DCC Finance Committee: Public meeting 27 November

Updated post 26.11.13
DCC Annual Report 2012/2013


—– Original Message —–
From: Richard Thomson
To: Elizabeth Kerr
Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2013 8:53 PM

Hi Elizabeth,

you may wish to advise the readers of and contributors to your blog site of the following meeting. I have copied the gist of the advertisement regarding it below:

“You are invited to an open meeting with the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Dunedin City Council Finance Committee, and senior finance staff. The intention of the meeting is to allow members of the public who have questions or concerns regarding Council Finances to seek answers to their questions during an open question and answer session. It is hoped that questions posed on the night can be answered on the night so It would be helpful if questions that may require research could be provided in advance. Please come and join Finance Committee Chair Cr Richard Thomson and Deputy Chair Cr Hilary Calvert and Council staff in Meeting Room 1 Dunedin Municipal Chambers at 5.30pm on the 27th of November”

I recognise that numbers are one thing and interpretation is another. Hilary and I are keen to make it as simple as possible for interested members of the public to get access to Council financial information. People may of course look at the same figures and draw different conclusions as to their importance, implications, or whatever. The point of the session is not to agree conclusions (although we can certainly discuss interpretation if people want) but to ensure that people have the information and understand it in order to draw their own conclusions. Whilst we anticipate that many questions will be answerable off the cuff, we will be able to provide better information for people if complex questions are communicated in advance. To that end you are perfectly free to include my email address for anyone who wishes to take advantage of this. Senior finance staff will also be in attendance. Whilst the initial meeting is an experiment by a new Chair and Deputy of the Finance Committee, if there is interest then we would hope to repeat it on a regular basis.

Richard Thomson

richard.thomson @ xtra.co.nz

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3 responses to “DCC Finance Committee: Public meeting 27 November

  1. Jock strap

    Question one: What measures does council have in place to stop staff ripping millions of dollars from under the noses of councillors ? As has happened in other public bodies.

  2. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    I have sent this email to Richard

    Richard, i would like to attend the proposed finance meeting and as requested here are the questions I have for your panel.

    1. As Hilary campaigned, are the total liabilities for the council and its contributing entities known and have they been quantified and audited by an outside agency?

    2. Is the council aware and concerned of the likely medium term effects of quantative easing on interest rates and what steps is the council expecting to take as interest payments rise on all council debts.

    3. Given that your personal business acumen will not be involved in the management of Dunedin City companies and that to date collectively they have been unable to contribute required payments to the council, what other steps are the council taking to

    A. Improve the business and financial performances of the various entities
    B. Minimise the cost of running DCHL

    And as a general question, has the DCC considered running a leaner
    meaner operation capable of minimising rates and improving council performance?


  3. ### dunedintv.co.nz November 15, 2013 – 7:27pm
    New initiative hoped to provide insight into city’s finances
    The Dunedin City Council is hoping a new initiative will provide concerned ratepayers some insight into the city’s finances.

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