Cheers folks it’s been fun

Hi all, this is a goodbye from me of sorts. After starting this site way back in March 2007 & after a staggering 750,000+ views I’ve had to make the decision to step down from all Admin responsibilities and ownership of the site. 

We’ve come a long way, and with Elizabeth at the helm things will still pretty much run along the lines they have been recently. As you know for most of the time we haven’t agreed on many issues & points, and the site made massive advances when I invited Elizabeth as co-contributor, a He Said/She Said kinda thing.

At times this site is ahead of the play on many issues in this amazing city and does a wonderful job. We have been the envy of most cities around the country, driving conversations that simply wouldn’t happen anywhere in the media.

It’s a heck of a lot of work for one person to carry on the site, so I do hope you’d appreciate how much work actually goes into this. Links to update, comments to approve (some to delete) but always putting the city at the forefront.

So play nice ladies & gentlemen, yes by all means keep up the robust debate, but remember that the freedom of speech doesn’t give the freedom to offend or slur.

I of course will continue to read & who knows I may even get time in the future to contribute to the site in ways I simply can’t at the moment.

All the best, it’s been fun, but as the Two Ronnies would say, it’s over to you now Elizabeth.

Thanks, Paul Le Comte



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4 responses to “Cheers folks it’s been fun

  1. Heartfelt thanks, Paul. It’s been a wonderful site, so much information coming from so many people, discussed, analysed, belly-ached about. Enjoy your extra hours per week now. I’m sure it will continue to be a daily (sometimes many times daily) must-read. You created something very valuable, you deserve several chocolate fish.

  2. We’ve come to this calmly, folks —Paul has been very kind for a long long time now in carrying argy-bargy blogging at his site.

    And yeah (oops) I’ve annoyed him more than I should (understatement). When all’s said and done Paul is a good guy, through and through. Behind scenes today I think we’ve reached a useful place to do with site supports for the meanwhile. Thanks Paul :))

    Please write for us —you’re a keen observer in many fields, a clever artistic/atmospheric photographer, and a spirited passionate writer and debater. You knows what you thinks. You’re persuasive. You love architecture, design, weather, and much more.

    Appreciated, the cartoon has been how it is 24/7 for how long now ? Yeah, it’s huge —if you don’t calculate it you won’t be overwhelmed. I prefer Twitter to blogging, but time-wise What if? Dunedin has needed the care and affection, the mouthy crashes and provocations – FOR Dunedin, you’re right. Under your ownership Paul, because of your instigation in 2007, the site has prospered, the people have arrived to steam and share. Perfect imperfection? The fluctuations have continued as an incremental steady increase of views from the start.

    Besides, you and I, we’ve always been well paid.

    Cheers to you, today!

  3. I don’t know Paul, wouldn’t recognise him in the street if I saw him. But I have a rough idea where he stands. If nothing else he has been a very tolerant sort of guy who has put up with more than most. I hope he gets the opportunity to be a contributor without the need to be a moderator at the same time. I would enjoy that. The most valuable aspect of this site in my opinion is that there is no editing. It is either all in or all out. I guess we owe that to Paul and Elizabeth. I like that.

  4. They are two people who have contributed well above their share, and that’s just counting this site. We are very fortunate.

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