DVML in disarray

● DVML chief executive Darren Burden leaves 24 December, takes up rival role in Christchurch.
● Former DVML commercial manager Guy Hedderwick now part-time contractor, works from Adelaide.

### ODT Online Sat, 30 Nov 2013
Stadium defections, bookings prompt review
By Chris Morris
The board overseeing Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium has launched a management review amid high-profile defections and concerns the entertainment cupboard for this summer is ”a little bit bare”. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd board chairman Sir John Hansen, speaking to the Otago Daily Times, had a blunt message for music fans hoping for a stadium-filling concert this summer.
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### stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00 03/06/2012
Dunedin’s House of Blame
By Steve Kilgallon
The prospect of yet more glittering new stadiums being constructed by ambitious city fathers – as being debated right now in Christchurch and Auckland – is met with scorn by some in Dunedin, where the saga of the Forsyth Barr Stadium has left a city divided and its ratepayers facing vast debts.
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106 responses to “DVML in disarray

  1. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd chief executive Darren Burden is a finalist in the 2013 Entertainment Venues Association of New Zealand Awards.

  2. Phil

    I clearly missed the memo about Guy Hedderwick getting a long overdue shove. Presumably that means that his daughter is also no longer on the payroll. That family has done well out of the stadium, being only overshadowed by the Eathornes. Guy was an embarassment, in an organisation with some stiff competition for the title. I am sure we all remember his campaign which offered free match tickets for the person with the best Bev Butler insult. But on to more pressing concerns. Out of curiosity, I did a quick internet search on our Guy. It seems that he has enjoyed a wonderful 2013. He appears to have spent most of it touring the world, going to matches at stadia on several continents and attending all manner of sports conferences. My question is whether he did his big OE at the expense of the stadium which, as the stadium effectively generates a zero income, would make it a ratepayer funded global holiday. Who paid for this freeloader, how much, and why ? Is cost recovery for a zero result being sought ?

  3. DVML in disarray
    Stadium defections, bookings prompt review
    By Chris Morris on Sat, 30 Nov 2013

    “Dunedin Venues Management Ltd board chairman Sir John Hansen, speaking to the Otago Daily Times, had a blunt message for music fans hoping for a stadium-filling concert this summer.”……

    “…..Anyone waiting for a sell-out show to rival Sir Elton John’s should forget about it.

    ”This summer? The answer would be no,” he said.”

    I find this all rather telling. In effect he is telling us that we are looking at a ‘dog’

    And then this…..

    “Sir John also defended the decision to grant Mr Burden an early release from his contract. The decision meant DVML would likely be run ”by mini-committee” – comprising board members and other senior managers – until Mr Burden’s replacement began work, which might not be until late February”, Sir John said.

    I find this all rather telling. What is wrong with volunteers running the show – like all other similarly cash strapped outfits until they turn some kind of corner …like selling it?

    Lingua in maxillam

  4. Some families are just so much more talented than others. You see it in Mafia families – not that there’s anything else comparable of course – where members of the family show above average tendencies not to pursue careers in early childhood education, soft furniture sales or shelf-stacking.

  5. Mike

    I usually feel a bit out of place in the Koru Lounge- his presence and behaviour there (one day during the world cup) was the only time I felt I really needed to leave. He must have an awful lot of AirNZ because it seemed like he owned the place

  6. There was a time when the word Fubar was stripped from posts. Now it’s even in the header to a comment:
    “Fubar – still
    Submitted by MikeStk on Sat, 30/11/2013 – 1:22pm.
    It seems the “fubar” rugby stadium continues to earn its nickname….”

  7. The “anti-negative” brigade haven’t been given a hurry-up yet. Will they still keep saying “it’s here, get behind it, support it, make it work”?

  8. Fernfrond

    I just saw an interesting comment on Q+A this morning.Various people were discussing the Christchurch rebuild and a new Christchurch stadium was mentioned. (Sir) Mark Solomon then said crowds at the previous stadium had been declining and questioned why the government/council would want to build a bigger one. He then proceeded to call the new proposed stadium a white elephant. Jerry Brownlee said nothing. Good to see people of national importance with their feet firmly planted in reality. Candor like this is all too rare in New Zealand.

    • Thanks Fernfrond, just watched that on TV1 +1. Mark Solomon is entirely correct.

      Summary of this the final episode of Q&A for 2013 here.
      Catch the full programme at TV1 OnDemand [Q&A] when available.

      [video excerpt]
      ● Sunday December 1, 2013 Has Canterbury lost faith in the system? (14:49)
      Corin Dann interviews Gerry Brownlee, Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel, and Ngai Tahu chairman Sir Mark Solomon.

      Twitter @NZQandA @CorinDann @susanmwood @LianneDalziel Gerry Brownlee [Minister, no twitter address?], @NTPounamu Mark Solomon
      Raymond Miller [political scientist, University of Auckland, no twitter address], @siandgarymorefm Gary McCormick, Peter Townsend [Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, no twitter address]
      @CERAgovtnz @EQCNZ @ChristchurchCC @rebuildchch

  9. Rob Hamlin

    We are constantly told that, “It is here so there.” It is indeed here, and in that case the correct way to look at it is as a sunk cost. There is no point in bothering about the debt, it cannot be modified to relieve its impact on ratepayers.

    What can be modified in order to relieve fiscal pressure on other more important activities is the ongoing revenue/cost balance relating to its support.

    Either revenue has to be increased or costs have to be reduced. The former seems very unlikely especially from non-rugby sources. Given the standard of its management as suggested by the recent near liquidation of the ORFU, professional rugby seems unlikely to perform well in this area either, so we are looking at reducing costs. Several possibilities suggest themselves:

    1) Cut the non-direct costs by cutting the DVML marketing related top hamper. If they are not generating any extra revenue, then marketing costs need to be reduced. This means not reappointing any senior management that address non-direct operational matters. This includes pretty much everybody in DVML’s executive ranks and the board. The departure of many expensive managers is an opportunity. Ditto expensive ‘representatives’ anywhere.

    2) Cut non-direct DVL/DVML cash shuffling costs. These look to have been put in place to disguise this structure’s commercial failure and that of the CSCT’s ‘feasibility analysis’. Employing two expensive boards and all the flunkies to maintain this pretense is no longer necessary now that both of these failures are manifest. Even after this is done there will be still be plenty of losses to soak up any tax related subvention payments from DCHL. But Calvin and I could handle the related paperwork over a beer for a far more modest charge.

    3) Cut direct costs by reconfiguring the stadium to match current realities. Now that the multi-purpose tale is well and truly ‘done’. It might be time to look at some cost related modifications to reconfigure it to its dedicated pro-rugby purpose. If one is honest, it is clear that this City has better adapted venues for all the other commercial uses to which it has been put to date and to which it may realistically be put in future, except big rock concerts. However, even the management have finally admitted that big rock concerts are not going to be a feature of the future – and their requirements can therefore reasonably be ignored.

    The most obvious cost contributor is the ETFE roof and the tin shed at the north end. Get rid of these and you get rid of most of the costs of keeping the miserable patchy turf on life support. You will of course end up with an open pitch – one covered stand with boxes and one smaller open stand with facility to erect a temporary stand at each end if necessary. Capacity and facilities will not be altered by the removal of the roof, although some waterproofing of the terraces, or abandonment of the structures beneath them may be necessary. The roof was an expensive ‘off the cuff’ proposal and the case for the additional investment in it and ongoing extra cost of it was never seriously examined. The outcome would therefore be a ‘not terribly good pygmy provincial rugby stadium’ – but isn’t that what is already?

    4) Another expensive component of the FB stadium is the turf. One could leave the roof and get rid of that which would reduce costs substantially. However, no sport played on astroturf can generate crowds that would fill the stadium, and the roof/walls would have to be modified to create a genuinely enclosed rather than simply covered arena. There would be no point in doing this as the City already possesses an enclosed astroturfed arena of similar size, but without the unnecessary stands in the form of the Edgar Stadium.

    5) Review ALL the money paid by the DCC to pro-rugby by whatever routes, and the returns that can be related to all of these itemised pro-rugby directed expenditure streams within the simplified rugby-only environment. Then apply the razor to any non-returners as necessary. Be prepared – this might be all of them if honest tools of financial analysis are thoroughly applied. Such is the carnage in its foundation of goodwill and related revenue streams wrought by the management of this sport in the ‘professional era’ that it may soon have to be admitted that professional rugby structures cannot be supported outside of the three major urban centres – and only barely within them. This is regardless of the public ‘investments’ that may be directed at it.

    6) In that case, it can be concluded that this structure is simply not able to generate the revenue that would justify its continued support under any circumstances. The 99c start conditional auction sale/demolition option may at last have to be seriously considered as the ultimate cost reduction measure.

    As pro-rugby will be the only ‘refugee’, their needs can be catered to quite briskly and on a fully commercial basis. The ORFU/Highlanders may have to make do with a commercial rental arrangement involving either Forbury Park or Wingatui, either of which has stands and related facilities which should be large enough to cater for their expected crowds on most occasions. These crowds may also be reduced to the level that Forbury Park or Wingatui can handle if DVML is no longer in existence and thus unable to issue significant numbers of free/reduced price tickets. The rent paid to these sites by pro-rugby without any DCC intermediation would also improve their viability as genuinely multi-purpose venues.

  10. Rob; I like the idea of the “beers”, not so fussy about the paperwork. But hey! there are some gems in your suggestions. I like the idea of the ORFU tying in with the ‘racing fraternity’ at Forbury Park and Wingatui. There is already a kind of symbiotic relationship there with the DIA and the ‘pokies rorts’. But another idea I had was for DVML to build a large galley. Malcolm could be entrusted with that task. The Highlanders could be contracted as the oarsmen. Bill Acklin in the bowels beating the timing drum and Malcolm fitted out in a ‘Napoleonic tunic – complete with medals – strutting the poop deck. We could call for volunteers from the public (a saving in costs there) to do duties as the ‘whipsters’. Then DVML could institute a regular ferry service between Dunedin and Port Chalmers ferrying all those seriously obese passengers off the cruise ships up to town for coffee and cream buns then back to Port. Could be a good little earner, and keep the lads in great physical shape. Think of the ‘economic benefits’ flowing into the city. Could be $millions. I should check with Mr Saxton.

  11. Whippet

    Seriously. This whole mess of the stadium must be put back in the hands, and run by those councillors who voted for the ratepayers’ money to fund this white elephant in the first place. As it all started with them voting for it to go ahead. The buck must now stop with them.
    The following could be the makeup of the committee to turn the stadium into a profit that they assured us would happen. Let us now give them this opportunity to put it all right.
    Chairman: S. Brown. Chief line in the sand man.
    Deputy: M. Farry.
    Committee: Noone, Hudson, Weatherall, Acklin, Collins, Cull, Wilson, Staynes.
    All could met in the St Clair sandpit, and draw more lines in the sand.

  12. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    The real problem is that from the finance meeting the other day it became immediately apparent that there is no member of the council or the DCC who have a single idea about what to do with the stadium. No solutions zero, nitch. No idea, not even a bad one.

    So at the moment the solution is to spend $20 million annually hoping the problem will go away. That is $500 per ratepayer annually in addition to interest costs.

    The good thing from those DCC proponents is it is another group of people working for the DCC who can bludge off the ratepayers.

    Parking, traffic lights, dog control, DMVL, Delta etc etc.

    Until councillors are appointed that will bite the bullet and reduce staffing numbers, Dunedin will be financial hell for ratepayers.

    However whilst there are 750 DCC employees that are voters this is extremely unlikely to happen.

    One of the interesting issues which arose from that finance meeting was that one of the questioners was not aware that DCC debt was in fact ratepayer debt including him!

    I wonder how few or how many Dunedinites were similarly delusioned?

  13. D Smith

    Here we are again, I refer to an earlier thread about finding the best person to lead the white elephant…


  14. The Bookmaker

    Now taking bets on how long before DVML’s Sir John Hansen jumps ship.

  15. What’s really going on? Too close to flames?
    Do we really want our stadium news from someone like John Hansen?

    ### ODT Online Thu, 5 Dec 2013
    Media queries now to DVML chairman
    By Chris Morris
    The outgoing chief executive of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd, which runs Forsyth Barr Stadium, has been stripped of most of his media duties ahead of his premature departure from the role.
    Read more

  16. Clipping supplied. ODT 21.12.13 Letter to the editor (page 34):

    ODT 21.12.13 Letter to editor (page 34)

  17. The farce continues. DVML have appointed another sucker in the attempt to make the business “a success”.

    Former pro cricketer to head DVML

    John Hansen is completely gaga – he says of the latest recruit: ”He’s got a really commercial focus.” This won’t bring concerts, this won’t bring more paying games of rugby, this won’t put more discretionary spending money in the pockets of low wage Dunedin, this won’t fix the multimillion dollar losses. Another salary for NOTHING.

  18. Tim

    Mike, what a great fund raising suggestion! A pool on how long CEO number 3 lasts might generate more income than the stadium itself.
    A stroke of genius!

  19. Hype O'Thermia

    I wonder what “leaving payout” he has negotiated.

  20. If ever there was a time for the DCC to step in and say; ENOUGH! this must stop. no more DVML CEOs. The door cannot revolve any more. Begone Mr Hansen, take all your sycophants with you, and shut the door when you leave. Would Dave have the nous to do that? Not, based on anything we’ve seen from him on the subject in the past. Still, he is a very busy man, with big decisions to make. Like what sort of hairdo should I wear at the Shanghai celebrations? Should I wear a tie or go open necked? Should I take the crimson and ermine robe (Chinese like the colour red), the gold chain? So many decisions, so little time, why oh why, do they keep pestering me with DVML, Annual Plans, budgets, rates etc? Why can’t they just let me free to be my own little king?

  21. Ma Fia

    Hope there is no jinx with the surname, Davies. I guess we can call this one ‘Davies 2’.
    I remember Davies 1 said the job he came to as DVML boss was not one he was led to believe in the job offer hype he received. Deja vu? His exit interview in the ODT might be worth revisiting.
    Davies 2 is taking a career risk, but at 55 it is only ten years to retirement. If he lasts that long.
    Funny how he comes from Adelaide. Guy’s new patch. Small world.

  22. Tim

    Maybe Guy headhunted Davies 2 like Farry headhunted Guy.

  23. ### ODT Online Wed, 5 Mar 2014
    Salary up to $225,000
    By Chris Morris
    The new boss of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd will be paid up to $225,000 to try to turn the struggling company’s fortunes around, it has been confirmed.
    Terry Davies (53) was not yet giving interviews, but DVML staff have confirmed he would be paid a base salary of $200,000, with an additional $25,000 at-risk portion. That could see Mr Davies paid up to $225,000, depending on his performance, and he would receive a yet-to-be-determined allowance for the cost of relocating from Adelaide, DVML spokeswoman Kim Barnes said.
    Read more

    █ DVML’s recruitment costs so far which led to Terry Davies – $33,750 (Optima Global Talent’s fee; and psychometric assessments). Other costs were yet to be determined.

  24. Hype O'Thermia

    Oh for goodness sake, pick anyone from WINZ’s jobseeker list, it wouldn’t make any difference. Living wage basic, with a monster bonus for every successful (money-earning) event they attract.

  25. Secret Squirrel

    A friend of mine applied. He is local but has lots of international experience running larger projects than DVML. He didn’t even get considered because he didn’t specifically have Stadium Management. Personally I think he was nuts to look at it but he thinks things can be turned around with good management. He earns a lot more overseas that the current salary & is planning to return but said he had been prepared to work for bugger all plus commission just because he feels the place deserves better & if it was turned around it would be great for the city.

    • Your friend is lucky he didn’t get the job.

    • Ma Fia

      Secret Squirrel. Your friend, if he looked more closely, would have been on a perilous journey. Only a fool would take this job given the impossible parameters the stadium has to operate under.
      David Davies and Darren Burden had to scat. Terry Davies will want to in a short timeframe as well.

      • Secret Squirrel

        I gather he looked very closely before deciding to apply. He’s got very different experience to the previous (& now future) plus he would have been doing it for a very different reason (& was prepared to show it by taking a very low base). He was not very complimentary about the recruitment process. Unfortunately it seems there are so many other hurdles/people in the way so it probably needs someone who they’ll let call the shots (i.e. appoint a smaller board of good locals, if even required).

        Shame we can’t get more passionate locals involved in stuff & maybe attract more ppl back. Anyway, that’s just my 2c. I know my opinion will differ from most of you but I don’t think the stadium is a dead duck, it’s just being run like one.

  26. DVML, from “Sir John Hansen” down to the Mayor (and that is the bottom), they all live in “La La Land” where money grows on evergreen trees, with peppermint trees and sugar plum trees, on the lee side of the big rock candy mountain.

  27. jeff dickie

    Secret Squirrel, your friend really believes he can turn the stadium around?!!! I thought Jesus Christ was dead!

    • Secret Squirrel

      Not quite that level of miracle worker. However, he comes from a business background rather that sport or construction. Anyway, another opportunity lost in my opinion. Had come across this site when trying to find links to Mr Davies professional background & saw Hype’s comment about salary (& bonus) so thought I’d add that someone had already made the offer to work in that way & didn’t even get a look in. Of course, there would be no admission of that to “protect privacy”.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        “Privacy” and “commercial sensitivity” are council’s and government’s Magic Invisibility Spell, and they didn’t even need to send delegates on junkets to Hogwarts to study them.

  28. Martin Legge

    Despite the hype about the dynamic public service and local body agencies, the reality is they haven’t improved their performance or accountability for public money and it reminds me of an old slogan from the 70’s – “the only thing you’ll find in a public servant’s briefcase is a playboy and a pie”

  29. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    I’m no fan of public enterprise, but I will say this, neither public or private genie can make this stadium financially self-supporting and this was always the case.

    The only people who can realise a good result for Dunedin ratepayers are Korda Mentha et al.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      I had to go to my friend Google, who took me to Wikipedia which said “KordaMentha is an Australian advisory and investment firm that provides specialist forensic, real estate, turnaround /restructuring and investment management services. The business was formed in April 2002 by Mark Korda and Mark Mentha…….”

      John, you reckon they could make their way through Alphabet Maze (DVML, DVL, CST etc) to unravel our Tangled Web?

  30. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    Korda Mentha are receivers, that is the only answer for the ratepayers, get rid of it at any cost.

  31. Terry Davies sounds like a gormless sucker of ratepayer and resident funds. Liability Cull will be hanging off his shirt tail, as will Sue Bidrose.

    DVML’s new head seeks iconic events

    “Mr Davies yesterday told the Otago Daily Times he aimed to lift DVML’s performance, including by breathing new life into staff ”smashed” by years of public criticism.”

    Hopes to meet Bev Butler. I’m sure Bev Butler will want to check out the new talent.

    That’s what I enjoy about new Crooks. They bluster and they always want free rent. The Bastards of Entitlement. Or simply, The Bastards.

  32. Anonymous

    The crooked wheel has rolled full circle again. Same shit when Davies turned up. Imagine if these so-called high-paid professionals didn’t start into blaming everyone else before doing a little independent research of the history? I can imagine the likes of Sir and the usual suspects lining up to be the first to bash the new suit with the stick of untruth.

    • Terry Davies sounds like the car alarm you can’t turn off.

      • Rob Hamlin

        “Mr Davies yesterday told the Otago Daily Times he aimed to lift DVML’s performance, including by breathing new life into staff ”smashed” by years of public criticism”

        I wonder if ‘”Years of Public Criticism” is actually a bespoke and exclusive product of one of those fancy Central Otago boutique breweries? Analysis of expense accounts may confirm.

    • Mike

      His plan “let’s get in some big name acts” is hardly novel, it’s basically Farry’s, and Davies#1’s, and Burden’s – but I guess it will work the 4th time right? and the sound will magically get fixed?

  33. Ma Fia

    Oh God. Another turkey and Christmas is nine months away.
    Davies 2 is playing Darren’s old record. Let us forgo the rent…..to pay off stadium debt…and we can make a profit!
    ls this the best he can suggest barely a week into his new job?
    l love the reference to our ‘parochial’ stadium. An honest put down nevertheless and why we are sunk with it.
    I also love his put down of John and Diamond. I can’t see them being thrilled with being seen as B grade. Guess they won’t be coming. Again, for EJ.
    Davies 2, I notice, does do short term stints…..especially lately….and l can’t see him buying a house. Can you? A few months into the job he will be looking around again, once he sees Frost’s financial acumen, and it will be case of ‘moving forward’. For him.

    • Anonymous

      Likely the record was already playing loud and clear when he started. Figured he has been directed around the revolting ratepayers and been given the same brainwashing by those who have so much self-interest at stake and jail time to avoid.

  34. Micheal

    Why is it. That with a university in the city of Dunedin that holds itself as one of the great educational institutes in the country, if not the world. Turning out through its MBA and its other halls of learning, producing leaders for all walks of life, none of the university products appear to be ending up in the top leadership roles in our city.
    Why are we continually filling the top rolls in our Hospitals, university and the stadium to name a few, with foreigners, who have no understanding of our culture or our history, but appear to be bringing with them the failed products of a system that they rush to leave.
    If Dunedin is to move forward positively, and make its mark on the world, then we should be promoting our own and stop bring in foreigners from other failed societies. All that these foreigners are doing is suppressing the wealth of knowledge passed through the generations of Dunedinites .
    A good example of this is to look at the success of our homegrown rugby team before we filled the team and its governance with foreigners.

  35. Hype O'Thermia

    Oh dear, “breathing new life into staff ”smashed” by years of public criticism”, cue “motivational” and “team building” jaunts to somewhere expensive with white-water rafting, run by ra-rah motivationists for hire, no expense spared.
    The smart thing would be to find out what criticism, why criticism, is criticism justified by facts. If criticism is about real failings, real issues – fix them or accept them as the situation that really exists in reality in the real world. No amount of ra-rah is going to change that.
    Next smart thing: given the real situation that exists, can anything be changed – ra-rah and dreams not eligible for serious consideration here.
    Third smart thing, don’t expect different result from doing same as before, again and again.

    Final smart thing – job-hunt, starting now before you notch up another failure.

    • Ma Fia

      Hype. We live in ra ra land. All you need to do is talk the talk, not walk it.
      After all it is not really Terry’s problem as it wasn’t David’s or Darren’s. Nor will it be for Terry’s successors.
      All you have to do for $225k is take the shit, for as long as you can, and walk away to a new debacle, spinning the same crap to a new employer who is desperate to hang onto the words of a new prophet promising salvation.
      Once you are off the scene who gives a toss what people say about your record of achievements.

  36. Terry Davies didn’t mention our beloved Guy Hedderwick. Disappointing.

  37. Micheal; the last thing needed is more wet behind the ears MBA graduates. That is what has got us into the pickle we are in. What was required was graduates of the International University of Hard Knocks. That way the effin’ stadium would likely never have happened. All we need now is for our ‘wine buff’ deputy mayor to re-advocate spending $20m to lengthen the airport runway to accommodate the ‘big concerts’ planes which will never come.

  38. Whippet

    Calvin; The airport is actually below sea level. What with all the climate change believers on council, the only way to extend the runway in the future will be upwards. Don’t know how the big concert planes would handle that?

  39. Hype O'Thermia

    Or, in the interests of abandoning dependence on fossil fuels to set a good example to the rest of the world plus saving the planet, convert airport to freshwater aquarium with cycle lanes between there and harbourside aquarium.

  40. University of Otago Marine and Freshwater Sciences

    The Fonterra crew might feel absolved by incoming R&D monies for that one, handsomely sponsored by winkwink tower apartment dwellers.

  41. Anon

    Does no one else find something quite disturbing about a glaring difference between this press release http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/293390/former-pro-cricketer-head-dvml & today’s one? Hint: Paragraph 8 in the one above.

  42. ODT 28.2.14
    [para 8] At present, he is the event strategy manager at the South Australian Tourism Commission, reviewing its strategic plan for events, with responsibility for their commercialisation….

    ODT 28.3.14
    He would also sharpen the company’s commercial focus and encourage the community to be proud of their stadium, in part by targeting more big concerts and creating new ”iconic” events for the venue. […] He became the South Australian Tourism Commission’s event strategy manager in 2011, overseeing a strategic plan for events and their commercialisation, before taking ”time out” to help his children launch a retail business.

    Given DCC want to bring DVML inhouse (by their own admission) maybe the two press releases are bang on. After all DCC is about to float its new City Marketing division combining Tourism, Marketing, Events et al. Sounds like Mr Davies is THE man (joke) made for the $$$$$$-job to be. Watch this space.

    Have yet to establish to what extent he and Hedderwick are buddies via Adelaide Arena.

  43. Mike

    I wonder how much Hedderwick got as a finder’s fee?

  44. Anon

    My point was, how can he be something “at present” that he apparently left 2 years ago…

    • Ma Fia

      Anon. Well he is reputedly someone who is very special. A time traveller, no less.

    • Just lack of good reporting. The larger worry is what his DVML role evolves into at DCC plus the increase in salary and bonuses, given his background and experience. This is the Sue Bidrose charm school of entrepreneurship speaking – commercialisation (DCC competition with the private sector) within a new group at DCC (worse than competition, a dangerous monopoly) for City Marketing.

  45. Peter

    I see Terry is on an ‘open ended’ contract. What does this mean exactly?

    • ‘Open ended’ to DVML means hey we’re being reviewed by DCC and might not be around much longer in this particular operating mode and you’ll probably be part of the stadium review result so we anticipate another position for you within that according to how the mayor and councillors (on advice) track.

  46. Peter, ‘open ended’ probably means: I can go, if and when it suits me, but you can’t make me go without a consideration. That is what is euphemistically termed a ‘golden handshake’.

    • Mike

      one would hope that appropriate notice can be given at both ends without large amounts of money changing hands

      • Mike & Peter; talking about money changing hands, I see today’s ODT where Prescott got $7,000 to leave in disgrace. Ostensibly to cover his legal fees. What!!? whose fault that there needed to be legal fees? (if there was). It would have been cheaper to slap the bastard in “leg irons”. About half price in fact as Dave Cull just bought some.

        • Calvin, there is clearly a recognition in the settlement reached with Steve Prescott that DCC has erred in oversight of his activity, starting with the Fact that former managers John Brimble and Graeme Hall (why are we not surprised by either name) signed off on his contract to stock the vending machines. He has lost his job by resignation, and temporarily his health and reputation, for having personally rolled over the contracts since, without DCC (his bosses) doing any checks, or may be they conveniently turned a blind eye. I hope the truth about DCC’s role in this matter seeps out sooner than later around the sealed edges of what must surely be a confidentiality agreement.

  47. Ma Fia

    One thing intrigues me about Terry Davies CV, particularly his time out from his last job to help his kids with some retail business. He did this after only one year into the job. Either the kids were real sooks who needed dad’s help or something happened in his last job and he needed to explain the gap in his CV.
    It might be kosher but l wonder.
    Quiting your job to help the kids does seem way and above parental duty.

  48. Hype O'Thermia

    What is this retail business that his children were engaged in? Is it still in existence or did it fall over despite Daddy’s long period of full-time (since he had to give up his own job it clearly required more than some advice, and pointing the children in the right direction to find information for themselves) assistance?
    Was he, in other words, successful at that? It may be nominally his children’s business but it is relevant in that he, for a considerable period, worked at nothing else, according to his cv.

  49. Hype O'Thermia

    Yep, it’s got to be done. Worth leaving event strategy managing for.

  50. Anon; perhaps he forgot to ‘mench-in’ it.

  51. Terry Davies 1 IMG_4722Terry Davies at his Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt franchise [screenshot]

    Terry Davies, our first Australian Menchie’s multi-Unit Developer, opened the first Menchie’s in Australia, and the first Menchie’s in-door Kiosk in the world, at Myer Centre Mall in Adelaide, South Australia.
    The Myer Center Mall has 14 million visitors per year! […] For your enjoyment we included two fantastic short videos of Terry, the location, and “on the ground” reports from real Australians indulging in their first cup! […] watch the smiley excitement of Terry, and […] view the impact of this milestone!


    Terry Davies https://www.facebook.com/terry.davies.9003

    Terry Davies joined Weston Creek, from Glamorgan, in 1982-83 as the first overseas professional to play in Canberra club cricket. Affectionately known as the Welsh git, Terry was instrumental that season in guiding the club to its first championship success, as captain-coach. After returning to Wales Terry emigrated to Australia becoming a selector for the NSW side and later Marketing Manager with SACA in Adelaide

    Terry Davies (born 25 October 1960 in St Albans) is an English former cricketer active from 1979 to 1986 who played for Glamorgan. He appeared in 100 first-class matches as a righthanded batsman and wicketkeeper. He scored 1,775 runs with a highest score of 75 and completed 166 catches with 27 stumpings.

    AUSTRALIA NEWS: Lenders urged to transfer full cut
    May 01, 2012 11:00PM
    Adelaide entrepreneur Terry Davies is hoping a cut will put some extra cash in the hands of his customers to spend on a “small treat” as he opens for business for his first full week. Committing to opening nine frozen yoghurt stores under the Menchie’s brand over the next three months, Mr Davies said a rate cut would be welcomed. “Anything that gives people confidence is a good thing,” he said.

  52. Just what Dunedin needs. Another outlet to fight the cause for morbid obesity! What better place to locate it than the Stadium. I always knew that place had a destiny.

  53. Anonymous

    “a rate cut would be welcomed. “Anything that gives people confidence is a good thing,”

    Oh wait, he was talking about interest rates, not local authority rates…

  54. Ma Fia

    Terry should get some pointers from Steve Prescott about vending machines at the stadium for Menchie’s. It worked for him for a long time.

  55. This story finally broke and not without its share of cover-up still in place.
    TVs for the boys. You paid.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 3 Apr 2014
    DVML defends TV sales to staff, board
    By Chris Morris
    A decision to sell surplus televisions at Forsyth Barr Stadium to the venue’s staff and board members is being defended by Dunedin Venues Management Ltd. The company, responding to Otago Daily Times questions, confirmed it sold 18 of the stadium’s older screens to DVML staff, board member Peter Stubbs and board chairman Sir John Hansen.
    Read more

    But wait. More newss to come from deep inside DVML.


    {Comment received at another thread, relocated here. -Eds}

    Rob Hamlin
    Submitted on 2014/04/03 at 10:03 am

    Posted today on McPravda’s comments in response to the latest DVML larrikin as reported in McPravda ….TV’s this time. As I feel that its appearance there is unlikely, here it is:

    “There is but one auction house in Dunedin, and I check its general goods auctions every week, and have done so for decades. As far as I know their nearest competitor is in Alexandra. I recall their sales of Carisbrook surplus items well.

    I do not recall seeing bulk lots of high quality 26″-40″+ sized TV’s offered for sale at this venue in the recent past. Or even individual ones that match this description. They usually have a good record of getting rid of stuff if the price is right and it looks like at $380 the price that they were prepared to accept was right – for SJH et al at least.

    I do not doubt that the consignment records that would confirm their purported attempts to sell these items by public auction have also gone missing…..? Anyway, there’s always Trade Me – although how glass-fronted TVs that hang on the wall above head height get ‘badly scratched’ on a routine basis eludes me.”

    Anyway one would have thought that ‘badly scratched’ second hand TV’s were more of a student market – wouldn’t one?

    It’s also odd that the DVML board appears to have had a precise knowledge of the availability of the company’s surplus TV’s on the second-hand market, while at the same time being (apparently) completely ignorant of their previous CEO’s more-or-less concurrent availability on the same surplus/second-hand market!”

    [see new post]

  56. Peter

    Sir John Hansen should be called in for questioning.

  57. Russell Garbutt

    This is yet another shameful episode in the long history of the stadium and everything that flows from it. The sense of entitlement by those in power is probably not surprising, but unless those that are sucking voraciously on the teats of the public purse for their own nourishment are dealt to, then nothing will change.

    I don’t believe for an instant any of the PR crap that has come from DVML in recent or past days and this includes this nonsense of finding TV sets are incompatible to the system now installed at the Foobar.

    The Cisco system does use touch screens for some things, but for God’s sake, ripping out nearly 100 HD TV sets which would have been high quality models and hocking them off to the affluent Board members etc at rock bottom prices is nothing short of institutionalised incompetence in my view. Where is the DVML asset register? Quite clearly what went on here and it doesn’t take a genius to realise that there will be lots of bum covering going on.

    I don’t accept one word about these things being scratched – just crap!!! Hansen should front up and show us pictures of where he has installed his new TV sets, ditto with Stubbs. Might be difficult if he has on-sold….

  58. I can’t wait till the next lot become redundant. Should be in the next six months or so I suspect. I could do with a $380 46″ flatscreen myself. I might have a little talk to Sir John ‘Arfer Daley’ and ask him when the next lot fall off the back of a truck to let me know.

  59. Anonymous

    Maybe someone should submit an OIA to University of Otago and request information about how they dispose of assets via sales/giveaways to staff.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Depends on the asset, doesn’t it? There is a weird accounting depreciation juju by which things are written off, their “book value” has vanished even though they may be fully usable.

  60. Peter Lyons on “parachute managers” and corporate-speak at ODT Opinion today…

    See last paragraphs on managerial capitalism – for example, David Davies, Darren Burden, Terry Davies et al.

    Corporate obfuscation cannot hide the truth
    These nomadic managers have long departed with their bonuses before the follies of their short-term approach become apparent. They are often masters of timing. Unfortunately, a small country like New Zealand is susceptible to the cult of the overseas corporate saviour. It seems part of our colonial cringe that experts from abroad always know better than locals. Myopia or short-termism is an unpleasant trait of managerial capitalism.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      It was his description of the types who use our resources and their position to zhoosh up their CVs that rang a big fat belfry full of bells for me. “When I was CEO / Manager / Director of —- I was responsible for the [something huge, expensive and unnecessary that the prospective hirer is impressed by, not realising what a pointless burden it is on the people s/he’s leaving behind].”

      We’ve had a few of them, not always from overseas.

  61. ### dunedintv.co.nz April 9, 2014 – 5:55pm
    Your word on who you want to see play at the stadium
    It’s been the question on everyone’s lips since Aerosmith played at Forsyth Barr Stadium – who will play there next? New DVML chief executive Terry Davies said last week his staff is trying to attract both the Eagles and Katy Perry to play at the roofed venue. Both acts are likely to play in New Zealand sometime this year, and he is hopeful one of the acts will choose to come to Dunedin.

    4.4.14 Dunedin chasing Katy Perry, the Eagles


    ODT 9.4.14 Letter to the editor (page 14) 3ODT 9.4.14 (page 14)

  62. Peter

    This whole business of Allied Press hyping up the ‘Who would you like to come to the stadium? is pathetic, really. So self defeating in the end because expectations are raised,hopes dashed.
    Even Terry Davies has had to admit, even if they can do it, there will probably only be one major concert every two years. People are already complaining about the lack of acts since around this time last year.
    The poor sound quality is legendary throughout NZ and among the promoters. How can you explain away that to these people? You can’t.
    It’s about time they just admitted the stadium is just for rugby. (Trouble is we can’t even get the major tests in any significant number.)
    The pressure on Terry Davies from the pro stadium crowd, to make things happen, must be immense.He took the job on so he has to take it…..the pressures from both sides. He will at least have the joy of a healthy pay packet for a while before he pulls the pin.If I was him I’d forget about buying a house.

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