Cull’s political party caucuses ‘in term’. Lost best chief executive we could find.



ODT 28.9.13 Employment - Chief Executive City of Dunedin (page 59)ODT 28.9.13 Employment – Chief Executive City of Dunedin (page 59)

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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8 responses to “Cull’s political party caucuses ‘in term’. Lost best chief executive we could find.

  1. Well he didn’t last long.

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    On the other hand if you balance the good against the bad and the meh, he scores higher than *some* who stayed around costing us a fortune.

    Talking of cost – he’s the one who turned down an increase because the city was in the shit, and NOT because of his actions – a remarkable action for which he deserves a statue to note for future generations “Unique In Our Time”, just as we have public monuments and plaques for the first frozen meat shipment and other noteworthy people and events.

  3. Hype; I love your analogy of ‘frozen meat’, not in respect to Paul Orders perhaps, so much as some of the other ‘dead meat’ around that table.

  4. Elizabeth, is your heading suggesting that the in term caucusing is related to losing Paul Orders?

    • Pete, I put two sentences in the title of the post, really, for inferences to be drawn. Another prompt for heavy questioning of GdebtD prior to the elections. You’ve contributed to that inquiry lately with constructive posts and comments.

      • Work in progress. Tonight’s mayoral debate in South Dunedin (Mayfair at 6.30 pm) could be interesting.

        • The following event (tonight) is hosted by Proud to be South D. All welcome.

          See their facebook page for more information about this event:

          South Dunedin Mayoral Debate 2013
          Monday 30 September 2013
          6:30pm to 8:00pm

          Mayfair Theatre
          King Edward Street
          South Dunedin

          Putting the issues of South Dunedin before the 2013 Dunedin City Mayoral candidates.

          As mayoral and council candidate Aaron Hawkins says:
          “This could well be your last opportunity to put your Mayoral Candidates on the spot before voting closes on October 12. Looking forward to shining some light on the concerns of the South Dunedin community, and Dunedin more broadly.”

        • Interesting comment from Aaron. At yesterday’s market forum I devoted my speech to some putting on the spot, and immediately after I went up to Aaron and asked how he couldn’t be concerned about deliberate misinformation and accusations of lying – he just told me I had wasted my speech (his had been the same old Green party drone) and he dismissed my concerns. He has shown nothing right through the campaign apart from being a meek servant of his religion, and seems to put his ambitions through association with the bigger green party ahead of integrity.

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