could have gone to BP’s old stamping ground the Carisbrook hotel. He could have given a conducted tour and told them what they got up to in the good old days.

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