DCC: St Clair esplanade and seawall [public forum] 27 November

St Clair Esplanade [3news.co.nz] re-imaged 2.1Excavating public monies….

### ODT Online Sat, 23 Nov 2013
Options for sea wall to be presented
By Debbie Porteous
People interested in an update on the St Clair beach and seawall work can attend a public meeting about it next week, but should not expect any specific answers just yet about long-term solutions to ongoing problems with the wall.
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A set of broad strategic options for the way forward was clear and would be discussed at the meeting.

Dunedin City Council – PUBLIC FORUM
St Clair Esplanade and Seawall

Update 21 November 2013
A public forum will be held on Wednesday, 27 November to provide an update on the St Clair beach and seawall work.
The meeting will be held at 6.30pm at the Forbury Park Raceway hall. The purpose of the forum is to share the consultant’s findings and report back on progress – what information has been found and what areas need further investigation.
Opus work to date has included a structural assessment of the seawall, a review of previous studies and discussions with engineers previously involved in the project.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: 3news.co.nz – St Clair esplanade, re-imaged by Whatifdunedin


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8 responses to “DCC: St Clair esplanade and seawall [public forum] 27 November

  1. Anonymous

    Well clobber me with yesterday’s Oddity… if you want information, go to a public meeting but don’t expect answers? That’s going to inspire interest. But seriously, what a weird story angle to come from a newspaper when it is meant to ask the questions and provide answers in a newsworthy manner that informs and sells papers.

  2. That photo may be the one that, according to a little bird, spurred fearless planet-saver Jinty to complain in technocolour and surround-sound to the contractors because they were recklessly endangering the ocean by operating machinery in it. The risk – nay, all but certainty – that oil would flow out of these machines to kill seabirds and the fauna and flora of the sea she expressed forcefully to them, demanding that they cease forthwith.

    According to the aforementioned little bird the boss was kind and patient. Perhaps he’s got children of his own. He explained the facts of machinery life to her, pointing out that this was rather expensive machinery, thus the last thing the company needed was oil escaping from it and salt water getting in and it was constructed and maintained especially to avoid this happening, unlike the domestic motorcar not expected to venture into waterways let alone the harbour.

      • This public forum clashes with the one for DCC Finance, both to be held on the evening of 27 November.


        • ### ODT Sat, 23 Dec 2013 (page 15)
          Council’s finances to be explained
          By Debbie Porteous
          Q&A session planned for public
          Two Dunedin city councillors are to trial an initiative to help concerned citizens understand how the council’s finances work. New finance committee chairman Cr Richard Thomson said he came up with the idea to hold an open question and answer session on council finances because it was clear people sometimes did not understand or have the full information on the topic. (cont.)
          Link available at ODT Online tomorrow.

          No-one has known what the DCC’s finances are for how many years now ??? … as complicated by DCC’s scandalous love affair with the thugs at ORFU, Highlanders, Centre of Excellence for Amateur Sport, CST, Delta, DCHL, DCTL, DVML, DVL et al. And the DCC CEOs, GMs and elected arm who sport with certain divisions of the Tartan Mafia.


    ### ODT Online Thu, 28 Nov 2013
    Caution over permanent fix for sea wall
    By Hamish McNeilly
    A report on the future of the St Clair sea wall – including possible capital costs – is expected to be with the Dunedin City Council next month. Whatever recommendations are made by engineers is sure to draw the ire of residents and beach users, judging by comments at a public forum to discuss the sea wall last night.
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