Santa Parade, Dunedin (1 Dec 2013)

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Updated post 5.11.14 at 2:26 p.m.

Sun, 1 Dec 2013
Perfect weather – the event went ahead as planned. The parade started at 3pm at the former BP service station, corner Regent Rd and George St, and travelled to the Octagon where free live music was provided for the crowd.

### ODT Online Mon, 2 Dec 2013
Santa parade crowd-pleaser
By Shawn McAvinue
The 78 floats ranged from a jaw-flapping dragon to referee-jumping roller-skaters and a giant albatross that bellowed Cliff Richard’s song Summer Holiday to mark the official start of the festive season. Dunedin Santa Parade Trust chairman Dean Driver said the parade was ”sensational”.
Read more + Slideshow* [Captions with names of festival participants]

pipers 1lr IMG_3756orange towtruck 1lr IMG_3824santa westpac 1lr IMG_3988St John 1lr IMG_3804St John ambulance 1lr IMG_3808fire 2lr IMG_3833bikers 1lr IMG_3764albatross head 1lr IMG_3778balloons 1lr IMG_3807ducks 1lr IMG_3921chopper 1lr IMG_3782lego house 2lr IMG_3948brass 1lr IMG_3884checked jacket 2lr IMG_4025wild west 2lr IMG_3922snoopy 1lr IMG_3946robot head 1lr IMG_3882puss in boots 1lr IMG_3926pilot tot 1lr IMG_3790plane 1lr IMG_3949xmas tree 1lr IMG_4038santa hats 1lr IMG_3897japanese 1lr IMG_3812reindeer 1lr IMG_4014santa-closeup-2lr-img_3955 1

Post and images by Elizabeth Kerr


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7 responses to “Santa Parade, Dunedin (1 Dec 2013)

  1. Owing to disaster, I guess there won’t be a DVML float in the parade this year; constructed with time, materials, brilliance, happy faces and good cheer donated from the excess of DVML fat salaries unknowingly sponsored by Dunedin ratepayers.

  2. Anonymous

    Interesting. I heard that there was a plan a while back to have a DVML float in the parade 2 years ago, but that there were “issues”.

  3. alanbec

    Amazing. Le duck, Hewey, Dewey and Louie (also ducks), and Honky Cat, with many others. It does look new, fresh and festive.

  4. Elizabeth

    Updated post at top of thread.

  5. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sun, 30 Nov 2014
    Still keen about parade 17 years on
    By John Gibb
    Businessman Mark Laughton is still as keen about helping to organise the Dunedin Santa Parade as when he started 17 years ago. And the annual parade itself has come a long way from humble beginnings, when he helped revive the event in 1998. Back then there were about 30 entries, including about a dozen floats as well as bands and other community groups.
    Read more

    █ This year’s parade, starting at 3pm on Sunday, December 7, will feature about 80 entries, including 40 floats, and other attractions, including musical groups such as the City of Dunedin Pipe Band and Mosgiel Brass Band.

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