DCC in-house catering, pruned like CCC?

An interesting article. I’ve been away from DCC for too long to know whether the free lunches, after meeting drinks etc are still standard for Councillors after meetings. It was normal two councils ago, but you might know whether that is still the case or whether Paul Orders has got it under control. –Source

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No free lunch for councillors
By Glenn Conway
There is no such thing as a free lunch, especially at the Christchurch City Council from now on. Mayor-elect Lianne Dalziel has ordered her new-look council to bring their own lunches to work or buy from a local business rather than rely on the in-house catering service. The move is part of her deliberate shift in culture from a council that feels entitled to a council that is there to work for the community.

Today was a case in point – the new mayor brought some homemade chicken salad to work.

If councillors wanted to have a drink after a busy day, they could do that – “but it’s not going to be on the ratepayer”. Catering cost the council more than $45,000 in the past financial year, but Dalziel wants to keep councillors aware of the fact they are there to work for the ratepayers, not to be fed by them. Dalziel said it was a part of her push for a culture change throughout the organisation. On days of long meetings, some catering may be provided but, as a general rule, “I’ve told them it’s BYO [bring your own]”, she said.
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3 responses to “DCC in-house catering, pruned like CCC?

  1. John P.Evans, concerned citizen

    The councillors are probably entitled to a free glass of wine and canapes at the end of a meeting. They are on $50k odd.

    It is the council employees that need reining in on expenses.
    Two coffees per day times 40 times 240 times $4 equates to $80k annually.

    Some of them are on $200k plus for stopping you doing business.

    One of the practical things about a trough is it needs pigs.

    It’s pretty typical of an ex politician to cut an amount that is negligible and not face up to the real issue, how do you cut the major cost of running councils, debt and wages and salaries?

    After all, when Nick Smith took on the council employees they exposed his paper trail. Lianne would not want her skeletons walking out of the cupboard.

  2. “While some councillors planned to make their own lunches, Livingstone was unsure if his busy schedule would allow for that every day.” Tell that to ratepayers who [sit around all day contemplating their navels]/[cope with paid employment, family, housework & garden, community & volunteer activities, and still make lunches for themselves and children], then cry me a river.

  3. Phil

    John is a bit out of date there. On of the first things Paul Orders did was to stop those staff coffee shop visits using DCC credit cards. Councillors, on the other hand, are a different matter entirely. A few months back there were a couple of plumbers and electricians working on a repair in the Public Library. They were hauled off their job at the express request of Crs Acklin and Collins who complained to the CEO’s PA that there was a fault with the bar fridge in the Councillors’ private lounge and that, as a result, the free beer was warm.

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