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DCC FYI Dunedin 12 (November 2013)DCC News: FYI Dunedin Issue 12 (November 2013)
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6 responses to “FYI Dunedin, through the post

  1. Hmmm, “forward focussed effort”.
    I’m told Liability Cull may seek to sell off sections of City Forests to grab some cash.
    True or false?

  2. Last term he was focused on the financial situation, but now we must move on with the Transport strategy, the Cycleways and the Economic development plans. Looks like he can do all these things without spending any money. Do we believe that? Watch this space for the debt to balloon out some more. But what the heck, if it means progress who cares.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe he thinks getting Dunedin past a billion dollars in debt is looking forward? All the recent talk about billionaires might have confused him on the difference between having money and owing it. Or maybe he’s of that mindset if someone is worse off elsewhere then it’s okay to tolerate it here? America’s in the trillions so why not Dunedin in the billions? Either way the GOBs and asset strippers will be damn pleased about his position on spending.

    • Grayson commenting at ODT Online (1.11.13):

      DCC don’t follow their own advice
      In this month’s FYI Dunedin City Council news publication under the heading “Fish Friendly Runoff” residents are asked to avoid discharging environmentally damaging waste water into our stormwater system.
      Unbelievably at 11.30am today (November 1), I witnessed council-hired contractors mechanically scrubbing and waterblasting the Exchange plaza following the completion of restoration work to Cargill’s monument.
      All the surface dirt, vehicle droppings and other debris was being discharged directly into the stormwater system. The slurry of muck was so thick that a third worker was being employed on a broom to keep it moving.
      Read more

  4. You think that is bad. You should see what goes down in the Council Chambers.

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