DCC: CEO appointment process, Mayor Cull rides the edge

Received from Lee Vandervis
Saturday, November 16, 2013 7:56 AM

Message: I would like to emphasise that this letter to the ODT Editor was sent before I had any knowledge of what candidates we were to be presented with for the CEO position, so it relates only to my disappointment with the search process.
It seems the ODT do not consider it worthy of publication.

—— Forwarded Message
From: Lee Vandervis
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 22:13:16 +1300
To: EditorODT
Cc: Paul Orders [DCC], Sandy Graham [DCC], Mayor Dave Cull, Kate Wilson, Richard Thomson, Chris Staynes, John Bezett, Lee Vandervis , Hilary Calvert, Doug Hall, Andrew Whiley, Aaron Hawkins, Mike Lord, David Benson-Pope, Neville Peat, Andrew Noone, Jinty MacTavish
Conversation: CEO appointment process – Letter to the Editor –
Subject: CEO appointment process – Letter to the Editor –

CEO Appointment Process – Letter to the Editor

Dear Murray,

Mayor Cull claims that the current CEO appointment process is “exactly the same” as that used to recruit Mr Orders in 2011 [ODT 9/11/13]
Differences however include: the shortest ever DCC CEO search period of only 14 days from first ad to closure of applications when months are usual, no opportunity for Councillors to input into the CEO job description as we were able to last time, 7 new Councillors excluded from this search process, no Acting CEO appointed to bridge any gap, Mayor Cull exceeding his authority by shortening Orders’ contractual 3 month let-out period without getting Council approval, confirming farewell function, and publicly claiming that Orders early departure “clearly remained subject to approval by Councillors” when crystal clearly that decision has already been made and scheduled, if not air-travel-ticketed. Mayor Cull also prevented CEO appointment debate in public at the our first Council meeting by refusing to bring the CEO Appointment Report into public, despite my demonstrating that there was no reason for keeping the report non-public.
These fast-track abuses of proper processes have sadly reduced elected representative input into likely the most important decision that will be made this term.

Cr. Lee Vandervis

—— End of Forwarded Message

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5 responses to “DCC: CEO appointment process, Mayor Cull rides the edge

  1. That reads like we have a dictator instead of a mayor. But how else could he/they fast track the one they’ve groomed….

  2. Interesting reply from Daaave Liability Cull, to Cr Lee Vandervis’ letter above.

    The letter headlines in the newspaper today —‘Mayor rejects claims on CEO appointment’. Cull puts only six bullet points to the shins of the councillor.

    Mayor Cull replies: “Cr Vandervis misrepresents the process council followed to recruit a new CEO as follows:
    ● Almost a month was aloowed for this search and no applications were turned down. It is not true that search periods are usually months.”
    ● (cont.)

    [He ends with:]
    “Both the previous and the incoming councils approved the process followed. It has been robust and thorough, and achieved an extremely good outcome. Cr Vandervis’ unfounded denigration of proper council procedure as ‘abuses of proper process’ falsely and unjustifiably casts doubt on the council’s integrity.” ODT 23.11.13 (page 34)

    Don’t make us laugh, Daaave.
    This council’s integrity went down the gurgler with the last ship, that rusting hulk at Awatea Street promoted by the short-man buffoon, St Farry of St Clair, with every loss made on Carisbrook and the ORFU. The council’s co-loss-al damages list is longer, however —and the mayor bleats ‘proper process’…
    To give credit where it’s due, though Daaave, your Greater Dunedin Greenwash Political Party councillors voted for a CEO that has never been a CEO before. That’s one heck of a statement, for you, on the sorts of expertise and experience available in the 31-person applicant pool. Especially, when your council has a consolidated debt of plus SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTYTHREE MILLION DOLLARS, and just a teeny tiny aging rating base — in a city with no population growth in the last fifteen years.

    All the obsequious cock robin up-talk, Daaave, will eat at your spine.

  3. Anonymous

    A Dunedin CCO operates under the direction of a Trust. The Trust reports to Council. Council cannot direct the Trust. A Councillor chairs the Trust.
    CEO appoints an employee in EDU. Employee reports to General Manager of CCO, not to a manager within Council.
    What’s wrong with this picture? Is anyone convinced by the story that a Trust is truly independent of the DCC?

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