Town Belt Traverse | Sunday 3 Nov

Originally published on October 14, 2013.

TownBeltTraverse 1This year is the 125th anniversary of the foundation of
the Dunedin Amenities Society.

The Town Belt plays a special role in our history and is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most unique landscape, recreational and biodiversity assets.

The Society is holding the Town Belt Traverse on Sunday 3 November as a self-guided 7.9 km walk that takes in just a few of the historical and natural highlights of this unique area.

This is a family friendly non-competitive event designed for people to re-acquaint themselves with the Town Belt and enjoy its beauty.

The generosity of many local businesses means the Society has some great prizes to give away for those who take part and complete the walk.

So get your walking shoes, grab your dog lead or your pram and do the Town Belt Traverse with your friends and family.

Check this link for the details…..

Paul Pope
DAS website editor

The Dunedin Amenities Society established in 1888 is New Zealand’s oldest environmental society.

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7 responses to “Town Belt Traverse | Sunday 3 Nov

  1. daseditor

    Great day with a wonderful turn out (520-530) people participating. Nice to breathe life into the Town Belt with people and enthusiasm.

  2. A G

    A bit tough for a start but once started really enjoyed it. Congratulations to all who organized it especially p.p.
    Alex G

    • ### ODT Online Mon, 4 Nov 2013
      Town Belt walk popularity sparks call for permanent trail
      By Hamish McNeilly
      The overwhelming public response in the inaugural Dunedin Town Belt Traverse has prompted a call for a potential permanent trail through the area. Yesterday’s traverse, which began at the Southern Cemetery and finished at the Woodhaugh Gardens, was organised by the Dunedin Amenities Society as part of its 125th anniversary.
      Read more

      • Email received.
        Monday, November 04, 2013 9:26 PM

        Town Belt Traverse 3.11.13 copyTown Belt Traverse

        This is the latest update from the Dunedin Amenities Society Website.

        Dunedin’s Town Belt is a unique biodiversity and heritage reserve site that defines the Dunedin landscape and gives the city a special identity. It’s also an important recreational asset that needs to have life breathed into it by people wishing to explore its qualities and values. With the Dunedin Amenities Society holding its 125th anniversary and staging the Town Belt Traverse over 520 people took the opportunity on Sunday to walk the 7.9 kilometre trail prepared for them.

        Helped by brilliant weather many who undertook the Traverse learnt something new and exciting about their city and hopefully this will generate new interest and passion for this very special part of the city.

        Read the full story here…

        Paul Pope
        DAS website editor

  3. ### November 5, 2013 – 7:06pm
    Nightly interview: Paul Pope
    More than 500 people took on an almost 8 kilometre bush walk on the weekend – but never left the city. The event was the inaugural Dunedin Town Belt Traverse, organised by the Dunedin Amenities Society.

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