ORC: Commemorative bridge?

### ODT Online Wed, 20 Nov 2013
Leith walkway bridge proposed
By Rebecca Fox
The Otago Regional Council will consider funding a World War 1 commemorative walking and cycling bridge over the Water of Leith, at a possible cost of between $1 million and $2.5 million. The bridge, near Magnet St and the mouth of the Leith, would link the West Harbour cycle-walkway with a Dunedin City Council-funded extension to the inner-harbour walkway.
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ORC Policy Committee Agenda and Reports 20 Nov 2013
See Item 2 2013/1154
Harbourside walkway/cycleway: bridging Water of Leith.
DPRP, 6/11/13 (pages 5-8)

ORC cycle-walkway location map (detail 1)ORC Walk/Cycle location plan (detail from page 8) – dotted yellow line indicates new bridge [click to enlarge]

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13 responses to “ORC: Commemorative bridge?

  1. Anonymous

    Word to the wise: this was in the original plans for SH88 realignment. Ask Harland and Avery why it didn’t get included.

    • DCC: Application for Notice of Requirement (PDF,199 KB)
      19 Jun 2008: Harbourside Arterial Link, Willis Street to Ravensbourne Road / SH88. Dunedin City Council. … Transit is working with the Council to explore opportunities for the harbour arterial route to become a realignment of SH1 and SH88.

      [sample excerpts]

      Frederick Street – Water of Leith

      32. The proposed works will continue along the north side of the railway corridor until it reaches the Water of Leith which will require bridging. Two alternative routes for the bridge have been considered and are described in Section 7 below.

      Water of Leith – SH88

      33. The proposed works will cross the Water of Leith via a bridge that is just north of the existing railway bridge over the river. The route continues in the railway corridor for a short distance, and then traverses private property for the entire corridor width until it joins SH88. This option has an access road to the proposed stadium building / grounds. A new access to the yacht harbour from Parry Street is also required as the present Magnet Street access will be incorporated into the stadium grounds / building.

      7. Consideration of Alternatives

      45. As the Council does not have sufficient ownership in the land required to undertake the proposed works, adequate consideration must be given to alternative sites, routes and methods under Section 168A (b)(i) of the Act. The following alternatives have been considered: [cont.]

      Assessment of Effects for Individual Sections

      Water of Leith to SH88

      Proposed New Bridge
      113. Resource consent from the ORC will be sought to construct the proposed bridge. The bridge will be independent from the existing railway bridge and slightly upstream. The Council propose to only initially construct a two lane bridge however, the designation is sought for a four lane corridor across the river. When an increase in traffic demands, another two lane bridge will be constructed immediately adjacent to the first.

      114. Also worthy of note but not part of this notice of requirement is a proposed pedestrian facility immediately up stream of the bridge designation originally proposed by the Stadium Trust. This pedestrian bridge may be the subject of a project and assessment in the future.

      Effects on Dunedin on Existing and Proposed City Walking and Cycling Routes

      120. Part of the Council’s vision for Dunedin’s transportation network is to have safe walking and cycling routes throughout the City. The design of the works for the Harbourside Arterial will integrate with this vision. It is intended that the proposed design for the route will assist with the construction of the around the harbour walking and cycle ways and their connection to the central city and campus area.

  2. Mike

    The thing is everyone who remembers WW1 is dead – WW1 was a humanitarian disaster, millions died, IMHO it shouldn’t be commemorated.

    We already have many memorials to those who died, old stuff, made by people who really did remember and if we want to spend money let’s spend money to protect all those marble lists of names

  3. ### dunedintv.co.nz November 20, 2013 – 7:09pm
    ORC shies away from commemorative walkway bridge
    The Otago Regional Council has shied away from committing to a $2m commemorative walkway bridge over the Water of Leith. The council met today to discuss the proposed bridge, with several councillors raising concerns about its cost and the surprise nature of the plan. The project was to have been completed by Armistice Day next year, but that is now looking less likely.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Ooh, perhaps they’ve read the instructions about “core business”.

  5. Or they decided it would be ‘A Bridge over Troubled Waters’. Simon and Garfunkle would certainly think so.

    • Ratepayers beware:

      ‘…the Government would not fund the bridge, but might contribute about $200,000 to the commemorative aspects of the project…’

      ### ODT Online Thu, 21 Nov 2013
      Leith bridge decision deferred by ORC
      By Rebecca Fox
      A decision on funding a walking and cycling bridge over the Water of Leith has been deferred by Otago regional councillors who want to see the proposal fully investigated.
      Read more

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Never mind, it will
    encourage tourists
    draw more students to Otago University
    encourage people to walk or cycle which is good for their health and the environment
    cost less than one cup of coffee per milennium, per ratepayer
    be professionally designed by engineers, and built by a carefully chosen pop-up company – so there is no way it could rust, twist or fall down

  7. Anonymous

    And the consultants’ fees a bargain at just $1250 (CPI adjusted) per hour plus printing expenses plus GST.

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    Don’t delay, there’s a special offer for everyone who calls today, 3 weeks’ free credit then only $4,000 a week ! Call our number NOW and get TWO bridges for the price of one!!!

    Message to DCC personnel – this is a satirical post not an instruction.

  9. Anonymous

    Oh, if we are selling bridges, there’s one out the back of Brooklyn that I’d like them to take a look at as well.

    Note: DCC staff, please read disclaimer above.

  10. Anonymous

    I hope they include a pool alongside the bridge too. Because that’s the sort of essential cost of living that requires high interest finance right now. Go for the get-two-for-the-price-of-ten mentality so common with this council and chuck in another for Mosgiel. Then they could just push the whole campaign on a distracted society with some post professional rugby meathead. Something awesome for the big thinkers at council to get their hotshot degrees wrapped around – imagine this, walking over a sky bridge, going for a quick dip, having a wee gamble at the new hotel and chilling out during at a night time game of rugby. Even Harland would have struggled to come up with that vision. Plenty of pay-day lenders out there who would still work with the Dunedin City Council.

    • Just offered a way better finance deal.

      The players involved just threw in a comprehensive harbourside redevelopment (Steamer Basin plus the rezoned area south including Portsmouth Drive). Beat that !!

      Above disclaimer still applies, Rosebud.

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